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Life is a Poem

You are the Poet

first line of birth

second line of awareness

third line of grasping

fourth line of understanding

fifth line of experience

sixth line of degradation

seventh line of realization

eighth line of  reinventing

ninth line of celebration

tenth line of culmination

poem stances

life instances

life is a poem

enjoy and share always

Loving Loveable Lora

Lora is a sweet girl who is caring, affectionate but crippled by polio. Her motto in life is to ensure all new born kids don’t become a polio victim..

One day as she is browsing through a social site, she begins a casual interaction with Ronrow from Russia

Ronrow ‘What is your age?’

Lora ’20’

Ronrow ‘You look very beautiful’

Lora ‘Thanks.. Wish someone loved me’

Ronrow looks surprised

Lora ‘What is your age?’

Ronrow ’34.. Am married..’

Lora ‘:(‘

Ronrwo ‘Why you look sad’

Lora ‘Am crippled.. ‘

Ronrow ‘Oh I see.. how?’

Lora ‘Polio.. I wish to do something for this community and ensure kids are vaccinated in time

2 months latter

Ronrow ‘Want to show you an apps’

Lora ‘Which?’

Ronrow through Skype shows a demo of  an application which tracks birth of kid through linking hospitals and may be any one can register a new born.. and it shows baby care functions, vaccination schedule and it can send reminders to parent about due date.. and you can log baby health statistic and monitor it compared to WHO standards.

Lora is shocked and surprised..

Lora ‘What?’

Ronrow ‘Gift to Loving Loveable Lora..  you will be the founder of this company and I will support you’

Lora ‘Who are you?’

Ronrow ‘Am just a technology geek so thought of contributing to society.. You know am married so may be I can give you platonic love.. ‘

Lora ‘I understand.. Thanks for all the support’

3 gift to Human





Apply it in love, relation, education, entrepreneurship, investment and any endeavor including programming

You will find that what is left is only memories and how you can be remembered by your actions.

Action is the only vital gift where in you have an interactive gift with loads of control.

Other two gifts are just under some else’s supervision. You absolutely have no control over it.

So next time your heart beats and you fall in love.. remember you didn’t have control over your heart

You acknowledged that love and showed reciprocation a positive one.. wow.. you are now cool love birds.

Unfortunately for you; it ended abruptly when your heart again fluttered for someone else.. It died and again here your heart was not under your control.

Seven Wonders of the World

The seven wonders of the world can be experienced without visiting any of the wonders.

1) Birth of a child –   if you are single, experience the pleasure of parenting. If you are having kid, cherish the moments of parenting. Wonder how a child gets formed with a power much powerful then super computers.

2) First love – if you ever fell in love for the first time, your heart beats rose, remember those moments and you may wonder how does heart beat automatically? why does body feel the sensation? how can a body react differently being with someone?

3) Colors – Wonder why apples are red, guavas are green, oranges are orange, lemon are yellow. The colors play a major role in our life, in enhancing our personality or even consumption.

4) Compassion – Wonder how people can selflessly contribute to growth of weaker sections and bring smiles in face of deprived lot.

5) Science and Technology – Wonder the new inventions, innovations which bring people closer and bring in new perception to things already done in past or is being accomplished presently or may be achieved in future.

5) Water –  Why do we need water even if we have so many fluids available for consumption?

6) Air – Do inhale fresh air is bliss and when you see clouds moving peacefully above in sky, wonder how it contributes to our existence? as without air we would be nowhere or perish soon.

7) Earth – much as we stand on earth, we build foundations in it and even perish and merge with earth., wonder how it has power to sustain so much of weight?

Life is experiencing and enjoying wonders of life and evolving the eight wonder which is you as you are here only to do meaning full work and make self and your dear and near ones proud of you.