Dear All,

This is to inform that soon bloggers will be replaced with automotive bots.. the bots just need  your theme genre, characters, the theme highlight, the location, the sponsor products and that is it…  a blog gets created automatically.

At at event Joy is bashed for this and all mention ‘creativity cannot be replaced with automation’

Joy ‘i agree.. hence this product is creatively designed to replace individuals and that way you will get interesting stories from the blogging product’

Maria ”is it not trying to push automation into heart of people’

Joy ”do you know we dont need clerks..  we need nothing.. just program an annual expense projection and map all your credit card to that product.. at each swipe, intelligently it will go to various budget category.. and no need to worry on tax returns.. it will do it for you’

Maria ‘so in nutshell creating more jobless folks’

Joy ‘common.. mechanism of planning life too exists.. automation can make your heart think and fall in love to only ones whose chemistry matches.. IoT interventions you know.. so…

Rose ”Joy.. wish you had done this before.. at least we both could have saved ourselves from not being with each other for even 1 day”

All burst laughing

Joy ”automation.. will do everything.. ”

Maria ”are we wishing to have robots coming as babies from womb?”

Joy ‘not really but there is a mythology belief that Abhimanyu was taught how to get into war when he was in womb.. the Indian mythology so”

Harish ‘he got caught and died too”

Joy ”innovation begins when a research fails…  just imagine your kid programmed by you”

Sofia ”Joy.. the conference ended way back.. all left.. why you so obsessed with automation”

Sofia suddenly sees a softened Joy..

Joy ”see the whole industry wants automation.. so am going by the trend.. however I feel the beauty of simplicity is being lost.. the hardwork becomes meaningless.. all want 24/7 zombies..”

Sofia kisses Joy in his lips..

Joy ‘not sure.. if this too will get automated one day”

Both burst laughing



Joy ‘Start yaar’

Marie ‘Kicking it.. but still not starting’

Joy ‘wait let me try’

Joy ‘it is really not moving’

Marie ‘wait.. will call my sister Jenny ‘

Jenny ‘oh goodness. not moving at all’

Joy ‘can we take your father’s help?’

Marie ‘common.. why you bring my father in all this”

Joy ‘he is experienced’

Jenny ‘hey let me call my friend Aman to help out’

Aman.. ‘did you over use this?’

Joy ‘No…’

Aman ‘my friend Vicky can solve this’

10 minutes later

Vicky ‘hey it got started now”

Both Joy and Jenny drive past Vicky to an Entrepreneur Conference meet.

Vicky ‘Aman.. where they wished to go?’

Aman ‘they are planning to start something of their own’

Vicky ‘startup.. it is like scooter.. you need to kick the gear and only then can you move’

KARMA returns

Kris ‘In our life, whatsoever we do has a bearing to our past’

Milan ‘you mean to say if we have broken relation it is because in past, we did something terribly wrong hence got separated out?’

Kris ‘sometimes unknowingly we separate people, we try to seek our own interests.. and then it returns back’

Milan ‘I didn’t split anyone in this life time?’

Kris ‘Karma is not about this life , any human’s previous life too’

Milan ‘I don’t believe in this’

Kris ‘you are an entrepreneur today.. contributing to society.. have 10 employees..

Milan ‘So?’

Kris ‘It is because it is pre-planned. Destiny plays an important role too’

Milan ‘It is tough to understand this philosophy. How many here agree destiny plays an important role?’

At the conference all are pin drop silent

Kris ‘Sometimes collectively we fail to argue, stand by our points or may be voice our opinions through tweets, facebook messages, likes and so on.. How many here agree that your will power can change your destiny’

Again all silent

Kris smiles at Milan

Kris ‘the difference between HAVING and NOT HAVING is only failure to ATTEMPT irrespective of constraints’

Kris ‘Push your soul, heart and mind to attempt what you dream about.. may be dream gets converted to reality’

Kris ‘KARMA returns are good if you attempt good task which contributes to self and others’

Common Language

There is a big international conference on importance of vernacular language as a subject in school.

Their representative reactions

Country A ‘It should be first language’

Country B ‘Agreed’

Country C ‘Absolutely’

Country D ‘We have 50 plus languages in our country.. but if students know only that, then they may not get job’

Country E representative ‘Our country too has as many languages. No one can even understand it. No international documents available around it. It helps us.. Trade Secrets’

Country F ‘Unfortunately we have and follow only International language which is English

Country G ‘Why not something else?’

Country H ‘Not possible at all.. May be history..’

Country I ‘Why we bother.. We have google now to transliterate languages’

All country representative agree

Country U ‘Unfortunately all this while we kept fighting for territories, then language dominance but forgot to teach a common language of peace and duty. Why cannot we create a new language only of symbols which all understand and not icons but a proper language and drill in future generation kids value of peace and duty in all

There is pin drop silence and then soon this message is broadcast all over the universe.

And a language emerges and 20 years latter the language is rocking .2035. Used by all scientist, researchers, professionals.

CPA meets Big Data Guru

Julie is a certified CPA in US…  In one of seminar she observes  Big Data Guru talk about CAP….

She buts in,….and stands and says ‘Hello  not CAP.. it is CPA’

Big Data Guru ‘CAP’

Julie ‘Not sure why you guy’s don’t understand.. it is CPA’

Big Data Guru

‘It is Consistency, Partition Tolerance and Availability’

Julie ‘Precisely… CPA need to be consistent and should have unbiased tolerance towards all transactions.. Hence P is more important then A…  why you are addressing as CAP?’

