Sam ‘I am independent today.. after all the struggle of our ancestorial leader.. here am tryirng to justify my stance only to find a police case being filed on me’

6 decades earlier

Sam’s grandfather ‘this is the only way we can get freedom. If anyone snatches what is our right.. we will surely ensure we revolt’

Jose is Sam’s grandfather who is a freedom fighter.. A patriot.. Still alive

Jose’s son is Manuel a shrewd business man. He has taken this opportunity of Jose to get favor from government and is running a highly successful textile company..

Manuel’s son is Sam… who cares for expression of speech.. and Sam’s girl friend Mary is a political journalist


Sam ‘did I make a mistake?’

Mary ‘expressions on issues like genocide or oppressions or lynching.. obviously you can voice opinion’

Sam ‘my father Manuel has repriminded me.. he wants me to steer away from controversies and business affects’

Mary ‘the choice is yours.. be with your father and run the business or voice your opinion and be with the movement to fight out injustice’

Sam returns home..

Manuel ‘stay away from her.. she influences you’

Sam ‘Dad.. I know the fate of my mom’


Manuel ‘In business.. no one really cares of emotions.. ‘. He shoots his wife Jane point blank..


Sam ‘you got lost’

Manuel ‘business is most important’

Sam ‘do you know the millions in open arrest.. ‘

Manuel ‘I don’t care.. an incident shook me’

5 decades earlier

Manuel is fired by his father for taking advantage of him

Jose ‘Manuel.. how could you do this.. you have almost converted her to a religion you chose’

Manuel ‘it is voluntarily done’

Jose ‘so.. tomorrow what if your son is facing this situation’

Manuel ‘he will do what is right’

Jose ‘You named Jannat as Jane’

Manuel ‘only because of my love for her’


Manuel ‘only I know the love for her..’

Sam ‘then why you killed her’

Manuel ‘she got to know a very high profile terrorist attack strategy. A hardcore adventure journalist.. she put the whole notes in a secret coded bank locker’

Sam ‘and then?’

Manuel ‘you were kidnapped.. and I had a choice’

Sam ‘what.. either kill her or let them kill you’

Jose comes in..

Jose ‘Manuel.. some secrets need not be revealed’

Sam ‘what happened?’

Manuel ‘Dad.. let me explain to Jose’

Manuel ‘My father asked me to save you’

Sam has tears in eyes..

Sam ‘why all this. ?’

Jose ‘no one understands the pain Manuel went through because of me being freedom fighter.. either a force or compulsion.. Manuel had to get into business with all sort of folks to save me’

Sam ‘what?’

Manuel hugs Sam

Manuel ‘the world had so many independence struggle.. but eventually all learnt tolerance.. all forgave too.. but then politics is such, where only divide and rule functions.. so’

Manuel ‘Sam.. you have a choice.. go ahead with your struggle or just focus on business’

Sam ponders..

Next day

Sam ‘Mary.. I have decided to be part of the movement’

Mary ‘so another struggle for my kid like your father’

Mary hugs Sam

Sam ‘I love you too much Mary.. am there to support you’

The Indian Dilemna

The Indian Dilemna
It is not about uniqueness but the unique ability to follow a leader or follow a proven trend. Disruptions may come from multiple quarters and each disruptions may lead to again some trend. The risk taking appetite exists in plenty but more at individual persay. The moment the individual gets into a group, the risk appetite slow diminishes, it looses it shine and what comes out is mediocre follow on leaders emerging. The business moves from selling commodities to selling startups and it keeps ringing cash. But the unique ability to be a global leader perishes in the greed to be contented with more money. So we are happy being service focused and do strive to make more products and many innovations emerge too, but all is lost when the thought leaders perceive India not as unique product developer due to lack of technology or labs and believe India has more innovations in implementing grass root problems. The citizens are caught between imitating west and struggling to cope with the Indian culture and in crux of all this, the compassion for nation comes in and times we tend to get too emotional about boundaries, rights and after all the buzz stop, everyone else too become silent.

Happy Holi

Sweety ‘this is absolute ridiculous that I have to carry now your baby.. the startup venture on my lap just because you feel, investors will be happy that am owning this venture’

Jax ‘dear Sweety, as an Investor, I have never failed. For some strange reasons this startup entrepreneur refuses to listen to me.. hence through my sister’

Sweety ‘what if Bob denies including me in his venture’

Jax ‘My dear sister… he is a nice human.. continuously believes in his project.. however for strange reasons.. he is not interested in taking our offfer’

2 months later.
Sweety ‘Am getting married to Bob’

Jax ‘are you kidding… I wanted to own that venture.. and you were just a tool for same’

Sweety ‘Jax… In India, there is a myth around this story demon Hiranyakashyapu and he was so egoistic, he wanted everyone to obey only him.. His sister Holika had a boon that she will never get perished in fire.. so he orders his sister to help him out fight a young boy Prahlad who is pious, but staunch devotee of god’

Jax ‘then?’

