Some Holidays remain Work Days

“Some Holidays remain work days” is a new caption of Startup ‘JUMPSTART’

What is JumpStart all about?

A 48 hours non stop work to work on assignments and have a pitch day subsequently.

Designed by Joy.. Joy is working in BPO for past many years in night shift. Disturbed with his work style, he decides to test this.  His girl friend Maria who is his colleague puts a pamphlet across all IT companies in Bangalore.

Both have no clue of startup eco system. They just are frustrated with jobs

Joy ‘this is not going to work’

Maria ‘check on it.. have invested around 10000 for a full computer lab. It is going to rock’

Joy hugs Maria tightly

Joy ‘do you know I feel extremely frustrated when some one from development or testing field ridicule and look at us and address us as BPO guys’

Maria is puffing.

Joy ‘quit smoking. I just don’t like that’

Maria ‘endless SLA target.. it is night mare’

Joy ‘so let us see what happens this weekend’

On Saturday 15 BPO engineers join the session

Joy wonders and Maria looks at their profile

All Software, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineers’

Joy ‘hey we are just 12th pass and here in BPO also engineers’

Joy ‘think of a product where all of us make a new beginning’

48 hours latter

Joy ‘it has been an amazing 48 hours.. we arrived at an Internet of Thing concept for politicians to get strange vibration feelings whenever any engineer works in career which can easily be done by low skilled resource’

Maria ‘hey all this fine, but hope they do not ban this product and will it ever reach..  A locket which needs to be compulsorily worn by all politicians and has wire less connectivity with jobless engineers who will just click on button on their watch whenever they feel they are compromising with jobs even after spending huge money on studies with donation etc’

All engineers shake hand and echo ‘Some Holidays remain Work days’

Sculpted Beauty

Alfresco was a sculpture domain expert.. He worked with a team of engineers to come up with contours through a normal photo.

These contour maps would be put on GIS tool and a 3 Dimensional photo would emerge..

One day his friend Linda see’s him profiling a celebrity photograph…She had just met him the other day in an exhibition

Linda ‘Why does she wish to see her 3 Dimensional photo?’

Alfresco ‘She is ageing and wants to see the scars, cracks developed on her face and send those samples to a cosmetic manufacturing company for R & D’

Linda ‘But your tool can show wrong results too’

Alfresco ‘We actually have the 3 Dimension photo tested with the actual person and make small alterations again, so may be it may be 80% accurate’

Linda ‘Why do individuals love to see their sculpted form?’

Alfresco “It looks beautiful.’

Linda comes closer to Alfresco

Linda ‘Can you sculpt only my eyes’

Alfresco begins taking the dimensions and also takes her photo’

Alfresco ‘Hey your eyes are in love’

Linda ‘Yes.. for you’

Alfresco ‘But I have uncertain business, hence no one marries me’

Linda hugs him..

Linda ‘My life itself is uncertain. I had left my home back in Vietnam and decided to settle here in Spain, Uncertain life, no shelter, I would keep moving to various events in search of a groom or a partner.. Would do some small errands and survive’

Alfresco ‘Am quite elder to you’

Linda ‘Age and Love has no correlation’

Alfresco just then receives a letter

He is overjoyed as he has been chosen to be core architect for objects to be put in sculpture museum

He looks at Linda and happily says ‘you proved lucky for me’

Both Linda and Alfresco are married and have 2 kids.  His business is doing well..

Sometimes individuals of different age groups can fall in love, it sustains well too as finally beauty is in eyes of beholder.