Connected Love

Connected Love is all about being connected in heart and mind with no need of WI-FI, no need of blue tooth.. All you need is just a single protocol of understanding..

Spiritual love as it is called or platonic feeling as it is felt or passionate compassion as it is understood, Connected Love at times is a confused thought in our mind to think whether Í should say ” I love you” or should I say “I like you”?

The confusion remains and still the interactions continue… sometimes in Whatsapp..

sometimes in email, sometimes in facebook and lo and behold you find you are in love with so many individuals..  seen and unseen

Are they your fans.. or are you their fans?

or is it just been connected and be followed or to be followed?

The miracle of connections begin with a communication and once protocol established, there is wireless moment of thoughts which flash into your mind and heart to feel a feeling that love does not need closed intimacy alone but it needs enrichment of soul to understand the perception of lover’s love and align accordingly.

If a startup ‘LOVERS PARADISE’ thinks of only introducing a concept of spiritual love match making site..  why it cannot be successful?

Sans any face.. sans any message.. just 1 message allowed for connection and once connected…  expressions through symbols of various marketable products.. being sold as only image… wow.. if someone wishes to spiritually get married to someone on net.. a big list of grocery images being sent only with no other responses… and lo and behold.. if some one indeed purchases those image items from any popular stock ecommerce site, they get a 20% discount

So what if I teach you commerce in love.. is love not a give and take affair? and even if someone is only giving or someone is only taking.. still that equilibrium shift needs a balance somewhere?

So what if I teach economics in lay man words.. finally the demand of love is more then the supply.. and am only creating more suppliers here..



Lover ignores Flaws, Friend reminds Flaws

Lover always ignores flaws till the time love gets into meaningful relation. Now the lover is a friend and friends always remind of flaws, weaknesses to make us stronger and better. Unfortunately we do not like such criticism from our beloved and fall into trap of feeling unwanted, hated and all kind of insecure emotions come in our mind and react in body to build negative energies. So it is our choice, should we wish a friend in a lover or only lover. Next time don’t blame your lover to spend more time with his or her friend as you never wished the lover to be friend in first place.
Confused? Love creates confusion in mind and Friendship resolves such confusions.

Mental Block

Anne ‘I will not wish to lead this game’

Jenny ‘why?’

Anne ‘I feel I am a better team player’

Susan ‘Very smart.. so if the team wins, team is appreciated, if team looses, captain would be scolded’

Anne ‘No.. it is just that i cannot handle pressures’

Nancy ‘No excuses Anne. this time you are the captain..’

Comes the match day

Anne ‘I strongly feel defense is more important as we have lost the toss. Ensure we are spread out well. the opposite side team members tend to hit ball straight.. so  Xiang will need to be the goal keeper. I trust on her’

The session ends and Anne is happy that opposite team scored only 5

Post session 1

Anne ‘Play aggressively.. the opposite team have concentration losses very near goal. so here we need to confuse them’

Nancy ‘how to confuse them..’

Anne ‘Just pass the balls across team in circles two or more times.. they should not know who will strike the goal.. It has to be alternatives ‘

Surprisingly the team wins…

Nancy ‘Did you get it.. you are a good captain but you didn’t wish to take on responsibilities. Sometimes as team members you can even support and lead team if captain proving inefficient.. ofcourse with team consents’

Nancy ‘give a big clap for Anne’

Peace Prayer

My dear nature

chirpy birds

smiling animals

smooth reptiles

soft  fishes

Forgive me for pollution

Forgive me for confusion

Technology and innovation

to serve my own self

without thinking of you

Not sure what to ask you

as you gave me everything

but i returned only hatred

Am I a human or an inhuman

Peace Prayer ..where I stand

Not any shrine nor any kingdom

Am in middle of nature

Looking upwards seeking mercy

Forgive me and salvage me…

I pray for helping nature

and bringing more greenery

if not many, at least plant

one small tree in my house…

Peace Prayer to save Environment

to save universe.. to reduce aggression

to see peace, to value peace

and be peaceful

Dew Drops

A drop on a petal.. A drop on petal.. It all happened just a day back. Life was too perfect and then Rose vanished.. She was so caring, loving and passionate about her work.. What would have gone wrong…

Just 2 days back in a flower exhibition

Rose is arranging all the flowers.. Her mentor Rafiq looks at her lovingly..

