Do you wish to be successful entrepreneur?

How many of us have been determined to be an entrepreneur?
How many of us decided to purchase a 100 buck product and tried to sell it at 150?
How many of us visit a technical book shop and show a natural inclination to read technology and draw a technology roadmap of products or project?
As a rest less soul, an entrepreneur needs to keep researching, using google, using every social media to identify competition around self.

Enterprise Solution
Imagine your product cost works out at 1 million
You wish to reach out to 50 potential customers..
The product pricing comes to 20000
and ensure you save on maintenance and travel costs through cloud solution etc

Aggregation Platforms
Imagine your product cost works out at 1 million
You have 10000 potential your universe
The product pricing comes to 10 only

You choose the currency of your country.

Can we really penetrate and get more clients?
Building a brand takes many years. Out of good will, out of marketing thrusts, out of strategy to reach out.  It happened for PASSION too..  1996, folks correlated PASSION with love and then.. slowly and surely PASSION got acknowledged in academic institutes and students as facilitator for live projects and then.. PASSION PRO came in.. Pune.. the vehicle brand and slowly and surely with even a news letter to push the brand, PASSION IT  got circulated and we found the business model working out and then the word PASSION kept growing.. it seeped into the entrepreneur eco system.
After the usual copyright and trademark in place.. and spending almost 30 to 50% of revenue earned in advertisement and marketing, decided to get lean.. leaner and more leaner.. and began using the social media power to reach out to people.

Is entrepreneurship tough?
Absolutely.. if you are not determined and are not passionate about your initiative and do not wish to make personal sacrifices, nothing can move ahead..
Many a time folks wish sleeping or dormant partners and it fails as only an entrepreneur needs to understand that overspending on media is meaningless and overspending on expansion too. As long as the first client sets do not accept you, nothing works out.
For free bee’s many come in.. charge money.. and all are gone.

Who can succeed in this journey?
The one who are courageous, become visible, push themselves and focus on quality product and services.

PASSION will reach millions and no doubts about that.. It is the strong zeal to achieve an object and seek security from that object. Whether it is wishing to have a baby, or wishing to learn or wishing to have a boy friend or girl friend or marriage or whatsoever.. finally security plays an important role in mind of entrepreneur..

Can an Entrepreneur really scale up with no money?
Many did that successfully through small funds..  As long as willingness to return back debts exist, as long as courage exists to work in team and without being greedy and understanding pain points of a domain and solving a solution.. things will just work out for you. No point of end less discussions, thinking and not working an idea and taking steps to make a product or service

Just ACT, SCOPE AND SET  your initiative through right probing and innovation.
Nurture and Own your venture

passion framework

PASSION FRAMEWORK can be used in any of life goals. Try it out once

Good bye Startup

Mary is an ace angel investor but she is worried with the growing trends of failures.. Startup failures..

Mary ‘invested in multiple companies but still no result’

Joy who is an ace Incubation Expert looks at Mary and poker face asks a question

Joy ‘Mary.. we are meeting in so many meets. I am invited as a jury and you too invariably exist… but observe you follow a trend.. if an Ace investor, invests.. you imitate that…ánd follow up.. and the first investor.. also invests because the startup has some reputed brand advisors or CEO or from reputed colleges’

Mary is shocked at this straight answer

Mary ‘you could be right.. and wrong…’

Joy ‘building a framework for incubator and accelerator.. not an easy job .. mind well.. as many investors feel it is just another incubator…  but am building a support system for entrepreneurs.. a genuine one.. and each startup within it has a purpose.. a mission..’

Mary ‘who wishes to invest in incubator itself… you ought to be kidding…’

Joy ‘yes..all remain silent.. I got surprised that skill based learning also has a mandate.. resource needs to get placed… and then… rush push.. half baked resources presented to companies as funds are paid by government back to such agencies’

Mary ‘out of context dear’

Joy ‘Mary.. have patience and be a good advisor to your ventures.. rest will follow .. and in case you do not have that domain experience.. educate ..and learn.. and only then invest’

Mary ‘you are brutal.. am surprised.. you do not fear investor community and they may just boycott you’

Joy ‘if you are good.. you are.. people will come to me.. if am needed.. I am flexible.. I will support all incubation/ accelerator process and hopefully one day some investor realizes that to build startup eco system.. first you need patience and second you need perseverance and third you need people.. and then products.. proper placements and right pricing… and all this through structured training and good marketing linkages..

