Disruptive Fashion

Roy the VC investment firm published a report

‘there is huge demand for lifestyle business startups

and the supply is also in abundance.. but no disruptive solution so far’

Manuel an entrepreneur reads the news item carefully.. and wonders what is it in fashion industry which no one has yet offered

Manuel ‘i plan to introduce a luxurious service apartment with branded fashion attire of choice to couples in strategic cities. the attire can be purchased by the couple or will be available for them for those many days at a fee’

Sam ‘what happens to those attire afterwards’

Manuel ‘give it to studios on rent’

Manuel drops an email to Roy

“Can you lend your best suit not worn for many days on rent? Assure you of 20$ payment each usage?”

Roy is zapped.. he calls Manuel

Manuel ‘the model is simple.. are you game for it?  many couples want space and isolation., they prefer exotic destination to spend time.. why not blend fashion with it?’

Roy ‘Investment?’

Manuel ‘Around 0.5M$ to begin with.. will share projections’



Smart City (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Smart City the way it is

Structured to Scale

Work flows for process

Smart City the way it is

Internet of things everywhere

capturing all you have every moment

Smart City the way it is

Life being monitored every second

A kiss to a beloved

a SMS to the spouse

‘Are you the one or is it someone else?’

A miss from the office

a SMS to the boss

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.. waiting at the Multiplex, requesting for a date?’

A  step into the multiplex

a SMS to boss’s boy friend

“Honey. every time seeing you is boring.. just am chill pill, see you after 3 hours’

The boy friend in search of his girl friend gets the seat number of the theater

Lo and Behold.. it gives a message ‘Censored now.. see you after 3 hours’

Life can be imaginative and creative all the way

Am now getting into this revolution to disrupt life the way it was..

Imagine a shadow in front you at night

and you shriek ‘No.. please leave me alone’

as you see the HELL and the HEAVEN track right in front of you

and the punishments of your sins on one side and future happiness besides that…

SMART Humans realize that technology can even give you your positive and negative deed list with a popup

“Do you wish to Donate now?’

A burst of laughter all along and a siren at door step

“Look what happened… Decibels reached high peaks

The police got those values in cloud

and they rushed to Arrest you

as you go out with iron hand cuffs

twitters start flashing automatically ‘Am being ironed today..for my sins.. bear with me..

as  have set an auto blogging mechanism which will post stories to WordPress without my intervention”

Can hear from all ‘Stop this.. stop this… we don’t wish to be in Smart City’

A thunder comes with an announcement ‘This is your present and future..you were born to be monitored, you were born to be analyzed.. not by anyone but the Unknown and it is we who decided this SMART concept of tracking your laziness, sorrow, happiness and greed.. so no choice you have”

A sudden vibration and connection lost to GOD

A smart geek cuts the WI-FI connection with GOD

and GOD realizes that somewhere it was penned truly ‘WE CREATE MONSTERS TO KILL US BECAUSE WE WISHED THAT TO HAPPEN”

Mood Swing Cure

John had serious mood disorder and he was seeking a psychiatrist help. His wife used to be appalled at the abuses he would hurl at her when he was in foul mood. The swings would happen even in a day.

John “Am not going to allow you to control me”

Melissa “Am not controlling you. Why are you always feeling so”

John throws the glass of water at floor

Melissa begins cleaning the floor

John “Am going to garden to change my mood”

As John visits garden, he finds an old lady counting leaves in a tree.

John “Are you crazy?”

Old lady “To keep myself occupied”

John “I have come here to change my mood”

Old lady laughs

Old lady “What is your name?”

John “John Adams”

Old lady “How many dresses you have?”

John “Only 4”

Old lady ‘Can you buy 30 dresses which includes 6 formals”

John “I can, but never got interested in changing clothes”

Old lady ‘If you have money, I can accompany you and buy good dresses, fashionable ones’

John decides to do that and shops with the old lady

Old lady “Wear new clothes every day. What you do for living? rich man”

John “Have leased out 2 commercial properties on rent so financially secure”

2 weeks latter John is looking dashing, he comes with his wife and meets the old lady

Old lady ‘Wow you are looing great”

John “Am happy, attires controlled my mood well for last 2 weeks”

Old lady ‘good’

Melissa “Who are you? Am thankful to you”

Old lady “Retired Psychiatrist.  Dona is my name”

Melissa ‘No wonder you helped John”

It is important to have stable mood for success