Glory in what we do

Sarah ‘this is what I have to say to all who feel demoralized’

Maya ‘do you know 2 weeks back, we got this set back email, that our visit to Jammu and Kashmir got cancelled because of war like situation’

Sarah ‘each one of us fights a war every day… we cross borders, we stay within in our mind and heart, control our body, loose our control.. imagine the warriors inside us selflessly fighting for all of us. At times a virus attack, at time a bacteria, if nothing else then a love attack or a break attack. We need to declare awards and acknowledge our heart, brain, liver, kidney, stomach, nose, eyes, ears, lips and skin, apart from hands and legs to be with us through out our journey..
glory in what we do is sort of celebration to think that everything is intact.. some small losses should not be feared or we get depressed because of it..’

Sarah ‘do you know I lost 1 brother from India and 1 from Pakistan.. both were my own.. I am at loss of words… why it happens.. why we wish to define boundaries or capture ones.. beyond my grasp.. we need to help ourselves and unite to make a stronger unit and look at bigger picture..’

Victory over negative energies (Diwali)

Entrepreneurship is a game which has ups and downs, but the journey brings in multiple people to support you, humiliate you, pressurize you, taunt you or even bad mouth you…   the victory over all our negative energies is cause of celebration.. and hence  without getting bogged own… please remain calm and composed and everything else will follow soon (client, investments, scaling up etc).. best of lucks to all of you..

Poem Lover

Sweet and Short

Life is a Poem

You are the Poet

first line of birth

second line of awareness

third line of grasping

fourth line of understanding

fifth line of experience

sixth line of degradation

seventh line of realization

eighth line of  reinventing

ninth line of celebration

tenth line of culmination

poem stances

life instances

life is a poem

enjoy and share always


James has been a highly successful detective and his agency too is doing well.. At a conference, he is questioned about his success secret

James ‘Am successful as I resolved many tricky cases and even survived various attacks’

James ‘Am successful because I have success stories.. but do you know I am a failure’

Conference Compere Liu ‘Can you tell us about your failure stories’

James ‘Am not married. Have 10 broken relation in span of 15 years.. Am considered arrogant, egoistic and tantrum maker in my girl friends talk.. None liked me for my personal reasons.. All loved me for my profession’

All are silent..

Liu ‘So how you plan to overcome such perceptions?’

James ‘I guess am a workaholic and this is a bad habit.. Just want to change that’

Liu ‘You need a break.. Sir.. all of us love you for contribution to the society’

James smiles and accepts the award through rousing claps

At night

James writes a saying

‘We at times tend to forget our personal lives and begin fusing the professional life with personal.. We assume that professional life gives us huge growth but realize after some years that our contributors for it, our near and dear ones.. they are the one’s who contributed to that growth too through their love, care and affection.. Our perceptions of singular celebration can be moved to community celebration if we learn to award communities too some day. I just shot the only resource who was linked to under world, terrorists and high profile international ambassador Ron.. and reasons for it…

The team wanted to spread communal disharmony in various pockets of world..

Perception – Some say X is the only way of life and masses believe it’

James dozes of in chair…


Modeling is a celebration of being perfect between chaos and smilingly, sportingly promoting brand in all perfection

All models who had come for the photo shoot smiled and got back to their rooms..

One of the model Sherley pondered ‘Plastic Smile at times, Whole hearted Laughter at times..  important for us to generate those naturally as we anyways will be needed for any startup which will grow in long run. The market is competitive but there are takers.. so what if today I got rejected.. I will surely have a contract some day’

Happy Thanks Giving Day

One way to acknowledge our dear and near ones is by being with them for a day and enjoy their company.

A big picnic… Susan and her family decide to celebrate the picnic  Her son David comes up with a question?’

David ‘Mom.. why do we celebrate this?’

Susan ‘We celebrate Freedom.. We celebrate Democracy and We celebrate love for pursuing Dreams’

David ‘What is democracy?’

John father of David explains ‘By people, For people, To people. Every one gets right to express’

Susan ‘Earlier it was collective working.. collective staying.. but those had limitations.. So here we try to have individuals become self independent soon at early age.. Like you are 18.. so now you need to be independent, stand on your own feet and then celebrate with us annually’

David smiles..

David ‘I created lot of gift items with my friends and we are having a stall in the close by Church’

Susan ‘Yes.. welcome to Entrepreneurship. Learn to carve niche for self at much early stage of life’

David’ grand ma Gennie comes in..

Gennie ‘Your father built a resort through his hard work.. The land was ours, we struggled to get it back and now see how it helps generate more jobs etc. Thanks Giving Day is also to celebrate privatization for necessity items.. ‘

Gennie ‘John can I get the discounted laptop.. I want David to teach me how to operate in facebook’

John begins laughing, Susan too

David ‘Grand Ma.. New boyfriend? techno savvy one?’

Gennie blushes

Gennie ‘No to find one for me now… ‘

All clap hands..