Rafiq ‘Rose.. you arrange it so well. I love the way you retain those dew drops.. on those petals.. as you capture them so beautifully through your camera’

Rose ‘Rafiq Uncle..  Flowers never demand anything but a bit of water.. and they keep radiating in sunshine.. even fighting chilly winter unprotected.. unalarm..

Suddenly there are gun shots.. and Rafiq is dead.. and Rose is taken to Afghanistan..

Clueless in Russia, her search begins… Her family members fully shaken up…

Rose is dumped in a settlement where she finds solace in Saira a happy go lucky daughter of Aslam

Rose ‘Are you educated?’

Saira nods ‘No’

Rose ‘Am surprised education denied?’

Saira ‘Our tears drop.. like dew drops on our clothes and dry up too.. The only difference is the petals never have those traces of drop and look fresh with those drops and our clothes look stained with those drops.. ‘

Rose is sad..

Rose ‘Can i attempt to teach all of you?’

Aslam steps in..

Aslam ‘Who is Rafiq? How is he connected?’

Rose ‘He was just a care taker.. I also don’t know when he arrived’

Aslam ‘Do you know who he was?’

Rose ‘No?’

Aslam ‘A traitor who dis respected and fell in love with a russian girl.. so he deserved that..’

Rose ‘But he was alone… ‘

Aslam ‘We killed his wife 2 years back…. ‘

Rose ‘Who are you?’

Aslam ‘His brother.. ‘

Rose is shocked..

Aslam ‘Our goals are like the twigs in the Banyan Tree. Deep Rooted.. Our fundamentals are too strong that people end up calling us fundamentalists..

Rose ‘Uncle.. of what use is our life if we cannot be the banyan tree to support the birds, support the ones’ below us.. and protect them from misery..  I can teach Saira and make her come up in life’

Aslam puts revolver over Rose’s head

Rose ‘Uncle.. She is bright.. Let her learn the flower decorations.. It will help her prosper’

Aslam thinks over for few minutes..

Aslam puts rifle down..

Rose begins teaching Saira flower decorations

Aslam is amazed by Saira’s various style of decoration..

Saira is however sad..

Saira ‘All take only for burials.. No one takes for weddings here’

Aslam ‘Hey never let anyone know that you are an entrepreneur doing all this’

Rose ‘Of what use it is..? you are promoting me to do.. but am always threatened what if i will be abused?’

Aslam ‘Rose… i feel guilty to kidnap you.. One request.. can you take Saira with you… Will board both of you’

Rose ‘Sure Uncle’

Aslam ‘Both of you do something of your life.. I feel bad and hurt.. Am confused in fact.. Lost in some thoughts..

Stains of blood.. all over my shawl, my attire.. but I just cannot help.. Life is a battle.. and here we are just warriors and those heroin fields..

Aslam takes them to airport and leaves them for Moscow..

Next morning Aslam is questioned ‘Where is your daughter?’

Aslam is silent and just a gun shot.. and he looks at bright lights taking him up…

He looks at the light feeling relaxed…

The light looks at him and says ‘“The dew drops of Contentment, Hope, Trust, Willingness to submit to almighty.. ;

The light asks ‘Did i ever teach you anything wrong.. ‘

Aslam is pained..

Aslam ‘Forgive me for whatsoever I did.. Confusion and Unrest coupled with Poverty.. We are lost.. Hope light is bestowed in all of us’

Rose and Saira have set up a business and they have got funded.. too.. They do contract rose farming and sell flower decorations..  Aslam had ensured he transferred his entire earnings in name of Saira and hence the business got seed funded..