Marriage Proposal

Jose ‘can we get married today?’

Sim ‘I am still at work dear.. and you are saying it to so casually’

Jose ‘got in touch with a marriage maker, he can organize marriage in 8 hours ‘

Sim ‘what? how?’

Jose ‘I want to invest in his venture and thought what other way then to test business model in self.. ‘

Sim ‘why experiment on us? ‘

Jose ‘now.. please.. it is 10am.. see you at 6pm. They just charge US$100 for marriage, plus add US$500 for bride dress and bridegroom attire and for food.. you will be surprised.. any food company can launch their food items with them and even perfume retailers.. so for 50 folks free meal and with only 1 condition ‘in party reception, they will be put a board

This Marriage sponsored by ‘Ree… ‘, ‘Lo…’ etc and the sales representatives will be reaching out to each guest and try to sell their products’

Sim ‘see you at 6pm’

Jose calls Morris

Jose ‘Morris.. if my marriage succeeds.. you will get investment.. How much sponsorship revenue accepted..’

Morris ‘we get 20% commissions on total sales’ and marriage cost around 3000$ borne by them.. congrats Sir, for a free marriage and also being brand endorsement model for good brands’

Jose ‘who gave this idea?’

Morris ‘Do understand any path breaking ideas in story format.. who else can provide but…’

Jose ‘do you really feel this will work?’

Morris ‘trust me.. who doesn’t want free marriage?’

Jose ‘who gave this idea?’

Morris ‘PASSION for ventures need to exist.. ‘



Entrepreneur Puzzles

I did free bee but failed.. Why so?

I gave huge salaries to my founders and technical team.. but product never did well. Why so?

I spent huge amount of advertisement, after initial buzz.. it faded.. Why so?

My partner and i fell in love and married and after that world changed.. We plan to sell off the company and divide it.. We are just not compatible… Why so?

My team members exit quite often.. Why so?

Just not getting Series A.. Am stuck.. Can i do part time job too.  Why so?

Why and Why.. Why entrepreneurship journey is so puzzling

Problem Solver Woes

John “You came out of problem just yesterday

You are back into an issue today

Why does problem follow you?

Why does issue attract you?

A problem solver in you keeps you always surrounded by problems”

Look at Nancy who keeps all issues asides, keeps swimming to heart content

Look at you Rose, so worried, so tensed.. always a wreck.. you look more beautiful then Nancy.. just chill pill

Become a lazy bone for today and take rest.. happy weekend.

Rose ‘John why you wish me to relax?’

John ‘Nancy feels you have become too boring and both of you are my left and right arms without whom I cannot run this Media startup hence’

Rose ‘do you love folks being lazy in your company’

John ‘Media people need to look always fresh’

Rose ‘ok will try’

Rose returns after a while, extremely beautiful and goes for a swim

John ‘Never knew i would get two beautiful women to solve my problem’

A waiter comes in and gives a cold drink to John and asks ‘what is the problem?’

John ‘mind your business’


When Big Fishes began Search Smaller Ones

Joe ‘this is amazing.. these days, big companies are seeking smaller ones in quest of growth. Why do they need build their own teams’

Samuel ‘See we need to remove the high cost resources.. we are trying to inform them subtly to leave their jobs and have a startup.. We will begin acquiring them too’

Joe ‘Samuel, you being CEO of a company with 1000 resources.. what you feel you wish nearly 300 to leave your company and start new ventures’

Sanuel ‘Anyone who has good ideas and are focused should start something of their own soon.. else sooner or later if billings get reduced, they may face risk of loosing job’

Joe ‘this is scary proposition’

Samuel ‘hence we keep promoting small scale companies where costs are still under control

Simple techniques to solve your problems

1) write down the problem

2) break them into small sentences

3) Identify key pain area (only 1).. Ignore all the other pain areas

4) If you cannot solve on your own check with your family, friends or even colleagues (important you express your problem else no one will ever realize you have a problem in first place)

5) If you do not get solution from any one then post the problem on blogs / net and check responses..

6) Still no luck.. just park the problem and move to point 3 and identify other pain area..

7) Approaching this way at least a few problems will get resolved..

What if you identify a repeated problem for society or company or even an individual?

Discuss with people who can resolve it.. and if they do then you are now on verge of becoming an entrepreneur.. cheers.


Psychologist Rodrizv from Moscow was researching on Entrepreneurs in various part of world..

He found the ones who have no company or no team would address audience with ‘I’.

The moment some co founder steps in the entrepreneurs would address with ‘We’

Lo behold but once the company becomes successful

The founder would again address achievements with ‘I’

Rodrizv discussed with an Ace Psychologist from USA Tom

Rodrizy ‘What is the importance of I in life?’

Tom ‘I means an EGO.. Your ALTER EGO’

Rodrizy ‘Most individuals complained that if we put ‘WE’, all get wage hikes uniformly. So finally ‘I’ plays an important role’

Tom ‘ WE means Team Spirit’

Rodrizy ‘This whole quest of MINE, YOURS, OURS began when our parents taught us hygiene. Tooth brush should not be shared.. Food can be shared.. but don’t give all your food away to your friend else you will stay hungry.. You need to compete and stand 1st in exam.. Your cousin is doing so well.. What have you done?  Look at her husband.. a high ranker.. and you are just good for nothing.. Why did you purchase property in your name, it should include my name too..  If you took debt, it is your problem, not our problem’

Tom begins laughing

Tom ‘Our western culture is Individualistic driven but we value collective efforts’

Rodrizy ‘We value collective efforts and look where we are today.. Again all end up fighting.. It is a big mess.’

Tom ‘Rodrizy.. sleep now..  Individualism makes one a better entrepreneur and Collectivism makes one a good social entrepreneur”

Rodrizy ‘Disagree.. Scope for research and probing’

Both begin laughing..

Lost in Crowd?

Sarah is walking in one of the busiest roads in NY.. and as she waits for light to turn to ‘Walk signal’. She finds at least 100 folks standing all around her.. waiting to walk across road..

A happy go lucky soul working in largest venture capital house.. she realizes that every day, there are millions in world trying to be different,. unique, impress investors to seek funds with a dream that they will make it big.. Whole quest to be unique..

Soon she finds the rush pushing all around her and she too moves to catch a Subway Train and while sitting in a crowded evening train, she observes folks standing, few gazing tiredly, few prancing with their mobile phone..

Sarah retrospects ‘Is she lost in crowd? Why she didn’t attempt to stand out and again attempt to get funded even when she was in funding house’

She reaches home.. and her drunk husband Philip greats her..

Philip ‘Dear one.. So tired you look. I made for you the food and you can now just take rest .. I need to step out as usual’

Sarah ‘When will you stop drinking and begin working?’

Philip ‘You are there for me dear.. Ok have to step out’

Sarah eats her food and retrospects ‘At least he makes food for me.. Just look at positives.. And why I stick on to him is only because he is so faithful to me… ‘

Sarah realizes that she needs minimum US$3000 for her and Philip’s survival in NJ city..

Sarah ‘Do these entrepreneurs really don’t wish a safe earning.. Are they mentally prepared for ups and downs of life.. Why I cannot dare to do it? Is it because of my husband or my own self esteem which could be low’

Next day she again is in crowded train and looks at the train driver.. The driver is smilingly getting into engine coach to drive all..

Sarah ‘Sometimes we need to get used to routine just because no option exist.. May be an entrepreneur doesn’t like the idea of routine, hence begins and closes company or always wishes to seek an exit’

She reaches office and again gets back to work