Connected Love

Connected Love is all about being connected in heart and mind with no need of WI-FI, no need of blue tooth.. All you need is just a single protocol of understanding..

Spiritual love as it is called or platonic feeling as it is felt or passionate compassion as it is understood, Connected Love at times is a confused thought in our mind to think whether Í should say ” I love you” or should I say “I like you”?

The confusion remains and still the interactions continue… sometimes in Whatsapp..

sometimes in email, sometimes in facebook and lo and behold you find you are in love with so many individuals..  seen and unseen

Are they your fans.. or are you their fans?

or is it just been connected and be followed or to be followed?

The miracle of connections begin with a communication and once protocol established, there is wireless moment of thoughts which flash into your mind and heart to feel a feeling that love does not need closed intimacy alone but it needs enrichment of soul to understand the perception of lover’s love and align accordingly.

If a startup ‘LOVERS PARADISE’ thinks of only introducing a concept of spiritual love match making site..  why it cannot be successful?

Sans any face.. sans any message.. just 1 message allowed for connection and once connected…  expressions through symbols of various marketable products.. being sold as only image… wow.. if someone wishes to spiritually get married to someone on net.. a big list of grocery images being sent only with no other responses… and lo and behold.. if some one indeed purchases those image items from any popular stock ecommerce site, they get a 20% discount

So what if I teach you commerce in love.. is love not a give and take affair? and even if someone is only giving or someone is only taking.. still that equilibrium shift needs a balance somewhere?

So what if I teach economics in lay man words.. finally the demand of love is more then the supply.. and am only creating more suppliers here..



Sam Sung Max

Sam ‘I keep singing but never had chance to use my full pitch’

Max ‘I keep my singing talents to micro units like Loo or Remote locations where no one hears me’

Sam ‘this is a global problem.. some harp that their talent is not fully exploited and some like you are shy to exhibit your talents so no one recognizes you’

Nok ‘dear i had a girl friend Kia but she ditched me and I was almost a hen pecked wife of a leading industrialist and finally i am lost.. no identity of mine left..’

Sam ‘hope all decide to be assertive and enrich their features to be competitive’

Max ‘all want free bees. they will like my song if I sing for free’

Nok ‘that is the problem.. my industrialist husband feels I am a costly item, hence doesn’t wish me to mingle with all.. ‘

Max ‘so sad dear… all communications end with a disconnect in this world’

Packaged Life

Packaged Life

full of elements

full of connections

Packaged life

never alone

always with an element

Packaged life

cannot function alone

it needs companion all along

as friends or relatives or care takers or guardians or tools or communication or nature or birds or pets or ..

whomsoever you image off

what brings in special flavor to the packaged life

is ability to taste the variety and enjoy the package all along

Successful vs Non Successful Personality Traits


Confidence oozing out

A brash of arrogance

A thirst for more

In demand always

Noticeable Communicator


Moving backward always

Unsure as always

A pain in eyes

In frustration always

Noticeable Cribber

Why do unsuccessful people crib?

Because Life never gives them what they wished..  There are instances where highly talented individuals never get their god father or mother and keep waiting for a turn around but no one to hear out.. Even in work shops or seminars the good communicators get attention and the weak ones are struggling to catch attention

Importance of Communication plays a vital role in personality traits hence you and me need to keep improving our blogging capabilities all the more..   Should I say it for self? I am sure all here.. as our community wants us to be expressive, communicative and we need to act.. Action plays an important role.. It is critical element of PASSION FRAMEWORK..  It includes Social Responsibility, Delivery and Support.

If we fail to act… All ideas will only be story.. and may be narrated in Pitch Sessions but of no use, if it cannot be implemented..

Successful personalities can translate idea to execution.. That is where their success lies.

Love Revolves around You and not Me

“I love you” the magical 3 words can bring smile in lips of even a hardened criminal.

When an individual falls in love with someone you begin feeling that your beloved is your world. Your world becomes narrower and narrower and focused and micro focused.

Wow look at this couple in the last seat of a theatre. So engrossed. “Hello Hello please, do you wish to have popcorns”. But who cares for the world. Let the popcorn come when break happens. Hey not a cupid break. A movie break.

Wow look at this couple near the sea shore, Oh goodness can see around 5-10 couples all sitting cozily enjoying the sea waves. “Hello Hello  Tsunami on the way.. Please Please go of the shore” Who cares. “Hey let us the see that big wave at least once and when so many legendary love collapsed together, even if those moments happen. No problems. My world revolves around you dear and Not Me. You wish me to jump with you in the sea. I am game for it”

Wow look at this couple.. Hey looking closer. They are married ones.. But why are they fighting.. Let me get to the nearby desk and spy their talks “I did everything for you. House, Jewels, Nomination and if I am loving someone else today, why are you cribbing. My love revolved around you and not me. I got my beloved say similar words. Hence”

Hey don’t look at me annoyingly dear. My love revolves around you only and not me 🙂

take care all of you dear. Obviously when I blog, my thoughts are penned from any incident observed, seen or even experienced or could be just fiction. Just visualize yourself as a LOVE REPORTER today and enjoy this