Social Service Model for Entrepreneurship Eco System

Sarah is an economically backward lady.. One day she is reading PASSION FRAMEWORK and decides to probe the author…

Sarah ‘How can you make me an Entrepreneur?’

Author ‘Sarah… collect a group of individuals like you.. and we will begin small scale business units’

Sarah ‘Done.. what next.. where investments will come from?’

Author ‘you work as care taker with a family right?’

Sarah ‘yes’

Author ‘get all such families in this group.. they become angels’

Sarah ‘who will provide space?’

Author ‘space is available in plenty.. .relax’

Sarah ‘next?’

Author ‘the family where you work, their bread earners work in corporates’

Sarah ‘yes.. he is CEO of big firm’

Author ‘they become your angel investor’

Author ‘hope all understand this social eco system model well’

Sarah ‘thanks.. I do keep a close tab on this blog’

Author ‘bring in more followers, publicize this blog better’

Awareness Effectiveness

Bob was a local Cable Operator in China. He was networked with other cable operators in the world. One day through face book, he decided to check if ‘Tree Plantation’ advertisement by government and a big brand shoe advertisement really impacted the people. So he came up with a unique survey form question pasted in bottom of the screen

He realized that for government advertisements, responses were not coming too adequate, so he discussed with his friends and decided to give an incentive on behalf of cable operators to ones who would give response. A free movie of their choice would be shown or a free advertisement.

Soon the responses were great. He began getting sponsors for the surveys too..

He realized that though we have huge number of advertisement funds, still no way effectiveness can be measured. The Likes, Follows can give a an assured max 30% business forecast.



I got lost in so many theories of entrepreneurship that I forgot for a second if I am an entrepreneur or an investor or an academician or researcher or student.

Isn’t it only MASLOWS’ LAW which governs the need of investors, entrepreneurs, academicians, philanthropy focused individuals

Physiological  –   Small Businesses

Safety             –   Corporates and Angel Investors and Employees working in Companies

Social              –   NGOs and Social Capital Forums

Esteem            –  Venture Capitalists and Serial Entrepreneurs

Self realization –  Philanthropy


Where do entrepreneurs fit it?  Somewhere a layer between physiological and safety  or safety and social.