Sign of old age

A white streak of hair (Side locks) and white streak of hair above..

white haired guys.. all ok with us..

sign of old age is where we either think of gracing and embracing old age gracefully

or just forget about those hair streaks and just go ahead and color your hair

and hit the gym and keep feeling youthful always..

startup DEMO precisely focuses on OLD AGE woes and has over 100 aunties and uncle uniting and identfying opportunities to defeat old age ..(No sex, No romantic endeavors.. it is all about clean companionship in group celebrating happiness together..

DEMO has got funded recently and needless to say the founder LISA is also greying but has defeated it through oodles of fish curries, crabs and it seems eating sea food can defy ageing.. she looks so beautiful even though she is 40.


Angelic Search

Angels pine for love in nature full of abundance searching for true love.. They move from mountains to oceans but wonder why love doesn’t exist at all. The green color notes are being loved all over.. They wonder if they can become notes for sometime to get love.. To their surprise the notes are being exchanged in return of some other object.. Whee is love? Are the hearts stopped beating? Have the feelings gone diminished.. and tired they decide to get to a garden and to their surprise they find a lone old lady giving home made porridge to another old man.. who seems to not be her husband.. The old lady looks upward and says ‘I never found true love but I did find a solace in a companion. The days of true love are gone way back and in this era companion ship and quality of companionship more important.