Elegant Love (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Ronald ‘I hate this style of love. You bite me. you hit me and then declare you are madly in love with me’

Rosy ‘It is passionate love.. Here unless you don’t feel my hurt.. how will you ever know’

Ronald ‘Rosy.. I have always found you too aggressive in love. It is like you don’t have patience.. to hear other side of story and before even some one realizes you have left that person. You have broken from 4 affairs and am your fifth stable one’

Rosy ‘Ronald .. do you wish to continue or break too..’

Ronald smiles and hugs Rosy ‘Am getting adjusted after my first elegant love with my first love Piu

Rosy ‘who is Piu?’

Ronald ‘She was a sweet Vietnam girl who loved to believe if ever anyone loves anyone do it elegantly’

Rosy ‘like’

Ronald holds Rosy in arms and looks at her eyes..

Rosy ‘Ronald please don’t look at me this way’

Ronald ‘Rosy ..she didn’t wish to disturb me in my studies so would just spend quality 30 minutes with me’

Rosy ‘how?’

Ronald ‘She would just massage my head, relax my shoulders, gently kiss me on lips and give me warm

food which would be tastefully done by her.. ‘

Rose ‘I don’t know to cook too’

Ronald ‘She would then ensure  that I have a 5 minute dance with her.. where she would tightly hug me

while dancing and …’

Ronald ‘One day.. she just left a letter and went away’

Rose ‘where?’

Ronald ‘In Vietnam.. she feels there is lot of below the poverty line people who can be helped. She has

initiated micro finance unit’

Rose ‘wow.. bold lady.. why she left you?’

Ronald is silent

Rose ‘why she left you?’

Ronald ‘i got infatuated by you and one day when you forcefully hugged and kissed me in the restaurant

she saw us both.. and then..  she decided to focus on social work as she wanted to come out of

possessiveness  feeling’

Rose ‘strange.. elegant lover but possessive too’

Ronald ‘Not sure.. where i faltered till date’

Rose ‘Do you love me or not?’

Ronald ‘not sure.. hope we work on our relation and make it better’

Rose ‘Am opposite of her.. very demanding’

Ronald ‘i know.. but promise don’t keep biting me like a dog’

Rose bursts out laughing

Rose ‘sure.. will try.. will try to be less intense’

Ronald ‘Rose.. in our life when love resurfaces again.. we never realize.. so if we ever loose love, we

should keep trying.. ‘

Rose ‘you got my spirit now.. after multiple broken affairs still I am hopelessly romantic’

James Love in Thames

James is a loner who suffers from Gout. All his life he has been hoping he finds some love and loves Thames..

He believes Thames will help him get his love… He is 50, white beard, with a cool coat and crisp ironed pant, he sits calmly in a bench watching the water..  He has been running a museum for years and plans to have a start up of unique items sales and purchase..

One day an incident impacts him.. A 35 year old lady who was just sitting in the nearby bench, gets giddy and faints..

James rushes to her and finds she looks clean, has beautiful eye lashes and her lips are enchanting..

It is evening time, he somehow manages to push her in his car and drives to his house..

He makes her sleep in the guest room and next morning

James ‘Good Morning Mam. I found you giddy, so just called Doctor for a routine check up for you’

James ‘What is your name?’

Lisa responds ‘Am Lisa, a widow and had just come to Thames as it was just the same place where I met my husband who was an Army Officer’

James ‘Here have been searching for love since decades’

Lisa ‘Do you stay alone?’

James ‘Yes.. I never know when I will get love’

Lisa ‘Love is just moments where without talking, without listening, just seeing each other’s eyes’

James ‘Just visualized her every day, besides me, caressing my hair, playing with my hand, holding it gently, promising to be with me forever’

Lisa comes closer to James..

Lisa ‘Do you really miss love?’

James looks at her eyes ‘Depth of my eyes feel the pangs same way as my heart does’

A knock on the door

James ‘Received your report. You have low haemoglobin count so I suggest do take beet root juice. I can make it very nicely’

Lisa smiles

Lisa ‘Ok sure, will have juice and go’

James ‘The dark red juice, and how I wish two lips get together and drink using same glass’

Lisa is red..

Lisa ‘I don’t mind if you wish so’

Both have their lips put over glass and sipping the juice

Lisa ‘You seem to be die hard romantic.. My husband was an action man.. So I did enjoy with him, but he didn’t like all this romantic bit, but I love it’

James holds Lisa’s hand

Lisa’s eye is shining in the cool room and though it is day time, Lisa feels it is almost evening..

Lisa ‘Let us again go to the same spot ‘

Both drive to the greenery close to Thames flowing smoothly

Lisa ‘Can we just have our feet play in those water’

James and Lisa are sitting with their feet in water…

Lisa ‘I seem to be enjoying love all over again.. ‘

James ‘For me life has just begun at 50.. Will you marry me?’

Lisa looks at James and smiles…

Lisa ‘Some relationships look cool only in deserted river beds’

James is sad..

Lisa ‘I have a claim settlement and so cannot take any hasty decisions..’

James ‘Ok I can understand but promise we both will love our intimacy near this river bed almost every day’

Lisa comes close to James and whispers ‘Old is Gold’

James hugs Lisa… and far away the hustle bustle of traffic is moving…

Lisa kisses James on his forehead

Lisa ‘James, I cannot promise every day, but yes will come for sure’…

3 days latter

James is awaiting her near the river bed…

James ‘Why I feel this pang of separation, feel like I have lost something, why my heart beats near her, why I feel a flush of blood in me gushing at mere fragrance of her…’

A car stops close by..

Lisa gets down..

Lisa ‘Am moving to Paris.. my husband had his insurance nominee as his girl friend Claudia..’

Lisa is looking at James..

James ‘Lisa, do you feel that insurance amount is important, here I am suffering pangs of love, almost love fever.. Am in love with you truly.. Have a running museum business and planning to have an online antique stores set up.. so why don’t you be with me?’

Lisa ponders for a while watching water…

Lisa ‘come lets go and have our feet wet in water’

Both are in water and James feet caresses Lisa’s

James ‘Lisa, will you marry me?’

Lisa hugs James and kisses his lips

Lisa ‘James, promise me you wont ditch me like my ex husband’

James ‘Am on wrong side of age, got love so late in life.. Never’

James and Lisa watch the sun set calmly in each other’s arms