US India relation

Brother ‘what is it that will make this relation tick’

Sister ‘only one focus China’

Brother ‘isn’t it weird.  we want the relation to build, but H1B too curbed’

Sister ‘it is only for few months. All will be fine’

Brother ‘will relations strengthen?’

Sister ‘please remember neighbors fight every day but eventually they get united’

Brother ‘so?’

Sister ‘the US India relation will always be good because of service model. The US China relation too will get better because of supply-chain model. For US to build a strong India or for India to build a strong supply chain, it needs investments to pour in from all quarters.. with election round the corner, this will take a bit more time.. but will happen’

I support

US India Relation – Visa impacts

It becomes important for US and India to  build strong relation to foster business and policy relationship to create more opportunities.

The recent Immigration visa on hold will impact business / economy further for not only India but also USA will have impediments.  It is because not only India, all other countries too get impacted to due to H1B ban till end of year.

Am supporting which helps in various policy interventions and it would be good if like minded individuals get connected to identify what is needed to build good cohesive relation between not only USA and India, but also India and other countries including Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Middle East, Bangladesh,  Srilanka, Nepal, Pakistan, China, Singapore, Malaysia and entire Europe, South American and Pacific Countries.

Trust vote

A group of MLA’s rush push to the picnic spot…

MLA Jenny ‘hey there you folks are.. and over there our ministry is going for toss’

MLA Jose ‘we will not give him any vote.. He just doesn’t allow us to eat properly’

MLA Nosey ‘this is seriously bad.. He has to poke in all matters.. else how will he manage’

Jose ‘Nosey.. we know you are his spokesman.. now let us enjoy’

Nosey ‘not fair..’

Jose ‘you want to join us?’

Nosey ‘will call him too here’

Jose ‘whom’

Nosey ‘our minister Brat’

Jose ‘Hey we are going to give votes to Nabo’

Nosey ‘this is seriously bad’

After few hours Brat joins the picnic

Brat ‘relax all.. am voluntarily retiring for few years’

All look taken aback

Nabo ‘enjoy guys.. I am your new minister’

2 hours back

Brat ‘Nabo… for 5, just asking US$10Million.. a fair deal’

Nabo ‘you are a crook’

Brat ‘you want power.. I want money power’

Hot food

Manuel ‘I have this habit of eating packed food and it sucks’

Ram ‘In India.. the trends are just picking up.. we never even knew the concept of frozen food till last decade’

Manuel ‘is it so?.. any solution’

Ram ‘important for all to find ways to cook food everyday. 1 hour for cooking hot meals and serving it to your near and dear ones.. joy is different’

Manuel ‘what if some one is absolutely having no time?’

Ram ‘there is a startup in UK which is doing quite well.. teaching many to cook food’

Manuel ‘is it?’

Ram ‘hearts of heart.. many still love cooking or want to learn cooking’


Blunders of Blunder

Soma ”All the IT professionals in USA are going for a strike.. ”

Mary “Who said so…  ”

Soma ”Just heard some H1B visa issues”

Mary ”so? such news are just tactics.. do you feel such drastic measures will ever happen”

Soma ”in India, we are going to launch a mass opposition… we are also inviting China, Pakistan, Singapore, Phillipine and other countries to join us”

Mary ”are you crazy”

Soma ”yes… something happens to me the moment I hear such things”

Mary ”ok.. let us not  believe in rumor… wait..”

After 1 day

Soma ”we have stopped all our IT services out in Inda to support USA”

Mary “Have you gone nuts??””

After 2 days

Soma ”what you achieved by doing so… where is the news?”

Mary ”which one?”

Soma ”Why has the US not declared same in paper”

Mary ”why you so concerned?”

Soma ”I paid a marketing company.. to generate this rumor and then hype the same in Indian Market””

Mary ”never go by gossips.. Just a loss of so much money… all of them indeed going to strike?”

Soma hugs Mary and whispers ”April fool.. how was my acting?”



Jay is heading the small and medium enterprise association and is fed up of life. 5 years back he was having a compressor manufacturing unit but it collapsed. 2 years back, he initiated an electronic component and it has crashed.. too

With a debt of over 2M$.. he is left handling an association..

Neeru comes to meet him..

Neeru ‘this whole bit of hardware, software and all these manufacturing bit.. government never encourages manufacturing.. only software.. IT.. so not sure.. what.. I wish to open a toy manufacturing unit’

Jay ‘what will be the cost of 1 toy?’

Neeru ‘Rs100.. 2$ max’

Jay ‘In China.. same is available at 1$. Why cannot you import?’

Neeru ‘why we cannot compete?’

Jay ‘labor cost.. taxation.. so many issues in India.. where you feel we can do it?’

Neeru ‘Í plan to bring in Chinese labors in India’

Jay begins laughing

Neeru ‘is it tough?’