Big Data Guru gets uncomfortable ‘In best interest of seminar let us take this latter’

Julie ‘I also hear you talk animal names and as environment sensitive rightful citizen of US, i take strong objections.. You talk about Mongo, then you talk of some Hives and then Pig and also Python and now..

Big Data Guru engrossed explaining  Relational tables fit the CA part of CAP,  Cassandra/Couch DB etc AP part of CAP and Big Table, Mongo Db,, Neo4I, Redis  all  CP part of CAP’

Julie ‘What are you saying.. why you are having so many jargons for Accounting Subject…  Accounts Payable? AP?..  Charted Accountant?? CA??  and Consistent Performer..?  All Accountants should perform consistently’

Guru has hands over his head.. All are laughing all over..

Guru ‘What is your name?’

Julie ‘Am Julie.. CPA..’

Guru is totally frustrated ‘Listen folks.. if you all wish to kid.. i will stop this seminar right away’

Guru ‘I will not able to explain MAP REDUCE any longer”

Julie ‘I have an headache here.. Which conference is this? I was supposed to attend CPA meeting’

One of participant ‘Madam.. i guess you had to go to 2nd floor.. This is Big Data Seminar’

Julie ‘Whatsoever.. Highly confusing… Let me go to 2nd floor’

After she leaves.. Big Data Guru ‘She came as whiff of storm and left like a thunderstorm.. She didn’t realize I was talking of Big Data Concepts..’

Till then one participant asks ‘Sir what is ACID??

Big Data Guru calmly ‘We have completed the conference.. Please send questions on email’

All clap and session closes

Duet ( Stereotype Shackles )

Gina is a singer who is more famous in duet songs then solo… In one of the conferences, she is questioned..

‘Why do you succeed as team and not individually’

Gina ‘May be people don’t love me as single but as double’

All begin laughing..

Another person questions ‘Gina.. why are you focusing only on romantic songs.. and we never saw variety.. same method.. same technique.. same rhythm.. All songs sound same’

Gina pauses and then says ‘We perform our day-to-day tasks in routine manner.. and even our jobs mechanical.. As an artist am stereotyped. People love me in particular format.. I comply to the audience taste.. I did attempt a song on Entrepreneurship but no taker.. Had even penned a lyrics…

A person ‘Sing the same now if possible’

‘Feelings… Feelings all the way…
Heart wrenched… wrenched all the way…
PASSION….. PASSION all the way
few strongly feel.. few need a force
forcing…forcing… all the way…

Feelings… Feelings all the way…
restless.. restless all the way…
thirst… thirst all the way
few strongly tell.. few need a force..
forcing.. forcing ..all the way

Feelings.. feelings all the way
I wish I could do …doing all the way..
trying.. trying all the way
few winning strongly.. more loosing all
I sing…duet.. duet all the way..
as am stereotyped… all the way
you too like me… caught in rut..

(Gina dances here)
Now shake everything.. all around
A bum shake here.. A bum shake there…
removing shackles inhibitions..all the way..
Dancing to the need.. of day for future..
Think Thinking all the way…
Be an Entrepreneur.. Be the light all the way
to bring smiles to few… who seek job from you

Feelings Feelings all the way
Smiling..Smiling all the way
my duet..needs not me.. but someone..
someone special… all the way

Gina’s throat gets chocked.. She has tears in her eyes..

Gina ‘Am victim of being stereotyped.. Are you too.. I am taking a decision to brake inhibitions and will attempt singing solo song.. hope they click too..’

She receives thunderous applause

An observer ‘You sung too well… all of us like you are caught in this cycle of life.. A rut.. No creativity.. hence sulk.. sulking all the way

Gina leaves the conference room with new confidence for self and hope for others..


RONA is a weepy guy who always cribs about life

Dhona is a dashing guy who believes in getting things his own way.. and always is involved in conflict..

Enters John a peace maker.. who meets Eona and Dhona in one of the spiritual lecture course in Japan..

John ‘Why do you cry at drop of every thing?’

Rona ‘It is because of circumstances.. life never gave me what i wished’

John ‘and Dhona.. you are always in conflict’

Dhona ‘Life snatched away everything from me.. so am frustrated’

John ‘Can you start a venture WASH WEEP.. It is basically a comedy act which both of you will perform on stage in front of all who are frustrated and always in tears’

Dhona ‘Who will come?’

John ‘All who come to this preaching conference..’

Rona ‘Are all frustrated?’

John ‘No.. some come for peace.. some for accompanying some elder.. and mostly. they will be the ones who will prefer to direct the ones frustrated to comedy show’

Rona ‘Good idea.. but who you are?’

John ‘Am the one who gives the preachings’

Rona and Dhona look at each other..

Rona ‘Wont it eat away your business?’

John ‘Am going to be 80% stake holder of your business’

Rona and Dhona again look at each other..

John ‘Once your business grows.. i will give you another 20% stake.. I too am tired of telling same stories of peace.. Need to bring in new formulae.. Even after they come to my conferences, again they remain frustrated and keep fighting in their families, or society or even among themselves’

Rona and Dhona look again at each other

John ‘You are not alone.. i appreciate your parents who by coincidence gave you RONA (TEARS) and DHONA (WASHING ) as names..

Rona ‘You know Hindi?’

John ‘Used to stay in India for 1 year as big audience there for such peace conferences’

Rona and Dhona again look at each other

John ‘Shake hands now and at least be happy now’