Developing Country Startups

Hurried and excite Jimmy boards the train to reach the Singapore Accelerator program.

Jimmy ‘In my country, there is so much crowd during all such meet ups, cards exchanged.. Hi Hello and then.. the cards just lay idle’

Soumya ‘:) We do chat in whatsapp and become friends’

Rafiq ‘they have standard question.. what if something happens.. how you will manage the show’

Tampi ‘they wonder.. how we can scale up with our non-English capabilities’

Charles ‘this eco system is only for few academic institute network alumni and they get going.. to reach out to grass root level.. it needs courage’

Soumya ‘we are fostering startup ecosystem.. building it.. ‘

Charles ‘can you check who get invested.. only ones with reputed branded institute and what about others?’

Rafiq ‘we just pray and look upwards.. solutions exist upwards’

Tampi ‘Angels..  but they cannot understand our language’

Chittu ‘god knows.. why we are so hung up.. we should take jobs and only after 3 years build products’

Soumya ‘no we need to be fresh.. enthusiastic and straight from college to build companies’

Rafiq ‘do you feel we can compete Silicon Valley?’

Soumya ‘no way.. but we can always have some proven business model case studies learnt, and we brain storm and fine tune it’

Charles ‘do you really feel innovations get rewarded in developing countries’

Rafiq ‘only proof of concepts.. I never saw scaling up innovations unless it is by big brand’

Chittu ‘let us do some thing for common man.. that will scale up for sure’

Soumya ”so many folks doing things for common man.. I think we should do for disabled’

All agree and few months later

Soumya ‘1000 disabled individuals aggregated.. and working on 200 projects.. great going.. ‘

Rafiq ‘developing countries need to look at their grass root problems and solve them and not get carried away through mere imitation.. money comes and goes.. but ROI is through impact made to society…’

All give a clap to Rafiq’s thought process





Homeless Gang (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

We the homeless

Rains and Rains

Cold and Cold

Heat and Heat

We the homeless

tough as we are

We are still alive

all our organs functioning

We the homeless

let us not wait for

one more to be homeless

A pledge to have all in home

united, happy and enjoying life

Homeless Gang is committed to bring in Family Union.

Why are they homeless? Because they have to move out of their cushy home and begin working with real homeless groups and bring them to state of having adequate food, shelter and clothes with some basic education too included.

So next time Rosina see’s someone in cold not having anything.. she will just see what it takes to bring that person to bare minimum living..  In a country like Camodia or in remote of Argentina or Africa or Vietnam or India or Bangladesh or Pakistan..  problems remain same.. solutions alone can come from within.

Mayor will ensure he will reach out to families having conflicts and resolve them.. Homeless gang is a new bred of social entrepreneurs who claim they are homeless because of no other reason but willing to work in worst of situation with absolute below poverty line individuals..

Is anyone willing to work?

Peter got an absolute silence and soon a few hands came up..

Peter ‘give them a big applause and we launch our Homeless Gang team’