Jay is still laughing

Jay ‘Labor cost in fact in India is cheaper but.. but.. but…

 Logistics Efficiency Indicators India Global
 Road Transportation
 Average truck speed (in kmph) 30 – 40 60 – 80 (including China)
 Four lane road length (in kms) 7,000 34,000 (China)
 National highway length in kms) 66,590 1,900,000
 Average surface freight (in  cents/km) ~ 7 3.7 (Japan)
 Average distance travelled by a  truck per day (in kms) 200 400
 Air Transportation
 Airport waiting time – Exports (in  hours) 50 12
 Airport waiting time – Imports (in  hours) 182 24
 Aviation turbine fuel as a % of  operating cost 35 – 40% 20 – 25%
 Ports & Sea Transportation
 Turnaround time at ports (in  hours) 84 7 (Hong Kong & Singapore)
 Annual container handling  capacity 8.4mn TEUs 60mm TEUs (China)
 Containers handled per ship, per  hour (maximum) 15 25 – 30
 Throughput density (maximum) 45,000 TEUs / hectare 170,000 – 220,000 TEUs / hectare
 Average inventory days 33 24 (China)

Source: Cygnus Business Consulting & Research, KPMG analysis

Manufacturing in India vs. China

by John Niggl

The above piece of writing is just for information and acknowledge the writer’s deep analysis on subject as well acknowledge the consulting companies.

It is important for entrepreneurs who wish to get into manufacturing understand pros and cons.

Developing Country Startups

Hurried and excite Jimmy boards the train to reach the Singapore Accelerator program.

Jimmy ‘In my country, there is so much crowd during all such meet ups, cards exchanged.. Hi Hello and then.. the cards just lay idle’

Soumya ‘:) We do chat in whatsapp and become friends’

Rafiq ‘they have standard question.. what if something happens.. how you will manage the show’

Tampi ‘they wonder.. how we can scale up with our non-English capabilities’

Charles ‘this eco system is only for few academic institute network alumni and they get going.. to reach out to grass root level.. it needs courage’

Soumya ‘we are fostering startup ecosystem.. building it.. ‘

Charles ‘can you check who get invested.. only ones with reputed branded institute and what about others?’

Rafiq ‘we just pray and look upwards.. solutions exist upwards’

Tampi ‘Angels..  but they cannot understand our language’

Chittu ‘god knows.. why we are so hung up.. we should take jobs and only after 3 years build products’

Soumya ‘no we need to be fresh.. enthusiastic and straight from college to build companies’

Rafiq ‘do you feel we can compete Silicon Valley?’

Soumya ‘no way.. but we can always have some proven business model case studies learnt, and we brain storm and fine tune it’

Charles ‘do you really feel innovations get rewarded in developing countries’

Rafiq ‘only proof of concepts.. I never saw scaling up innovations unless it is by big brand’

Chittu ‘let us do some thing for common man.. that will scale up for sure’

Soumya ”so many folks doing things for common man.. I think we should do for disabled’

All agree and few months later

Soumya ‘1000 disabled individuals aggregated.. and working on 200 projects.. great going.. ‘

Rafiq ‘developing countries need to look at their grass root problems and solve them and not get carried away through mere imitation.. money comes and goes.. but ROI is through impact made to society…’

All give a clap to Rafiq’s thought process





USA vs Indian Startups

Think anything crazy and you are sure to get invested in US if you pitch well…

Think anything which already exists but not yet introduced in India, you are sure to get invested in India

As we crib of  lack of innovations in India, does it really matter and does it really have investors seeking to invest in millions?

When I researched and kept researching the art and science of entrepreneurship ecosystem in US, Europe, Africa, Australia, Middle East, Netherland, Russia, Mexico and many other countries realized that PROBING means different to different individuals who wish to be entrepreneurs

Few years back, the ones who initiated business in India copied a successful replicable not yet done model in India and Investors too didn’t mind investing in such ventures..

Same side, there were dozens of innovation holding dust in college libraries or in some houses but with no takers and most importantly because of design aesthetics no one wished to invest..

Many design schools too got opened, but creativity again needed PROBING.. international probing of what is needed to succeed so INNOVATION again needed PROBING..

Slowly and surely multiple incubators /accelerators mushroomed in India too but lack of mentors or even still the expectations of entrepreneurs shot up..

None wish to think below Rs20lacs or Rs30lacs and now there is a catch 2 situation.. Should these entrepreneurs be funded or kept informed to search jobs and learn more and then become entrepreneurs?

The number of Series A funds have dipped drastically.. So what happens to the 1000 or 10000 startups out to win the global market?

Does currency matter a lot? Absolute yes.. and conditioning mind from being service centric to product centric is more vital for developing (near developed) country like India.


