Ethical Home Management

Ethical Home Management
Bringing in transperancy plays a key role for any successful home management.
Bad mouthing our own family members also can create an issue. In global era, our family members could be of different caste, religion, color, creed. So this may lead to rifts, hate waves and sooner before we realize, it leads to managing pockets of hatred, rather then managing the home.
Budgets need to be reviewed. In Joint Family at times many earning members may feel the non earning member should not be given same privilege. How to bring in social empathy within family will play a key role.
There are many a time, culture and traditions which play an influencer role and at times a few of our family members may not believe in same or may wish to follow all together a different culture. How to accept them and successfully gel with them without compromizing on your own principles need loads of tolerance, patience. Any subtle dominance may lead to real rift.
Finally either a husband, wife, father, mother, grandfather or grandmother or son or daughter or maybe even a well wisher may be the home manager for you, however at times 2nd lead creation gets missed out. This leads to the home cracking once the home manager moves to different responsibilities or maybe even expires.

Loving Father

Daughter ”why do you slog so much for me.. let me stand on my own feet”

Father ”even if you stand, walk, run with your feet, still I will need to take care of you as you are my daughter”

Daughter ”my boy friend needs to do that for me”

Father ”in life always remember a boy friend or spouse will also be too loving and caring, may be more then me, however a father still will be worried and will pray for his daughter to always do well in life”

Wisdom of Relation

Nancy is fedup of her mother who continuously keeps lecturing her on Does and Dont’s of life.. and one day…

Nancy ”enough is enough Mom.. now listen to me..”

Mom Pesi is stumped.. She remembers how her husband left her for this continuous bombardment of advices…


”if you were so perfect.. why did he leave you..  if you were so beautiful.. why do you still need make up kits to decorate self..   If you were so social.. why the same friends gossip about you..  If you were so good in making food dishes.. why you didn’t make food for us every day…  Did you never made friends without your parent’s permission? Did you never fell in love without your mind and only allowed heart to think? Why do you give advices.. when am already overloaded with you knowledge bombardment..  Just let me live in peace Mom..   everything will never be perfect… am an imperfectionist.. so let it be.. if you wish to love me for what I am.. just do that.. do not try to change me.. and one thing you should do.. is change other’s mind set only through self realization”

Mom hugs Nancy..

Mom ”Nancy.. you are grown up now.. I should begin searching for a boy for you”

Nancy bursts laughing..

Nancy ”Mom.. so now that you will stop advicing me.. you are now going to search boys for me.. good going… there is a saying Empty Mind is Devil’s workshop and  Mom’s mind is Devil’s workshop too.. keep thinking how to always put me under some pressure or not..  so now you wish me to decorate self and show self to prospects”

Mom ”being single.. all can talk anything..  the day a boy will come into your life.. you will realize who the real devil is…  love makes us do everything.. and one day without listening to me.. your father just left me for that other lady.. simply because she didnt care for him.. only his wealth.. would only listen to him and just keep demanding”

Nancy ”Mom.. common.. now you are getting emotional.”

Nancy hugs Mom

Nancy ”Wisdome of Relation is nothing but to keep nurturing the relation we already have built and strengthening it”


Girl Friend

Girl Friend Zora asks her boy friend Sohaib a question

‘Why do you consider me as your girl friend when you have so many girl’s as friends’

Sohaib pauses for a while and then responds

‘you are special to me and girlish too.. hence you are my girl friend’

Zora ‘why others seem boyish?’

Sohaib ‘others are not kiddish.. sorry girlish like you’

Zora ‘common.. you spelled out what you think of me’

Sohaib hugs Zora and says ‘yes.. at times we men try to identify mom in girl friend’s, identify sister in girl friend.. sometimes daughter too.. and sometimes may be our inner child.. and then.. don’t girls also see similar factors (father in boy friend..etc)

Zora ‘weird..’

Sohaib ‘all boy friend and girl friend relations need not be physical love attraction or mental attraction.. eventually each person wishes their partner be of a particular model type.. hence the confusion… am having a startup idea to predict what type of partner would most suit someone.. ‘

Zora ‘cool.. but do not copy from Linda etc..and just think of Aries-Libra type personality trait comparisons and show results’

Sohaib ‘ice cream for you.. chill pill’






Mike is researching on startups and finds it amusing that so many folks are investing left right and center for ideas…
Mike who has also been an ace technology architect and was involved in product development never understood how Ideation itself can reap in so much benefit..

Mike is besides his wife Ruby who has 3 daughters from her first marriage and with Mike a boy and girl.. So it is a family of 6

Ruby ‘I will want at least one of my daughter to be entrepreneur’

Mike smiles..

