Dark Stories

a boy and girl were happily in love till one day, the boy suspected girl for causing him trouble at work and left her. 2 years latter, he realized that it was the jealous friend of him, who caused this misunderstanding so as to get closer to girl but.. what happened next…  She had hung herself ..

a startup went bust and the CEO just ran off to UK.. However his family members back in India.. bore the brunt.. till one day.. he realized that his only daughter had now taken to drugs and his son was found guilty of cheating a company of Rs1 crore..  He could have chosen to return back.. but then he felt, there is something beyond his control.. He sent some sorry emails and letters to his family..

Life can take a U turn anytime..

Suspicion, running away from situation can anytime lead us to problems .. sooner or later.. Better to understand the issue and sort it out, rather then bottling emotions and leaving space for more dark stories.


Startup Death

James ”seriously I feel the product design is not in shape.. we need to think over it’

Sam ”Sir as you are the CEO, let me tell you, the backend database is miserable’

James ”can we change it?”

Sam ”yes.. in 2 weeks”

James ”excellent go ahead”

2 weeks later

James ”hey.. what happened even the existing application has broke”

Sam ”Sir.. the configuration management resource was on leave.. so our developers ended up working on same code.. and we find the new backend database is a big challenge”

James gets angry….

Sam ”and by mistake they deployed the code in production environment too”

James ”all of you are pretty careless. you are CTO.. I did not expect such gross carelessness from you”

Sam ”Sorry Sir.. however want to inform you that because of this gross mishap.. I wish to leave the company”

James “áre you crazy?”

Before James can talk further, Sam has left the company

James calls his secretary and yells ”seriously.. startup CTO’s need to be thoroughly checked for their longetivity within company.. He just made mess and left ”

Secretary ”Sir.. why you listened to his advice?”

James ”common who would know whether he is right or wrong.. Am not technical”

James ”just give all other 4 staff 1 month salary and we will shut this mess up”

Secretary ”ok Sir”






Smart Startups

Smart Startups are the ones who abide by following rules

1) Keep focusing on their goals and do not rush push to seek investments.

2) Keep identifying right senior talents and negotiate / convince them to be with the startup in thick and thin and offer a generous equity or even compensation or if nothing else have a human empathy to build relation with them.

3) There will be a need to continuously collaborate, build relation with other startups and see where your venture product or service fits in that eco system.

4) Build small community and collaborate and bring more individuals to believe in what you are doing.

5) Keep building customers.. and more customers or fans and more fan following.. or followers and more followers..

6) Avoid getting into controversies and stick to their focus.. so no loose comments on twitter, facebook or any social media site..

7) Get the cheapest, greatest small module training from reputed institute and build relation there..   if that too is unaffordable..  identify quick learners and include them in your team..

8) Having a human binding with your employees or contractors or consultants is most important and at the end of it, are they going to earn good remuneration from your startup?  If the answer is No and if you feel you are the most conservative successful entity who does not wish to spend on employees then you are not there… you can never be able to build a foundation company.. you may wish to sell your startup to someone else..? but it is of no use as finally again you are in that cycle of entrepreneur to investor journey and you will not be the right fit to create large employment opportunities.. so vision focus most important.

9) If your aim is to just sell your startup eventually.. identify all potential acquirers and understand where all they have limitations and strategize fully on that model only..  finally be clear of what you wish to do..

10) Does incubator / accelerator deserve small equity for guiding you.. absolutely yes as finally they have built a strong network of entire startup eco system..

11) How much minimum money you need? depends entire on the startup? It should not be a case of a business plan by an employee being given to a CEO for budget approval and startup will perform only if business plan gets sanctioned..

so please do not chase investors and let investors chase you..

PASSION FRAMEWORK the one which have built and evolved is a 2 decade journey of ups and downs in an entrepreneur journey and name it.. everything is experienced…  and so do not get bogged down by ‘No replies from investor’s”or ”Polite smiles” or “Harsh criticism ” or “Even copy / imitations of your product” as finally if you have decided to become an entrepreneur.. it is your special charm.. there is something in you which compels you do so.. so you are bound to win…  if you have patience and perseverance.