Sweety ‘she burns out.. the boy remains unaffected.. some angel saves him’

Jax ‘what you wish to convey?’

Sweety ‘No hostile takovers or employer dominance or relationship dominance every works out… I started loving Bob and he is working on this startup to bring in lesson’s learnt from great stories.. so he ended up narrating me about Holi day’

Jax ‘what is it all about?’

Sweety sprinkles colors on Jax

Jax ‘little sister.. are you nuts.. colors in USA’

Sweety ‘dear brother.. enjoy colors of life.. stop being egoistic and be humble.. angels usually should not depend on VCs. It really sucks when investors end up talking to startups in a way.. that they are beggars. Have seen so many deals.. where nothing really happens.. but egoistic pursuits.. or they go overboard investing in loss making startups.. strange is case… better sense needed’

Jax ‘god bless you.. when is the marriage?’

Sweety ‘April 1’

Valentine day business

Maria ‘every valentine, individuals purchase rose to share with their beloved ones’s and my family living is off the rose plantations.. a family business. But i want to move over to chocolate making’

Rick ‘Maria, as wife, have seen you passionately decorating roses for years.. why this chocolate wave’

Maria ‘complimentary gift.. and I too love chocolates’

Rick ‘that business needs food authority approvals’

Maria ‘yes… and have already applied’

Rick ‘how you compete?’

Maria ‘it will be a special flavor chocolate ‘crispy rose chocolate’

Rick ‘what?’

Maria ‘yes a bit of rose flavor dash over cream chocolate’

Rick ‘will it taste good’

Maria shares a chocolate hand made by her.. and gives a rose to Rick

Rick ‘reverse gear.. I am supposed to give you rose’

Maria ‘gender equality dear… why not me giving you that’

Rick hugs Maria

Rick ‘cool crispy rose chocolate business’

Succession Planning

Succession Planning – one of the topics which really has been close to heart where in many a time I wonder why there is no process nor systems in many companies to structure a successor roadmap.  Why do we prefer legacy over reality? Why do we prefer close friend over a distant professional? How much time it takes for someone to become comfortable? Is leadership earned or given by default? So many questions however answers need to be answered by self…

History begins with each ruler identifying a successor or some one brutally grabbing the kingdom or someone just offering the kingdom on platter to someone who seemed more capable..

King James ‘I never knew it would be such an issue’

Queen Eliza ‘Did you not realize it…. No kids is such a big issue in this world’

King James ‘so what if I was seen in multiple population control campaign.. trying to mobilize and create awareness’

Queen Eliza ‘the sperms could have flown.. I could have been a mother but alas’

King James ‘adopting someone and making him a successor.. is it a sin?’

Queen ‘unfortunately.. there is this Senior, Junior business in almost all fields.. All want Junior John but of real John’

King James ‘what should it be then .. Nepotism?’

Queen ‘we are in world where we debate about Nepotism but eventually all prefer their own blood and kins to benefit’

King James ‘a corporate policy.. that each senior ageing CEO grooms a successor for minimum 3 years and then observes that potential CEO for next 3 years.. so right age should be 40?’

Queen ‘To early.. let it be 45′

King James hugs Queen

James”and our adopted kid will then be groomed by the successor’



Mind confusion

Nancy ‘never ever think that I am gone’

Moses ‘but you are already dead’

Nancy ‘it is because you have buried me, you assume so..  my soul remains alive’

Moses ‘Nancy… liberate self…  You were suffering from acute depression because of business loss… you had failed and then you committed suicide’

Nancy ‘Moses..  you as my co founder will need to make my venture a success’

Moses ‘I will… but please liberate self from world’

Nancy disappears

Moses suddenly wakes up only to find Nancy his dear wife standing in front of him with a coffee glass

Moses ‘Nancy.. you still alive?’

Nancy ‘are you mad… you keep watching horror movies and then… ‘

Moses ‘how is your business doing… ‘

Nancy ‘as a husband… I never seen you ask this question ever…. it is great… now am going to office… cook food and keep for me.. will reach home late in evening’