Why do best of geeks perform from India perform well in US and get bogged by pressures during work in India?

It is because of consulting mindset, a thought to work on hourly basis.. and even if product investments happen, unless the best from best of institutes not as founder member, it is a risk..

As i experiment with individuals from all walks of society, the biggest challenge is motivating all to think / attempt to become entrepreneur and will they get investments? Not sure..  but what they may get is a market reach and traction to sustain themselves..

Finally what is so special about US startups?

Innovation.. and ability to identify right pain points.

Is there a clutter of no show investments in US too?

Obviously yes.. as to how many investors would wish to invest in already cluttered market and purely focus only on IT/ECOMMERCE based solutions..

There are surely many investors in India who also wish to invest in innovations in India but again a fear of non show in Series A may be detrimental for creativity, innovations in India.

My focus on accelerator program is guiding the individuals to make strong technical scalable product or service.

Manufacturing business

Altaf is a manufacturing magnate. Many a time folks wonder how he can succeed in making this magic happen..

Altaf has his friends in China..  one of his closest friend Xero has a knack of identifying low cost manufacturers..

Altaf ‘Xero.. need to bring in un-manned vehicle at the earliest’

Xero ‘wow.. but still we have not got the blue print.. once available we can begin production’

Altaf ‘how I wish we all learn from you guys.. our market is screwed up’

Xero ‘one of the problem.. is low cost labor’

Altaf ‘name all type of taxes.. we have.. nothing left over’

Xero ‘Altaf why did you stop your manufacturing business out there’

Altaf ‘No charm left.. labor issue.. tax issues.. all issues and then can we really survive and compete with you.. Absolutely no’

Xero ‘we have different type of challenges and you have different.. I think we should have youngsters from age 16 be groomed and they may be may be low cost labor?’

Altaf ‘good point.. skill based training from 16.. cool idea’

Altaf ‘ok got to go.. will close my Skype session.. have to guide my other friend to also close his manufacturing business’

after session ends

Altaf ‘strange world we are in.. core engineering forgotten.. ecommerce.. commodity selling, fruits and vegetables, cab aggregation and what not.. for that an individual completes 21 years of education, competes and wins.. joins reputed colleges.. even blocks seats of genuine individuals wishing to be only in engineering discipline and then guess what…  even after they make huge money.. catch anyone investing in engineering manufacturing companies.. Anyways.. why to think too much..  am already on my way to get invested in a shoe portal venture.. An ace gold medal winner in University.. Polymer expert.. and now.. a shoe seller. I know many of traditional business men will be unhappy with all these revolutions.. but what to do.. am I left with any choices?’


Morning Flight

4am, rushing pushing, Jane reaches Newark Airport only to find.. huge line for bag checking.

Jane ‘what is the matter?’

Attendant ‘routine one.. should soon get streamlined..

Jane notices a number of Asian Students enjoying themselves at one corner

Jane feels she can any check in latter as attendant has assured her that the rush should streamline..

She reaches the students and finds a familiar looking person near them

Jane ‘Have seen you somewhere.. ‘

Hank ‘hey ..recollect our China trip.. I had come from Japan and you from US.. That meeting.. the morning flight..’

Jane ‘where were you.. you just disappeared.. ‘

Hank ‘you wished a western lifestyle.. i hoped that morning flight where we both were to together.. I proposed you.. as felt you were meant for me.. our goals too looked similar.. both inclined to teach entrepreneurship.. and then..’

Jane ‘just we met in the Singapore airport.. and that too in connecting flight.. don’t you feel it was too soon’

Hank ‘my heart felt we knew each other for ages’

Jane ‘but you were focused on social entrepreneurship and me on regular ones.. so felt our views would clash.. plus….’

Hank ‘what.. plus’

Jane ‘i was not sure if I was going to choose Asia as my living abode’

Hank ‘am still open to propose you all over again’

Hank kneels on legs.. his students get shocked

One of student ‘Sir… do you know her’

Jane ‘my fiancee ..’

Student ‘wow.. Sir’s fiancee.. so beautiful.. lucky Sir’

Hank looks shocked

Hank ‘are you sure?’

Jane ‘let this morning flight bring new change in my life.. ok catch you once I reach LA.. as need to catch Singapore flight from there’

Hank ‘hey.. we too in same route’

Jane ‘common.. is this coincidence.. or planned.. Hank you are funny’

Hank ‘Jane.. promise you will be with me forever. we Asians always wish our beloved live with us forever’

Jane ‘hey we too.. who wants love to be seperated ever.. a bit of impatience.. but am resolving that through yoga.. ‘

Hank and Jane stand in the Hank looks at an advertisement


Hank ‘hey look there..’

Jane  ‘good writing’

Hank ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK….. what is it? will google same during flight’

Jane ‘Looks interesting’