Focused Group

Mary ‘it is important to have focused group for a mission’

CEO ‘great.. go ahead and create one’

2 months later

Mary ‘the group has got bored of that focus’

CEO ‘great.. go ahead and create another focused group’

Mary ‘why cannot same group focus on 2-3 areas’

CEO ‘it is not our focus’

Mary ‘means… ‘

CEO ‘any person who has more then 2-3 focus suffers from distraction syndrome’

Mary ‘I do not agree.. else there would be no investors, no serial entrepreneurs’

CEO pauses for a while..

CEO ‘common do what you wish and feel is right..  I wanted to have focused group and stick to principles but yes I agree in long run each business copies some feature or other of some other business. multiple focus come not by choice but by compulsion.. ‘

Mary ‘cool.. so you finally agreed that diversification helps reach stronger and to stay in business we can begin with small focused attention but need to begin seeking new pastures soon else stagnation sets in’


CEO Talks

CEO Jack has been invited to a meetup in Houston.  He is supposed to give a presentation on ‘Entrepreneurship’

Jack finds his presentation deleted and his lap top is having problems.. He had hurriedly done the presentation, so no back..

Jack ‘I think am unprepared for the presentation’

Organization Tim ‘No problems.. with your experience.. all should be fine’

Jack is called on stage

Jack has a stage fear too.. relied on presentations all the while..

Jack finds nervousness reaching his peak.. slowly he musters courage

Jack ‘what we do routine.. we get bored. and then we need to do something different. Entrepreneurship begins from there’

Jack finds the audience looking at him with high expectation…

Jack ‘hey i think I should sit and talk’

The organizers get a chair

Jack ‘and then.. one day when are in our positions.. we get surplus money and decide to invest on individuals whom we feel have potential..  Each CEO should become an investor’

Jack finds his throat dry

Jack calls for water

Jack ‘what happens when your baby crawls, walks and keeps growing.. you enjoy that phase. When in job you join companies which are grown babies.. you need to get used to that culture.. Here it is your own baby.. you are imbibing your experience, knowledge and culture’

Jack is getting stomach cramps

Jack ‘I think am uncomfortable without slides’

Audience echo ‘Carry on.. you are giving vital tips’

Jack gets confidence

Jack ‘and then…your baby grows… and in US and many countries.. baby wishes to be on own.. and it is time to move out of baby’

Audience begin clapping hands..

Jack ‘Do I ever ask returns of investment from my own kid?’

Audience is fully silent

Jack ‘A true entrepreneur would have PASSION for one’s baby.. so will not be bothered of ROI however baby needs teachers, mentors so  will mentor them coach them and soon costs on one baby keeps increasing. we tend to neglect other babies if we cannot afford money’

Jack drinks glass of water and wipes his sweat

Jack ‘Sweat equity.. and investment.. the entrepreneur decides to think the baby will support him but.. but the baby doesn’t so  an entrepreneur disowns the baby and makes profit out of it..

Jack ‘Do you wish to sell your babies?’

All become silent…

Jack ‘LIFE is a game of buyer and seller. We humans buy everything and decide to sell out if purpose completed and what remains are memories’

Jack ‘So finally the baby grows.. and keeps growing and you just remain happy with its growth with no expectations. True Entrepreneur who cares for its venture sets a vision, mission, growth too but not with an expectation to sell of the baby’;

Jack ‘hope you enjoyed my speech’

There is thunderous applause…

After the event..

Jack looks at the video

Jack ‘hey could see myself so uncomfortable… stage fright can kill the tempo.. Hope all indeed clapped for genuine reasons’

His wife Sarah smiles and says ‘CEO TALKS always have hearings’

Happy Returns

HAPPY RETURNS are a group of social crusaders who get into society where there is severe social problems and resolve them.