Mary and Joy are called to the jury panel…

Joy ‘wow.. talking.. so much. sorry to trouble you.. let us know blah blah in front of audience..

Mary is shocked and both are now on stage

Joy ‘good bye startup.. a theme for investors to probe’

All entrepreneurs silent.. and session head also surprised

Mary ‘dear participants.. the investor community is loosing confidence.. I do agree we make mistakes.. a venture is a project and none of entrepreneurs know project management in initial stages if they are just out of college.. sans experiences nothing can happen.. sans market test nothing can happen… hope all here understand that too much is put on startups..  I am confused.. this guy says invest in my incubator/accelerator initiative.. but I just cannot muster courage.. Am panicked.. I sold a business and got into angel group and put in 70% of my funds.. last I would wish to be is become entrepreneur again’

Joy claps his hands…

All clap their hands..

Joy ‘applause to all.. and a lesson to all..  the ones who bootstrap most are truly passionate about their venture and so dear friends.. make at least 10 sales of your product or service and then attempt running behind investors or social capital community..  else.. good bye startup.. all will again get back to industry and companies and ones who are investors will get back to trading and stock exchanges and whole philosophy of startups will collapse’

Mary ‘who gave you this encouragement Joy?’

Joy ‘PASSION is not about ethos and pains.. it is about reconstructing your life for solving a problem.. a problem to succeed and keep growing..

Self Award

Pat on your back for what you did and what you will do in future

Pat on your back for hard NOs which you said with full courage

Pat on your back for smiling YES you conveyed with full emotions

You have not been doing too badly.. You are only needing that one push

Push of self award..

I am happy to declare ‘SELF AWARD’ to all my friends and dear ones here

Love M Me Love

Rose prayed to lord ‘Love M Me Love’

Hardy looked at Rose and asked ‘What she wished from Lord’

Rose ‘Love M Me Love – a feeling of being loved endlessly by Lord’

Hardy ‘Elaborate’

Love.. M  Love M…

I fell in love all over again…

springing up from all fall

Love.. M  Love M..

My Soul.. feels the love..

I fell in love all over again..

leaving the split pieces away

Love… Me… Love Me..

My body.. soaks in love

I fell in love all over again..

smiling at the foolishness

of wishing love over and again..”

Hardy “Why do you seek god’s help to fall in love”

Rose “My parents lovingly gave me the name Rose and Rose remains a bud without the warm feelings of love touching it to blossom as flower.. “

Hardy “Hey in this 20 years, I found you falling in love countless time, this time for whom?”

Rose ‘You Hardy, as you remained my best friend to whom I could confess. This time I confess that my heart is with you for minimum a year’

Hardy ‘What happens after 1 year?’

Rose ‘Hardy, I will reach menopause stage.. so hope you tolerate me then’

Hardy ‘Since teenage, have seen your highs and lows, am already prepared for it.. I waited for over 3 decades to express Love M Me Love to you.. Never mustered courage’

Hardy hugs Rose.. Aged 50, both rediscover love all over again



Naughty Donkey

“Wait i will kick you if you stand behind me”

All the potential entrepreneur look at this amazing donkey but with fear.. It is their first day at accelerator ‘Donkey’s not allowed’

What is this accelerator all about?

It is for one’s which strictly love innovation’

One entrepreneur musters courage to cross the gate which is the only one to enter the accelerator. The donkey will allow if you sit on it and ride through the 100 meters journey.. The donkey may imitate horse and gallop, can decide to twist, sleep and it has its remote controls in the ear. You need to pass that journey. 

The entrepreneurs wonder why is this the top notch accelerator in the world.

A girl who just got funded whispers “Because they make you work like donkey’s inside and ensure you get funded”

A potential entrepreneur ‘What if am not able to understand those controls and fail to reach 100 meter”

The girl “You failed. They have kicked you from behind”

Who runs this?

“A donkey – that person doesn’t get tired of grooming entrepreneurs”

Why is he so naughty?

He is innovative and feels for a donkey ride you need to have courage. All will not have it. 

You need to be shameless – All may not be shameless

You need to work hard – All may not work hard

You need to have patience – all may not have patience

Hearing all this 5 potential entrepreneurs talk among each other “We don’t fit this. Let us try other accelerators”


Missed Opportunity

How I wished, I could tell my beloved “Dear Suzy, I agree, I made a mistake.. Today when you are far off happily married to Rahim in Middle East I realize we could have worked the relation better”  Naro had a drop of tear in his eyes as he gulped his beer.

