Impoverished Country High Vision


Jacob is attending a conference having large number of eminent ministers of various countries

One of minister from remote country expresses concerns of unrest in his country..

Jacob ‘why is it so?’

Minister ‘poverty and lack of education’

All echo simultaneously ‘poverty is linked to lack of education’

Minister ‘how we solve problem of unrest in such countries’

Nancy one of the delegate from developed country expresses ‘huge funds are given to various countries as charity or Corporate social responsibilities or grants or research funds and then the countries tend to loose focus, change priorities and it is messy’

Minister ‘our intent is good but unfortunately an unrest begins.. natural.. man made and then.. ‘

Jacob ‘entrepreneurship thrusts need to be more in such countries and NGOs who work at grass root level be mandated towards social entrepreneurship initiative’

All remain silent

One of the prime minister of a country announces

‘Jacob will be designated chief adviser in our country’

Jacob looks surprised

All give a big applause

Jacob ‘but your country is in mess.. total unrest.. absolute terrorism and crime.. including sex violences and what not’

Prime Minister ‘Connecting to people and guiding them.. different ball game all together. if you are confident.. do it for me.. draw a vision document.. am pleading all other country to approve the budget right away.. and then’

There is an uproar and pin drop silence

Pocker faced one president mentions ‘elections coming.. unrest in our country too.. cannot help’

Soon others also backtrack

Prime Minister ‘did you all get our problem?’

Jacob feels guilty

Jacob ‘Sir.. let me take only one single problem and will try to solve it.. only education..

Can you afford US$100000 for same’

Suddenly there is a big clap

All countries decide to donate US$1000 for this cause.. and the project begins..

Prime Minister of the remote country ‘boy.. why you decided to take the risk’

Jacob ‘sometimes life gives you an opportunity to fight for a cause.. who knows the country could be next popular developing country in some time’

Prime Minister hugs Jacob

As the conference ends.. Jacob gets invitation from 50 countries.. to solve their problems too’

Jacob realizes that initiative is needed.. someone just needs to be a leader.. make their voice felt.. and all will follow them..’





Spirit of Charity

Give a small part of your self to help others.

Give a small part of your feelings to support others

Spirit of Charity is all about our intentions to help and support each other to ensure each person comes up in life or a common cause gets a momentum or a society problem gets addressed.

Importance of blogging media becomes evident because of its ability to reach to masses or like minded individual..

A prose for all

Love and Feelings existed yesterday

Compassion and Fulfillment exists today

A small help to a needy brings joy

A big help to the deserving brings a change

As all deserving people wish to bring change to society

So bravo the ones who give grants for Charity work with open heart and mind.

Corporate Social Responsibility is all about trying to bring change to the world for positive causes and solve deep rooted society problems or health or environment or any kind of global issues which need interventions.


There is a saying ‘If the timing is right, everything is right else everything is wrong’.

Peter ‘I will rush to Church and pray for my success’

Mom Nancy ‘Peter, do pray for me too’

Peter visits the Church

Peter ‘I pray for my family and my success and I promise, I will ensure I will give a part of my earning to charity’

Peter visits the angel funding accelerator with his presentation..

Peter ‘The project is all about simulation kits for air craft pilots and ship captains’

Angel Investor Don ‘Peter does it really work. It is too complicated logics’

Peter ‘Tested on few student pilots and also experienced ones and have got testimonies too’

Angel Investor Lisa ‘Great.. It can be a good venture but it is too niche’

Don ‘I agree but I don’t mind investing US$50000 on this venture’

Peter ‘Thanks for all the support, but I wish to pay US$5000 for a social work initiative as I committed this to GOD’

Don and Lisa look at each other..

Lisa ‘We don’t mind you giving 10% of your salary to social work.. How much you plan to take?’

Peter ‘US$6000 roughly for the next 6 months,¬† roughly US1000 per month….’

Lisa ‘Ok you can deduct 100 per month towards charity’

3 months latter Peter visits Church

Peter ‘I promise I will give 10%, I also owe 300US$, could not give it…so.. again help me out.. Want to raise Series A’

Peter meets a few VCs with Don

Don ‘Peter is excellent.. He needs to raise US$1M..’

Soon Peter finds his simulation model being accepted and he has also received a client contract..

Peter is doing well. His turnover is US$2M.. and he plans to raise another round of funds

Peter visits Church

Peter ‘I know I owe you a lot…so surely I can pay US$5000 as donation but I need to raise US$5M.. please help me’

Peter is being interviewed by a very seasoned VC

VC Joseph ‘I don’t see you handling CSR well’

Peter smiling ‘I just promised I will fund charity program’

Joseph ‘How much?’

Peter ‘US$5000′

Joseph negates

Peter is sad and again visits Church and gives a cheque of US$5000 to father…

Even then  he finds he is struggling in business

One night his mom reminds him that he owes US$20000 to God. She had kept a close tab on his earnings’

Peter ‘But I don’t have much, I have to sustain business’

Mom ‘Pay off US$5000 more to charity and ensure you contribute US$1000 per month to an orphanage’

Next day to his surprise he finds joseph has decided to fund him US$2M

Peter ‘Why this sudden change of heart?’

Joseph ‘You too had a change in heart. The orphanage founder informed me everything’

Joseph ‘Remember that you promised something to God, so abide by it always. You will be blessed’