Mike ‘may be they wish to be employee like you do’

Ruby ‘tell me.. why do I fear to not start on my own?’

Mike ‘risk averseness.’

Ruby ‘do you feel startups will succeed in long run?’

Mike ‘only 1%.. now what is the formulae to improve it to 5%’

Ruby ‘what?’

Mike ‘try to see all the kids do not fight among themselves and have appetite to listen, learn and implement the learning’

Ruby ‘Soham our son is too mischievous.. I doubt if he will ever listen to all’

Mike ‘engage him with things which he loves’

Ruby ‘he loves bicycles’

Míke ‘just ask him to assemble one.. write a story around it.. dream wish list’

Ruby ‘then..’

Mike ‘ask him to note the budgets’

Ruby ‘then..’

Mike ‘ask him to make a 3 minute pitch story and present to me’

Ruby ‘then?’

Mike ‘I will fund him for 1st two activities and let us see if he succeeds’

Ruby ‘what is this all about?’

Mike ‘am a 1% investor focused only on business MVP tests.. so am experimenting with my son and then all 4 daughters.. if they are able to do what they wrote.. I think all will become successful entrepreneurs one day’

Ruby ‘how this word startup came?’

Mike ‘Acting on an objective.. is what Startup is all about.. Acting dimension is the 3rd important dimensions in PASSION FRAMEWORK.. An action leads to motions and Startups is all about having right kind of motions, notions proved and tested for investors to invest further’

Ruby ‘thanks for adopting my kids too dear.. I remember you just accepted all without fuss’

Mike ‘Adopting someone else’s baby is what Startup Mentors need to realize and Adapting someone else’s acumen to grow business is what Startup Entrepreneurs should learn’

Ruby hugs Mike..

Ruby ‘hope you find me a learning student always’

Mike ‘you have not yet become entrepreneur so you will always remain student’

Startup Love

Anne always has a soft corner for her father Jerry who left his wife when Anne was just 12

Anne was too found of Jerry and ensure her mom Susan gave Anne enough time to be with Jerry

Jerry ‘wish you a happy morning Anne.. my sweet daughter.. I it is 8 years since I left your mom and you are also on verge of completing your graduation.. so what next’

Anne hugs her father Jerry and whispers ‘Mom’s birthday today’

Jerry realizes that 15 year back.. Jerry and Susan had celebrated birthday on a cruise’

Jerry has drop of tears

Anne ‘she left you because you wished to start something of your own’

Jerry ‘Susan was right.. you were small.. and your education and all that.. I guess she panicked and felt I would not be providing cushy life’

Anne ‘Dad.. is this journey of startups really dicey’

Jerry ‘personal life gets impacted.. I guess I was more in love with my startup and believed in it..  but she should have waited’

Anne ‘yes.. she got married to Wilfred just 1 year after your separation and then.. I chose to be with you’

Anne ‘Dad.. I want to start something’

Jerry ‘common.. you too wish to ruin personal life?’

Anne ‘hey.. these days.. it is a fashion’

Jerry ‘Anne.. whatsoever you undertake.. do it with full love.. in family small strings of relation bind us.. I loved Susan truly.. and felt she would understand me.. I had no options but to leave her.. as she had informed me that finally startup business is like fresher taking up job.. same struggle.. and she didn’t wish to face that struggle’

Anne ‘am dad’s daughter.. so it is startup love for me’




Lovely is a  Mango tree which is planted by Joe and his wife Mary in his sprawling farm. She has many trees’s as her company.

Her life began when Mary had an abortion.

Doctor ‘She cannot conceive ever again’

Joe is in tears.. Mary slowly reconciles to her fate..

Mary ‘Joe.. can we plant a sapling.. we will treat her like our daughter’

Soon enough Mary and Joe plan the saplings..

Lovingly they water it, ensure it is free from insects and take utmost care of her..

Her friend Susan visits them

Susan ‘you could have adopted a kid or even a pet.. why a plant?’

Mary ‘as only tree gives everything back to nature..  everything in positive way’

Susan ‘oh I see’

Mary ‘see those kids playing around her.. she is now 7 years.. growing so well’

Susan smiles..

Mary ‘every year she gives so many fruits.. and it is given to all our neighbors. we don’t sell them’

Susan smiles back again..

Mary ‘do you know her leaves.. we use it also to decorate our houses.. she is a contributor.. giving fresh air to us’

10 years latter…

A big axe falls on one of her branches..

Lovely is surprised.. who is it?

It is Joe’s elder brother..  Joe has suffered a major heart attack and family disputes..