Naro got up to catch the last metro from Down Town. He had to reach Universal Studio where he worked as one of the care takers.

In Metro, he finds group of guys discussing among themselves

“Why do we loose out in interviews. Again on bench.. It sucks.. Wish we had prepared well. I failed to understand why he asked a question  – do you have a career road map when all we seek is job at present”

Naro is hearing the sound of train.. He remembers how he missed the opportunity to visit Europe as a child when for strange reasons he never wished to leave his home and had begun liking the environment, cushy home, familiar surroundings. His mother wanted him to stay with his aunt in Europe and study well. Naro realizes that he is actually not also a graduate..

He soon finds a couple get into metro and he observes them tensed..

The boy “Abort it.. How I wished I used precaution while having sex”

The girl “More then you, I have to worry, 4 months.. am so careless”

The boy “One option, you just disappear to far of country. Inform you got admissions to new school and then.. I will fund you.. but please.. get rid of it.. You well know am married”

The girl “You brute.. I regret falling in love with you, I missed a very good match for self.. then”

Naro has dozed off for a while.. One person sits next to him..

Naro checks the person watching the latest betting score..

The person murmurs “Wish I chose number 8 instead of 3, would have made US$5000 today”

The train is moving in speed,

Naro begins smiling and loudly says “All of us have similar problem”

All look at him..

Naro “Dear Friends, we lost the opportunity and we regret, we will loose again an opportunity if don’t hold on to present”

The person besides Nano asks “How?”

Naro “Stop playing the game. As simple as that.. So no regrets of loosing”

The boys echo “Should we stop searching for jobs?”

Naro “Potential is inside us. Career Road Map is the end destination where we wish to reach. I have to again go to Universal Studio and remain a care taker. Can it be a career road map or a job?”

All echo “Job”

Naro “Think of something unique. We just have 15 minutes left.. Let us start a business”

The couples hear that

The girl “Please .. have genuine personal problem, we cannot”

Naro Loudly “Why don’t we start a child birth center in a far off location?”

One of the boy echo “Oh yes.. Maybe in a country where visa rules flexible”

Naro “We can charge X dollars from each customer..

The girl’s boyfriend pokes in “Hey did you hear what we were conversing”

 Naro “Which conversation? I am not aware of anything”

The boyfriend has a relief on his face.

His girl friend “Hey let us join this group. We become their investor as well as client”

Boy Friend “What about the baby?’

Girl Friend “His future looks bleak anyways, so let us start a company in his name and involve all these guys”

Naro “Hurry up, who all agree just 5 minutes to go”

All nod yes..

Girl friend smiles and tells loudly “We will fund this project. Identify a location and let us experiment with someone”

All say yes..

Naro smiles and looks upward “Thanks this time I didn’t miss an opportunity”

3 years latter in an undisclosed destination, we hear news that the business is thriving, there is a queue for adoption, there is a queue for starting school, even businesses around it.. 

Naro looks at the kids and thinks “Are orphans man made  or nature made?  Why does this happen? Is it pre-destined? Is it reality? It should be..  I was lucky, I found a pregnant girl with this problem. How many in this world abort, have wrong medication and end up having disabled kids who are left to fend for self,  How many of them just don’t know their whereabouts. Some may even attempt a search but may get discarded. Without getting into statistics don’t we wish to regret a missed opportunity of moving beyond a system of marriage or a single spouse to something where an acknowledgement of kid indeed happens.”

A few references SOS

It is estimated that 153 million children worldwide, ranging from infants to teenagers, have lost one or both parents (UNICEF).

  • HIV/AIDS has orphaned 17.9 million children, most of them in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia (UNICEF).
  • Over 7 million children are in institutional care worldwide (Save).
  • One in five children living in developing countries is severely underweight (World Bank, UN).
  • Over 1 billion children suffer from at least one form of severe deprivation of basic needs such as water, food, and sanitation (SOS).
  • 19,000 children under the age of five died every day in 2011 (UNICEF).
  • 22 million children are refugees or internally displaced, forced to flee their homes due to violence or natural disaster (UNHCR).
  • Over 1 billion children live in countries affected by armed conflict (UNICEF).
  • 67 million children of primary school age do not go to school (UNESCO).
  • Children suffer from domestic violence everywhere. On every continent, households report domestic violence against children at rates ranging from 20 to 60% (UN DESA; UNICEF).