Forced Commitment

Force commitment helps reduce overheads.

What exactly is forced commitment?

It is used to commit a corrupt transaction or in doubt transaction..

What is its significance in entrepreneurship?

Meli “You used the money for a group trip to La Vegas.. What if investors realize that you are wasting funds”

Bob “Meli, I know you are efficient accountant; can you manage it?”

Meli “Bob, you founded this company but I got in this company as I love you.. Can you leave your wife and be with me?”

Meli comes closer to Bob

Bob “If you wish to whistle blow and feel I will stop getting funds.. then what….”

Meli smiles and says “Did I ever black mail you.. You are smart as always”

Bob hugs Meli and whispers “Forced Commitment”

What is its significance in human relationship?

  • Edward “I am going to leave you forever as I found you guilty of cheating”
  • Louisa “I was just about to nominate you for my property.., and you leaving me?’
  • Edward has surprised happiness in his eyes..
  • Edward “I think I am committed to you still “

Sandwich between client and vendor

Client ‘Where is he’

Charles ‘Sir he is joining soon’ and keeps VOIP in mute

Charles calls up his vendor Andrew..

Andrew ‘Am not joining sorry. Till next week am busy’

Charles pleads ‘Please.. client will get pissed out’

Client ‘Next time he doesn’t join project is gone’

Charles pens ‘A big lesson.. never rely on vendor too much and make forward commitment to client’

Projects may have multiple dependencies so add buffers and preferably have all resources work from same office if it is critical project.. Scrum model works..

Linked or Glued?

Mint was an avid research scientist who was probing on proximity relation between individuals. He was analyzing various social network sites..

He got into discussion with Sarah who was his associate..

Sarah ‘Mint, you know I have always been with you for 5 years ever since this bug caught you at Stanford.. What you feel our relation is. Are we Linked or are we Glued?’

Mint comes closer to Sarah and hugs her..

Mint ‘Not sure.. I hug you for 2 minutes and kiss you for another 2 minutes, so that gives only 4minutes of proximity. So scientifically hardly 2min/60min x 364 days’

Sarah kisses Mint on his lips..

Mint ‘Add another 10% to score.. but then formulae is not getting built. You are not glued to me.. You are having your own space’

Sarah ‘So you mean to say all who are in LinkedIn are just connected but no interactions or reactions between them’

Mint ‘Possible.. How am I to know..’

Sarah ‘Should we track it by frequency of interactions?’

Mint ‘Good idea, but we will need to have some baseline’

Sarah ‘Assume you interact with me everyday for 365 days you are glued to me.. Let us have glue scores for week, month, year’

Mint ‘Wow I love it.. ‘

Sarah ‘Mint, I keep contributing to your research but am not getting commitment from you.. don’t tempt me to have commitment score indicators introduced’

Mint hugs Sarah tightly. and whispers in her ears ‘I promise by next year, we will be glued better’

Sarah ‘Hope so.. ‘ and sighs

She pens a thought in paper

‘A  scientist can only build theories around relationship but to validate those theories, the scientist needs to experiment on self too at times specifically if the researcher is focused on behavioral sciences’

Lone Body Touching Soul

The body wished to be loved and caressed. the face wanted to express reciprocated love and celebrate freedom, alas the world never knew my state of mind and my body remained unfilled, eyes remained thirsty, and all wished to plunge over directly but I only wished a commitment prior to plunge

the hand wished to be held but needed a warm holding and not the loose one to separate out too easily, the heart wished the breath to be heard and felt with a gentle caress but the hands either clasped with force or with no force leaving my hand shaken to react and I began hating the touch all the more


Relationship Commitment

Venture Capitalist Rommy ‘I invest on gadgets, technology and people only when they stabilize’

Angel Investor Susan ‘I invest on gadgets, technology at the initial stages. But I have to invest more initially to make that a success’

Entrepreneur Rohan ‘I invest in myself these days to build my own brand as I know neither of you would be interested in me’

Susan ‘What are you doing?’

Rohan ‘Am building a relationship commitment site where a couple should ensure they express their love to their beloved at least once’

Rohan ‘I love you too much honey’

Rohan ‘I care for you dear’

Rohan ‘I miss you too much’

Rohan ‘the joy of building a statistics of love showers show the commitment. No matter where you are tweet privately, chat privately ‘I love you’

Rommy ‘Which technology are you using?’

Rohan ‘Only when it stabilizes will come to you’