someday somewhere

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

from nowhere

if today was a day of failure

tomorrow will be a day of success

sun shining all the way..

so what if there is no demo day

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

without a demo day

someday somewhere

you will stop chasing investors

and begin believing in self

to do it all on your own

and emerge successful


Manny ‘Have been tired.. chasing her.. she just doesn’t seem to agree for a date’

Nura ‘So sad.. I am on a prowl.. running away from a girl.. and you are chasing one’

Manny ‘who is it? and why you are running away?’

Nura ‘She is chasing me for a date’

Manny ‘lucky you. who is she?’

Nura ‘Lisa’

Manny ‘my heart beat has gone feeble.. Is she Lisa May?’

Nura ‘absolutely yes.. She is Lisa May’

Manny ‘now i realize why she is avoiding me.. She is in love with you’

Nura ‘Am not in love with her.. I am in love with my venture and my investor Zulia is in love with me so I am booked’

Manny ‘So can you make her fall in love with me?’

Nura ‘Let me try…’

Next day Nura arranges for a date meeting..with Lisa

Lisa arrives on time and see’s Manny there

Lisa ‘You? Who is the lucky one.. surely not me’ and smiles..

Manny gets a lemonade and is drinking

Lisa ‘Wow.. even i love it.. ‘

Manny offers her Lemonade

Lisa ‘hasn’t your girl friend come?’

Manny ‘hope she comes.. Misha is always late’

Lisa ‘oh i see.. how is she to look?’

Manny ‘Misha.. very beautiful.. very compassionate.. generous’

Lisa ‘oh my goodness so many qualities.. you are lucky.. I am just about Ok i guess.. what you feel?’

Manny ‘you too are beautiful.. but a bit arrogant?’

Lisa ‘common.. i am in love with Nura.. hence avoiding you.. ideally you seem to be better then him.. but i am trying to chase him may be because he avoids me.. to satisfy my ego.. what you feel?’

Manny ‘should I order some food?’

Lisa ‘Sure.. I love Chinese food’

Manny ‘Me too’

Lisa ‘our tastes match so well.. ‘

Manny ‘so should we attempt another date only between us’

Lisa ponders..

Lisa ‘Seems yes.. but Misha will get annoyed if she see’s us’

Manny ‘Not sure.. she has nick name Zulia’

Lisa ‘oh i see.. tricky lady seems so’

Manny ‘am simple…’

Lisa ‘me too’

Nura comes in…

Lisa’s face falls

Lisa ‘Nura.. meet Manny my friend.. a very nice person’

Nura ‘Lisa.. want to tell you a fact.. Am marrying Zulia’

Lisa looks at Manny

Lisa  ‘Just now Manny was talking about same name’

Lisa ‘How can you do.. Manny loves her’

Nura ‘Manny.. can you leave her for me?’

Manny ponders and looks at Lisa

Lisa’s eye is curious.. she seems lost.. and feels she won’t get anyone

Manny ‘only if Lisa agrees to my girl friend for ever’

Lisa is happy.. her eyes moist..

Lisa ‘yes Manny.. sometimes we keep chasing someone who may not be our cup of tea.. thanks to Nura.. we are united again’

After 1 day

Manny ‘Nura.. thanks for everything..  hope you have good life with Zulia’

Nura ‘dear manny.. Zulia is name of my venture on Tourism..’

Manny ‘what?’

Nura ‘see i was never in love with Lisa.. and you happened to love her.. so.. ‘

Manny hugs Nura..

Manny ‘some friendships get complex and again become simple but it survives ‘