Startup Busts

Startup with a 10K

Moving up all the way..

The traffic and its valuation

Moving up all the way..


One investor follows other

Startup seeks 1M

Moving up all the way

Hoardings and Media

Talking all the way

Success Stories,

Celebration all the way


More and More talks

More and More headlines

Time for Series B

10M what else it wished


Consumer spent.. all the way

Revenue dipped as always

Loss posted still after 5 years

Investors remain happy

as notional money would monetize

it would eventually so why regret

the founder got into conflict

the investor got into shocked daze

is this the reason he invested?

the founder remained uncontrollable

true entrepreneur as he was

not wishing to succumb to investor pressure

is this a bust?

end of that startup?

founder resigned

sleeping under sky

wondering why this race for money

why this race for impact

what is the impact if one person

just next to another cannot

convince each other to work together

and as team create success story.

upmanship and wars taught since child

celebrities worshipped as always

why we create a hero and make him a zero

why she remains inconsistent

the lady luck tosses and keeps you guessing

as the bust could be temporary

good days will come again

once a failures.. still an experience

experience can make you again a hero

a new startup and rest is history.


Magic Purse

The purse had only 50US$..

As Claudia was walking near down town, she was soon surrounded by a bunch of hooligans..

As the street was dark.. Claudia realized she had to let go what she had..

Claudia ‘Have a Magic Purse..  If you can bring 50$ every day to this purse, you will earn US$100 every day..

All the hooligans look at each other and begin laughing..

First person ‘Crazy stuff.. Don’t fool us’

Claudia ‘You need to first be tidy to ensure the magic purse gives results’

Second person ‘Ok.. we will keep the purse and game begins tomorrow’

Next morning.. Claudia meets them in same street

Claudia ‘Pick up most used items from 1$ stores for 20$’

All of them rush and get exact 20$ worth item..

Claudia ‘Go to the farthest garden where no such items will be available for miles and just sell them at 1.5$’

3rd person ‘Where?’

Claudia ‘Will give you the directions and am also coming to watch the fun’

All reach to the garden and soon they find themselves earning 30$…

All smile..

Claudia ‘Visit nearest 1$ shop and again experiment for 20$’

soon the hooligans get involved fully..

Claudia smiles.. at their involvement..

the first person ‘Who are you?’

Claudia ‘Not sure.. I had only 50$ left with me and was worried what will happen for rest of week. Am a school drop out and not also the owner of that house. Am just a help.. realized you guys would kill me.. so decided to offer you 50 but with a risk..  that let me initiate a business with you all’

second person ‘Oh Jesus.. this is sheer miracle.. the purse is magical.. we became small business men..’

Claudia ‘Joining the gang?’

All say ‘Cheers…’

Claudia ‘Sometimes some folks also need to work hard.. no magic in this business model.. but need careful analysis of consumption pattern’

3rd person ‘who taught you this?’

Claudia ‘My owners keep talking on consumers, sales etc.. not sure what they really do.. but caught the trick’

Laughing Doll

Mona has a a laughing doll who can switch on to laughing on press of a button.  One day she returns home and presses the button and finds the doll whaling loudly.. She is surprised.. How can this happen.. What is the logic behind this..?

Mona calls up the reputed brand company service desk ‘Why is she whaling?’

Call support person ‘Who?’

Mona ‘The doll’

Support person ‘Oh .. There is this clarification email from company startup founder.. Many complained the same.. it was just to check if people use the doll or not.. So the founder programmed it this way that after 30 days it will whale loudly’

Mona ‘Crazy style of seeking consumer experience’

Support person smiles..

Support person ‘The owner has also offered a cute family doll set to all of you at 40% discount’

Mona ‘So what is your guess?’

Support Person ‘All picked it up.. Only US$50 discounted price.. shipment at home’

Mona ‘Ok order for me too’

Support Person ‘The founder wants to propagate Family Togetherness’

Exponential Growth

Moses started a business EXPOWTH with only US$100. His wife Jessica always wondered what is it all about.

Jessica ‘I fail to understand why you always work on multiples?’

Moses ‘Yes don’t taunt me. I agree I have 64 girl friends and still am with you’

Jessica ‘It is because I believe you may not have capacity to be with all of them and spend money on them’

Moses ‘Your assumption is right.. but I aim to have 128 girl friends next year’

Jessica ‘Please ensure I am taken care of.. and that should be fine. I barely managed to make 5 boy friends in last year, being motivated by you.. somewhat linear growth’

Moses ‘EXPOWTH is a business where any person can bring in one consumer of a product. Faithful consumer… and get 10 points.. Each point = 1 cent.. The consumer needs to purchase minimum 1$ of product. that is it.. So assume a person gets 100 consumers.. Imagine he earns 1000 points… = US$10 plus US$20 worth of goods free.

Jessica ‘Are you sure.. this works..

Moses ‘Of course it works.. My 64 girl friends make this work for me’

Jessica ‘Amazing.. what if any girl friend decides to spend long hours with you’

Moses ‘Much as I love it.. I feel max I can spend couple of hours with each’

Jessica ‘People may be wondering how a husband and wife can have so many girl friends and boy friends’

Moses ‘They will replicate our model and it will exponentially grow’

Jessica begins laughing

Jessica ‘Do these audience feel we are intimate with all of them?’

Moses ‘Sometimes we need to let readers imagine all and mystery also adds to exponential growth’

Jessica hugs Moses and looks at his eyes and whispers ‘Hence I love you a lot even now’

Moses ‘Me too darling..’ and plants a kiss on Jessica’s cheeks

Close up Smile

Two great looking folks came near each other and smiled lovingly.

Both of them had seen each other for the first time.

Monty “I like your smile”

Joseph “I too love your personality”

Monty “Am happy”

Joseph “Am too happy”

Monty “I saw you somewhere”

Joseph “Entrepreneur cover page”

Monty “Oh you are my competitor”

Joseph “Sort of “

Monty “How can we be friends?”

Joseph “Stop thinking of competition when we are friends”

Monty laughs

Joseph “Why should we do competitor analysis”

Monty “To see if we can better “

Joseph “Wrong model- think of what we can do to better innovation and not imitate”

Monty “I agree”

Joseph “I have innovated a product – applied for patent”

Monty “We can market on royalty basis”

Joseph “Now we are true friends”

Monty “Let us click a photo and do a press release”

Joseph “yes –  Monty and Joseph in sea beach swimming together”

Monty “Hope they don’t imagine our happiness to be GAY happiness”

Joseph “We need to stop at times and not over analyze consumer behavior”

Both have a hearty laugh