Joe’s brother Rob has decided to cut LOVELY

Mary ‘please stop it.. she is my daughter.. she is the only one who contributes to us..  you can take whatsoever you wish as you have paid for all hospital bills.. but that piece of land in which LOVELY is.. I will fight tooth and nail..  dare you cut her..

will put a stay order.. No one can cut grown plants’

Rob mock smiles ‘go ahead and stop it.. I will get forest officer permission’


Rob is surprised. Advocates to surprised..

Mary manages to get stay order for 10 years..

Mary hugs Lovely.. and has tears in her eyes

Lovely gets emotional.. first time she feels helpless.. a tree which cannot speak, cannot move.. but.. ‘

Mary ‘hey lovely.. you are my pillar.. so be with me always.. don’t feel helpless as you are our caretaker..

we depend on you, your fruits.. everything is gone.. only you are our own. I am proud I have you as my daughter.. human may forget to pay back to their parents but you never once disobeyed us.. feel extremely proud of you’

Lovely is happy with this care and attention

Mary is eating a delicious mango from Lovely’s branch.

Love to My Little Daughter

She is cool.. She is sharp

She has a habit to go to google maps

and search addresses

One day John’s daughter finds in google map a strange address ‘HITCHCOCK STREET’

She troubles John to reach that street

He takes her to that street and finds to his shock.. his ex girl friend in one of the shop

Flashes reach his mind and he realizes how his girl friend left him and their daughter as she was keen to pursue modeling

He reaches Tina and says ‘Hello’

Tina ‘How are you.. After long time.. and looks at Angel.. their 7 year old daughter’

Angel ‘How are you Aunty’

Tina ‘I have a business of toys.. Will you wish to play with toys’

Angel ‘yes aunty’

Angel ‘Dad.. can I stay with Aunty a little longer’

John looks at Angel

Tina ‘John.. can we spend some time together’

Both Angel and Tina play with toys..

John ‘time to leave’

Tina ‘John.. never knew HITCHCOCK STREET would unite us too’


Sonu from Nepal is trafficked by her uncle to Middle East..

Suleman  ‘Wow.. you are just 13 but look so beautiful’

Sonu is silent..

Sonu in fluent English ‘i am surprised why you choose kids for your sex hunger.. don’t you get satisfied with your wives or girl friend?’

Suleman slaps Sonu

Sonu ‘Just in few minutes, you may abuse me.. you may be happy that I am your victim’

Suleman ‘Dare you.. say else… ‘ He cuts her apron

Sonu ‘Do you know my uncle has sold me in India and then purchases me back at premium and so on.. At least 100 abused me already’

Suleman ‘Don’t lie.. he mentioned you are virgin’

Sonu ‘I suspect have AIDS’

Suleman is now a bit worried..

Sonu ‘Come if you wish to have fun.. you can.. ‘

Suleman calls up Ratkish his subordinate

Suleman ‘Who is this stupid girl.. She says she is AIDS infected.. and didn’t you cross verify…’

Sonu ‘I have an idea Sir’

Suleman ‘What?’

Sonu ‘Let us do aid’s test on all kids who get trafficked’

Suleman ponders

Sonu ‘Almighty is nice to you.. god only knows if you too have.. then no problems you can have fun with me as anyways you will perish’

Suleman is angry ‘Don’t talk nonsense’

Suleman calls up his agents Rafiq, Anthony, Aarav and asks them to have AIDS test mandatorily conducted..

Sonu hears this…

She emails the Nepal Embassy and Indian Embassy and almost all embassy

‘All the AIDS test tools have been infested with chemical which will burn out the skin. over period of days.. It is chemical warfare’

Looking at that email, suddenly it is a MEDIA NEWS.. No one knows what is happening..

Full commotion

Suleman is worried as to why the supplies not coming

Suleman’s Agent ‘your risk.. you will not get fresh supplies.. Like you, many believe that they are safe with kids’

Suleman gets a call…

Suleman is shocked ‘His teenage daughter has been kidnapped’

Suleman ‘How is it possible? so much security and all’

Sonu ‘I guess your enemy has kidnapped her.. and now she too will be victim, AIDS infested’

Sonu begins giggling

Suleman puts a gun on her head..

Sonu ‘This is the problem with you guys.. you use head less and emotions more.. that too directionless emotions’

Suleman ‘Are you 13 year or you are bigger?’

Sonu ‘Stop worrying about my age…  check if your daughter is safe’

Suleman rushes to his home and finds all his wives kidnapped.

Suleman is clueless.. He begins talking to all influential folks

Suleman ‘Who can do it? Why…?’

He reaches to the big camp where he has caged 100 girls..

Sonu is also tied up..

