Marriage with Many?

Marriage with 1
Relation with Many..
Hurts 1
Confuses Many

Marriage with 2
Relation with 2
Spaces Many

Marriage with 4
Relation with none
Hurts 1 who marries 4

Moral of the story
More you are eager to marry more
you are loosing part of you all the more
and one day you will loose your mind and heart both

So decide if you wish to be one of harassed husband or wife
in a circus of multiple genders vying attention of only one…

As John wakes up, he realizes he has already made up a mind to be single or if not single, be devoted to only 1 as he feels handling l is enough.. .. I guess he feels he can love many.. but from distance.. but handling 1 is only safe from near.

So dear Entrepreneur.. understand dynamics of entrepreneurship very well.. you are getting into multiple marriages. but be a hard negotiator to choose your spouse.. and if you do not have that privilege too.. you are heading for a disaster..

Top Stories

Mr Manuel jumped from the skyscraper and remained unhurt. Reasons there were live saving brakes which if he pressed would slow down his speed when landing. Any takers for this product..  1M$ deal..

Joy got into a circus ring with Lion and the Lion decided to eat him up, but as the Lion reached Joy, he found a mirror which showed another lion. It paused.. and Joy guided the lion through the mirror images and tamed it.. 2M$ any taker.. A mirror solution to tame animals.

Linda and Margret were walking on road and they found a big advertisement ‘we sell gardens not roses or lilies, all for only US$10000 per annum.  they rushed to that location and found a huge queue. Designer gardens for sale… Any takers. 3M$ investment

Soumya and Rafi were about to get married when there were huge conflict type situations and lo and behold a modern day robin hood came and said ‘he can support run away marriages and has huge team.  Risks are many but if couples really want to get married, an investment of US$1 only before marriage and US$200 annual fee after marriage. The money will help kids who starve on road

Roy is planning to how a planet auditorium where an individual can escape into the world of Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury.. a 100M$ proposition.. Any taker

Who said dreams cannot be thought of, big visions cannot be conceived.

Who said innovations never happen in developing countries and we need to rely on other countries ?

Innovations happen every moment in your mind, my mind, everyone’s mind. Be bold enough to jot down, spread the message and may be some day some national leader will acknowledge you for your crazy idea

and where does Innovation come from?

Probing.. please keep probing your mind, heart, soul, body and prick it, torture it and you will get your pain points.


ACTING, SCOPING, SETTING comes latter on

and once someone invests in your ideas.. you OWN AND NURTURE it.


Boloji Influencer

“Speak up.. If you have any apprehensions, doubts.. Just speak up”  Jacob the new Project Manager addresses his team in startup…

Resource John ‘Sir.. there is absolutely no backup resources in our project..  No shadows’

Jacob ‘Startups never have shadows.. Hence there is always an acceptable risk’

Susan ‘Sir.. I plan to go on leave’

Jacob ‘I guess you no longer required in the company’

Till then one driver steps into the office

Driver Ramu ‘Boloji..  Boloji.. Jacob ke liye message’  (There is a message for Jacob’

Jacob is shocked…  ‘He reads the letter

‘Accommodate his wife in the startup..  I feel she can contribute’

Jacob turns to Driver and asks ‘What is your wife’s skillset’

Ramu  ‘  Muhe malum nahin..  Saab ka khayal rakhti hain.. unke ghar me.. ‘ (She takes care of your founder’s house’

Jacob ‘What she did?’

Ramu  ‘Java Ji.. Bolo ji’  (It is Java’

Jacob puts hand on his head ‘Susan.. stay back.. Let us work as team..  We have one more new member to this circus from tomorrow’

Ramu  ‘Chamo Ji’   Chamo is her name..

Jacob  ‘Let us welcome Chamo tomorrow’

At evening time Jacob discusses with his friend ‘Do you really feel jobs given on skillsets or influence’

His friend Ravi ‘Jacob in world we have Influencer category.. In world influential people can help anyone out so apart from skillset influencers also needed’

Ravi ‘In  India it is known as Jack.. They say  Jack hona jaruri hain kaam miljayega..  It means we need a jack to get job in an organization’

Party Parting Arty

“We will need to give a big send off to our creative art director Aroma” Jose exclaim this happily

Jose was a well wisher or Aroma. She would ensure everything is in order and would give the right color composition for a scene. The scene would look like a marriage of colors.. Beautiful, Enchanting’

Aroma ‘One thing I never got in these years was an award’

Jose ‘Never mind.. I know you are settling in Europe.. The last epic movie, the entire climax was so beautifully done.. What you plan to do next?’

Aroma ‘Am planning to open an art school’

Jose ‘Great.. Let us know if we can be of any help’

Aroma ‘what time is the party?’

Jose ‘Tomorrow 9pm.  Universal Studio’

Aroma looks surprised

Jose ‘Relax… I just wished to enjoy a dinner with you alone’

9 pm next day

Jose comes with loads of roses

Aroma ‘Why so many?’

Jose ‘You are getting married to your beloved.. You never told much about him?’

Aroma ‘He is my inspiration’

Jose ‘Can I see his photo?’

Aroma shows him a dwarf Michael’s photo

Jose is wide eyed..

Aroma ‘He and me, we met under strange circumstances in circus. A tiger had come of cage and was rushing to me’

A big tiger almost is about to jump over Aroma but Michael uses presence of mind and shoes him off.

Michael ‘How I wish I could be as beautiful as you?’

Aroma smiles ‘thanks for saving my life’

Michael ‘I wish to just be with you for an evening.. unfortunately show timings are odd. What about next Saturday?’

Next Saturday Aroma comes in full red gown.. Michael looks good in his navy blue coat…

Michael walks to restaurant open air seats.. A couple of guys laugh at him..

Michael dances to music and soon everyone clap their hands

Michael ‘If I wish to marry, let her spread her aroma of fragrance and colors all around me’

Aroma is not sure but her heart is beating fast. She never realized a dwarf would win her heart’

She reaches home.. ‘Is it sympathy or empathy? Why he of all?’

She calls her mom Jane ‘I feel am in love with a dwarf ‘

Jane is furious..

Jane ‘You chose art as profession and now you wish to make your life an art film’

Aroma has drop of tears..

She bids good bye to Michael…

10 years latter.. She is now 58.. retired from her job..

Jose ‘So all these years you were in touch with him and hence you kept visiting Europe’

Aroma blushes slightly

Jose ‘Am amazed.. you were single for so many years.. What he could which no one could?’

Aroma shows a hand colored photo of a dwarf painting the circus color standing on a chair’

Aroma ‘He is limited by nature but has no inhibitions to any type of work given to him.  He even stretches himself to reach out to higher walls and see how beautifully he splashes colors. A very positive personality who is confident of self’

Jose  ‘Let us dance today.. I know am over two decades younger to you

Jose and Aroma dance

Aroma ‘only you and me. none of producer, directors, actors and actresses bothered to even wish me’

Jose ‘Don’t worry.. your boyfriend Michael will take care of you. I heard he has a circus company’

Aroma ‘I invested in his dream’

Jose hugs Aroma and shrieks in sky ‘How I wish I get an angel like her in my life?’

Joker’s Joke

One Joker ‘I am the circus star’

Second Joker ‘I left a MNC to become a joker. Just joined this group’

The first joker ‘Wow I wish to leave this field. Can I get a job in MNC’

Second Joker ‘I came to actually offer you job’

First Joker zapped..

First joker ‘How?’

Second Joker ‘Our group starting a circus company so..’

First Joker ‘never realized that to procure a joker, HR can even become a joker’