common sense management

do not try to do things which you do not know if you are getting paid for the work

learn from mistakes of others

do not try to boss around, if you are not knowing the subject

do not try to step in your boss’s shoe if the boss has not asked you to do so

do not keep waiting for your love, if the love is not been returned for years

do not complicate your life with multiple thoughts..


life is just about organizing small little aspects here and there and all will be fine..


Startup Idea

A ‘I just got an idea and my boss liked it so much’

B ‘cool’

A ‘we are starting a company soon.. he will be cofounding with me’

B ‘great’

A ‘he is going to get an investor too’

B ‘am the one dear.. he asked me about you.. how reliable you are?’

A’s face falls down

A ‘why didn’t he inform me that he will do a reference check.. will he not trust me too?’

B ‘he trusts you dear.. but does need to know your seriousness. He also found you giving interviews to his competitors’

A ‘how can he track me so much.. I thought that I should get interview experience’

B ‘this is the problem with individuals who wish to do something but also be safe’

A ‘will you give investments still?’

B ‘yes your shares will be vested.. and we can protect mine and your boss’s interest’

A ‘can I put a 20% rise to my salary in the budget?’

B ‘this is the problem.. you may need to dilute more shares’

A ‘done.. no problems..’

B ‘but next year no raise.. all performance driven’

A ‘I think I will perform.. I need 40% rise next year’

B ‘cool.. more shares dilutions then’

A ‘done’

B ‘do you realize after 2 years, you will be hardly having 10% shares left?’

A ‘no problem Sir.. I will think of another idea then’


Venture Drama

Eagle ‘What makes venture dramas a success’

Manuel ‘it is a concept where an entire venture is penned as a story and narrated as a presentation.. ‘

Eagle ‘what it means?’

Manuel ‘life as a venture begins alone and parents are our mentors and advisers. We are hand held for 9-12 months and then… the walk, talk and then running, jumping.. and then… more mentors, more advisers in form of teachers, uncles, aunts, paternal and maternal relatives and friends or even boss”

Eagle ‘what is the drama there?’

Manuel ‘adjustments and non adjustments.. both lead to dramas

Eagle ‘where is the drama?’

Manuel ‘we exhibit various emotions and unfortunately these emotions come out as drama’s so one thing is certain venture without drama will never get results and hence we have demo, pitch, twitter, facebook posts.. everything is publicized with power of internet’

Eagle ‘so?’

Manuel ‘venture drama is all about live debates on lessons learnt where founders and teams are honest enough to own mistakes over failures and discuss it out.. openly.. (voice of truth)

An Employee turned Entrepreneur

Kid ‘Papa says never to stand behind a donkey and never to stand in front of boss’

Mom ‘why?’

Kid ‘Donkey kicks from back and Boss kicks from front’ and shows his thumbs down

Kid ‘Papa says hence be an entrepreneur’ and shows his thumbs up.

Mom ‘My son.. and who will fend for all bills, your fees till then?’

Kid ‘Papa says Mom makes the difference. Give her love and more love and she will shower you and papa with love, happiness and will support family expenses too till Papa becomes a successful entrepreneur’

Mom ‘where is Papa?’

Kid ‘why?’

Mom ‘I want to….’

Kid ‘Papa says if mummy hits too it is because of love, she will still support you and papa in whatsoever we do’

Mom ‘I will ..’

Kid ‘Papa says if she stops at I will.. it means you and Pappa are going to get kisses and love during the day and night on that day… you should thank stars for giving such loving mom’

mom looks baffled up

Kid ‘papa says.. if she looks up.. it means she is thanking god to give a son like you and dad like me’


Don’t ask me Why

A dictatorial manager is one who will dictate terms..

Boss ‘Don’t ask me why?’

Employee 1 ‘Sir.. you are going to loose heavily’

Boss ‘Don’t ask me why?’

Employee 2 ‘Sir.. you will not be able to retain us’

Boss ‘Let us see’

After 30 minutes, Boss is smiling

Employee 3 ‘what happened?’

Boss ‘you guys felt I was betting on that MNC and had invested in stock’

Employee 1 ‘yes’

Boss ‘I decided to put 10% as staff welfare fund and remaining amount on a property where we will be shifting soon. Our own asset’

All employees happy

Boss ‘Building Assets important.. and also contributing to staff welfare’