Sonu yells and calls him near her

Sonu ‘A secret.. leave all 100 girls and in return you will get your wives and daughter’

Suleman ‘you did it?’

Sonu ‘If you kill me.. you will not get your family back.. and if you get your family back and kill me, you will get only AIDS’

Suleman ‘Dare you do this… a small kid and ..’

Sonu ‘Check on the media..  Almost for 15 days prostitution business reduced, no one wishes to be near AIDS infected prostitutes, no tests too possible.. did you get the message’

Sonu ‘Don’t you feel guilty touching young kids.. and… abusing them… ‘

Suleman is angry but has pain in eyes

Sonu ‘Why??’

Suleman ‘All who abuse have some scar.. some deep scar.. and it is like revenge.. or may be you can say anger..’

Sonu ‘Why??’

Suleman ‘Abused by my uncle child hood and he was so nasty that he would give me to his wives too’

Sonu ‘Oh i see’

Suleman ‘Who are you?’

Sonu ‘Police trainee SONU.. An international cop recruited and trained since 10.. self defense. and yes am 20 years.. but because of my height 5ft inch.. you know what i mean’

Suleman is zapped..

Sonu ‘Do you know so many AIDS test inventions begun..  and government pumping load of money.. Am happy’

Sonu ‘My little sister.. she was a victim.. I wanted to trace out all.. so decided to volunteer, and get into this camp’

Suleman ‘Where are my wives and daughter’

Sonu ‘All safe in Nepal’

Suleman takes Sonu and visits Nepal..

Suleman ‘Am going to hand over self to police.. Lust is bad.. Lust is surely bad.. Lust for money, Lust for power, Lust for sex, Lust for Fame..   I got waywarded.. and you got me to senses..  I know i will be hanged by Indian and Nepal police.. so what i can max do.. is to give you all the racket details.. and a message to all which you can boldly publish in news paper


Jolly New Year Eve

Loads of crackers, Loads of Instruments.. Jack is planning to hold a great road show where he will be showcasing a host of talented youngsters..
A belly dancer, A ramp show, A message driven small kit, Some soft music and above all Miss Katrina for you…
Who is she? The popular actress or Is it some one different..
She is a 8 year kid who was named Katrina after the hurricane which had come to Houston..

Now Katrina is an ace dancer who can dance western and traditional European, Mexico and Chinese dance style and also can dance Bharat Natyam (Indian dance).

What is her story? How she arrived here?
As a child she never knew that she was in those bumpy streets of Austin trying to save her mother.. oops Her mother driving in pregnancy to Austin to save self from the hurricane. Bumper to Bumper.. somehow she reached her aunty’s house only to find herself getting labor pain and next Katrina is born..
Katrina never realizes that she was born on the hurricane day… and even her mom is frightened of the night mare and wonders is Katrina lucky for her?

Katrina brings in another disaster to her mom where she looses the job because she over stays in Austin and now Mother Jenny is fully assured Katrina means Disaster.

Katrina is handed over to a Church at an age of 3 and her mom does meet her reluctantly fearing what if another disaster strikes..

Katrina begins watching TV almost an addict and keeps watching various dance forms.. Soon she entices her school mates with her dance moves

Katrina shakes her back and moves to her teach Sandra

Sandra ‘Amazing.. I loose my concentration when I teach.. Don’t do it..’

Katrina ‘Am an entertainer?’

Sandra ‘of course you are’

All students keep clapping at her tap dance moves

Jack is Sandra’s brother who is a road show king who visits Sandra at Austin

Sandra ‘It is Christmas time and I want to introduce you to a celebrity in making..Katrina’

Jack ‘The popular Indian Actress?’

Sandra ‘No.. She is Katrina.. named after the hurricane which stormed ‘

Jack see’s a slim girl dancing like a rock star entering..

Katrina ‘Hey Jack.. cool to see you’

Sandra ‘She speaks her mind out.. She is entertaining’

Katrina breaks in Japanese greeting and then shows a Bharat Natyam style movement’

Jack ‘Amazing’

At eve of new year, it is chilly and Katrina is rehearsing rigorously’

Jack ‘Hey .. take rest child’

Katrina ‘Do you feel am a disaster?’

Jack ‘No dear…’

Katrina ‘My mom feels am unlucky to her.. hence i work hard to ensure you get luck because of me.. I do this for not only you but all around.. I just wish to get rid of that stigma DISASTER’

Jack ‘You are my Jolly… Jolly new year eve.. Welcome board and continue your studies and am grooming you to have your own dance school.. Wish to see you an entrepreneur at a small age’

Katrina dances and shakes hand with Jack ‘Cool… Jolly sounds Cool.. Real Cool’