The lead James is an active researcher who decides on the society and the group moves to that society and begin tackling problems.

James, his girl friend Lara, his dearest friend Bob and Bob’s girl friend Monica are part of this group. There are 10 other members..

One such location is Jurasa in farthest location in Pacific Islands where the society has problems of illiteracy, and employment..

James and their group collect funds through crowd funding site and manage to reach Jurasa by a boat. The island has 5000 families.

James ‘it is so beautiful.. but alas look at the kids.. each kid look eager to study..’

Jurasa head Somela questions James

Somela ‘why have you come.. we don’t need education’

James ‘why?’

Somela ‘we don’t want this group to leave this island.. it is a rare community.. we have community kitchens, community entertainment.. everything together..’

James ‘why not community education?’

Somela ‘education makes us loose our innocence’

James is shocked by the statement

Somela ‘what we learn.. is not from books but from nature.. Nature teaches us everything.. the rhythm of life’

James ‘so what will you teach us assume you guys don;t want to educate even your kids’

Somela ‘sharing.. we teach you to share…  check on our houses.. no one keeps money individually.. all collect and give it to me.. I decide who needs what..  each person is happy’

James ;but how is it possible in our city’

Somela ‘hence stop worrying about us’

Till then a group of kids snatch away the tablet which James has..

James ‘hey will teach you click photo’s

Somela ‘no pictures allowed here’

James ‘why?’

Somela ‘look at eyes of the kids.. all you see is ocean.. fully flowing.. check in your eye.. what exists.

James ;’right now you’

Lara ‘hey come we have to rush…;

James ‘what happened’

Lara bursts out crying..

Lara ‘bob and his girl friend.. both eaten away’

James is scared

Somela ‘Happy returns group core member dead?’ and begins laughing…

James ‘this is absurd’

Somela ‘relax buddy.. no one has eaten your friends.. it is a rumor out in world, we eat humans.. but actually’

Till then Bob and his girl friend come well dressed

James ‘what is this?’

Somela ‘in this island boy-girl friends not allowed.. only marriage’

Somela ‘both of you get ready too’

Somela marries both the couples off

Somela ‘Marriage is an institution meant for binding two people..  it is a commitment.. We teach commitment’

James ‘we will stay with all of you for few days. we too want to give back something to this island’

Somela ‘what?’

James ‘education.. so please now as we listened to you.. let us share what we have’

Next day onwards each person in that island begin learning elementary education..

10 years latter

James ‘what a weird island it was.. it still gives me shock waves.. we got married there.. the folks learnt zealously and at end of that education, nearly 200 kids offered to be with us’

Bob ‘and today they are starting an industry in that island’

Lara ‘and I am the CEO of that group’

Maria ‘and me the CFO’

Bob ‘never knew life could give opportunities even in a nomad island’

James ‘all of them are members of Happy RETURNS’ today.

Love Matures

Rose is sulking. Her boy friend Jack has not been seeing her for many days..

Rose is looking at sky lost in her own world.

Jack comes from behind and hugs her..

Jack ‘when I asked you to be close to me, you got bored, when I asked you to be far away from me, you got lost and now.. ‘

Rose looks behind and hugs Jack..

Rose ‘now what.. tell me’

Jack ‘now when I ask you to be in my heart then …’

Rose is blushing red

Jack ‘you have now bloomed’

Rose recollects the turbulent moments she had when she was moved out of her CEO position for falling in love with her colleague Jack… Jack too left the company and both had ups and down in life and one day Rose decided to separate out of Jack as she could not cope up with her professional rise and her boy friend who was junior and was always on a lower pay slab. Jack decided to visit Europe and got into an accelerator and today is having a CTC similar to Rose so returns back…

Jack ‘hey is CTC a factor in love?’

Rose ‘not sure Jack.. but promise me that you will always allow me to stay in your heart’

Rose ‘I love you too much Jack. we have come a long way since we first met 5 years back’