Startup questions

Will I get invested soon?


Can you connect us to few investors?


Will the investors look at our traction and get impressed?


Should I approach investors then or wait?


But I dont have funds to bootstrap?

Pause and work part time too

Can the investor manage to give me at least money for me to do basic startup pre-requisites?

Common if you want to be an employee, then do that.. why you want to be an entrepreneur.

In nutshell individuals should not confuse entrepreneurship as another form of employment given by investors


Why we fail?

We fail not because we wish to fail, but rather because it has to happen…

Our mood, behavior everything is influenced by something unknown.. some call it is Moon’s mood swing.. some call it the devil inside us, not allowing us to think logically and some may feel, there is some evil magic done on us…

Romel ‘can you guarantee success?’

Joe ‘no.. I can guarantee failures’

Romel smiles

Joe ‘to break something is most easiest thing to do… but to unite that piece; it takes time’

Romel ‘so who can actually guarantee success?’

Joe ‘no one but your own self’

Romel ‘how’

Joe ‘I was in construction business… making buildings.. but lack of investments and debt made me realize  I could not deliver what I promised’

Romel ‘so?’

Joe ‘got into demolishing of illegal buildings.. and that gives me good money’

Romel begins laughing

Joe ‘sooner we realize we are masters in failure.. we need to check, what triggers our failures… and ensure we avoid all those checklist points when we take up next assignment’

Romel ‘like’

Joe ‘a school going kid may not like to go to school.. let that kid get into home schooling’

Romel ‘seriously not sure what you talk…’

Joe ‘we blame the moon, the space, the unknown for everything but ourselves, so let us all learn to understand our failure checkpoints… a new startup in making’

Romel ‘common.. this time i will not invest.. you bootstrap it’




Student Turmoil

Student ‘I just cannot learn this complicated MATHS’

Teacher ‘It is simple’

Student ‘how?’

Teacher ‘ (a+b)^2 = a^2 + 2ab +b^2’

Student ‘it is too complicated’

Teacher ‘do you have girl friend?’

Student ‘yes’

Teacher ‘do you agree both of you together will have exponential power to grow together’

Student ‘yes’

Teacher ‘just add you and your girlfriend’s birthdate and square it up ‘

Student uses calculator and gets a number

Teacher ‘now try to expand it with that formulae’

Student ‘that is the problem… squaring each other, uniting only once.. I think when two folks unite, they try to grow separately exponentially and only give some part of themselves to build relation.. on ‘2ab’ left..  where is the togetherness

Teacher pauses

Teacher ‘are you a student or a philosopher’

Student ‘am just a student who feels  (a-b)^2 = a^2 -2ab + b^2 too gives same message

Teacher ‘what?’

Student ‘to grow, let boy friend and girl friend stay separately.. and grow

Student ‘wow.. you taught me maths  enjoy.. but I do not like Maths’

Teacher smiles..

1 week later

Student ‘penned a book… Mathematics for Lovers’ and it is selling well in market

Student ‘thanks teacher.. I sold it for 50cents and it is doing well..  my earning for bootstrapping my venture’



Apprehensions trending in startup eco-system

Do the startups have mindset to protect their small salary provisions for a year or so and also improve their valuation?

Are the founders really entrepreneurs or just want to be protected and also improve their overall growth in terms of power, money and designation through taking entrepreneurship route?

How many burn their credit card or sold their house for building their startups?

How many decided not to bootstrap at all and just take chance and begin a startup?

We are in phase where the startups need to validate their business models before taking traction..  Clarity of thought and focus is most important..

Hare and Tortoise story (Slow and Steady wins the race)

Why the story succeeded? because the Slow eventually wins the race

What happens in our Startup Eco System?

We are enamored by the fast growth accelerated speed of entrepreneurs. We wish all to be hare and hardly show interest on tortoise…

Why does an institution with huge patience of decades and century eventually get into a hare and tortoise race and tortoise eventually wishes to be fast too..

Will the hare win? Will the tortoise win?

Sluggishness is incorrect and Over Zeal is disastrous too

Hope the startups maintain their balance and be realistic and think of building foundations rather then selling companies off or merging too soon.

It does help valuation, making money but long term employment generation remains a question mark?