fearing fear

Simple was a cute looking girl who has small fears of life..

Every morning she would feel restless thinking of why a school is needed in first place.. why there cannot be an alternative.

Her mom Mary feels most of drug victims, ADHD folks would be in those alternative schools so encourages Simple to be in the same school..

Suppressed, dejected.. she is now in same class for past 3 years..

Simple ‘Madam..I really do not like this atmosphere… ‘

Madam Louisa ‘dear Simple.. not sure why you got so frightened. I fear you will again get fear for something else..  ‘

Simple returns back home..

No one from family talking to her..

Simple is looking at a TV show… where a  dear is shown getting scared of lion and as it runs for safety… the lion attacks the dear..

Simple has tears in her eyes

Simple ‘this could happen to me too.. the class headmistress may just hit back.. ‘

Her father Donald is worried however he does not give up…

Donald ‘dear Simple.. a startup for you.. is it possible for you to train disabled kids on games every day’

Simple gets happy…

Donald ‘no studies.. only play games and teach games.. you need to be quick learner’

Simple is joyful…

Simple begins practicing online, outdoor and inhouse games..

soon there are around 10 students who have enrolled in Simple Game and Motion Studies.

Simple is very happy.. she is earning around 100US$ every month..

After 2 months..

Donald ‘simple.. you will need to learn accounts to manage money’

Simple begins learning Quickbook

Donald ‘great… just my lovable daughter’

Simple is now good in entering figures..

Donald ‘I do not know why you use computer for addition/ subtraction/multiplication/division.. suggest you to learn a 3 week basic Arithmetic session’

Simple remembers her primary school days

Simple ‘Dad I did know it..but forgot.. ok willing to learn’

Donald ‘please create a multiplication quiz game ok for a group of 20 students’

Simple ‘wow great’

Simple introduces some dance/drama and organizes the show herself..

Donald ‘Simple 100 students.. all willing to pay 20$ for the event.. how much is the expense’

Simple ‘1000..’

Donald ‘wow 1000 profit’

Simple ‘Daddy, can we give 500 as price’

Donald ‘óf course dear’

Simple’s school friends visit the event

One of her friend Anne

Anne ‘please begin learning in school’

Simple smiles ‘I do not mind sponsoring ones who wish to study.. 500 for the needy students from my side’

Donald has drop of tears.. he doesn’t know whether he did right or wrong.. his only objective was to remove fear from his kid for education’




Shrewdness lies in art of negotiating your way to success.

Pop ‘I will give you a chocolate if you study well’

Kid ‘I will give you two chocolates if you become serious at work and not take leaves as I do not know why you love to be so easy in life’

Pop is annoyed with this bluntness

Pop ‘this is not done.. I was trying to motivate you’

Mom ‘This is not the way you talk to elders..  you are a good kid.. say Sorry’

Kid ‘Mom.. I will say Sorry but let Pop say Sorry to his boss too’

Pop looks at his wife ‘you told him right that I am lazy and not taking life seriously’

Mom ‘No dear.. the kid is growing.. see’s you at work from home everyday and feels you are lazing’

Kid ‘mom.. study from home? does it exist.. I too wish to do that’

Mom ‘am not aware of this dear’

Kid ‘start one.. I will have my friends come too for the same.. keep watching something about startup.. you should start one.. money too available’

Pop looks zapped

Mom too

Mom ‘you are just 10 and talking like a prime minister’

Kid ‘I know .. I wanted to test if the prime minister really distributes money for startup or just talking.. ‘

Pop ‘I will not work from home dear’

Mom ‘I too am rushing for work.. please take food and study well’

Kid ‘Mom.. Will watch some comics too.. love you mom and dad’





Little Startups

Pessi ‘What are little startups’

Mummy ‘have initiated a concept to plan for kids to become entrepreneurs a fund..  Invest US$500 annually and in 20 years time, gift kid US$10000 for a venture’

Pessi laughs

Pessi ‘Do you know that amount holds no meaning 20 years down line as money depreciates too’

Mummy ‘do you know why I am nicknamed Mummy’

Pessi ‘because you always think like an elder aged person though 22, Nancy’

Nancy ‘I rock and disrupt thoughts.. courtesy some blogs.. so here LITTLE STARTUPs will groom small kids to become entrepreneurs’

Pessi ‘great going.. ‘

Nancy ‘my parents didnt purchase a small piece of land too for me and I still stay in rented apartment.. so let us not have our kids struggle like us’

Pessi ‘you are still single dear’

Nancy ‘Pessi.. will become mother one day right’

Pessi ‘so confident?’

Nancy ‘common.. so many kids I am going to groom. They will be as good as my kids.. Owning and Nurturing is all about grooming little startups like your baby’








Duet Song

An Investor and an entrepreneur go to a movie together. Suddenly the Entrepreneur bursts out something during Intermission time.

Entrepreneur ‘business is all about partners singing duet song in synch.’

Investor ‘I thought the movie time was just to kill time before we catch the night flight?’

Entrepreneur ‘we could have spent time near airport too.. why you chose a movie theater?’

Investor ‘you wished to see that movie’

Entrepreneur ‘common… I thought you were planning to propose me’

Investor begins smiling..

Investor ‘let us watch the movie after the intermission and then.. we can think’

At movie climax the hero asks his heroine one question
‘Do you wish to be with me.. yes or no.. answer fast.. else am having other choice’
The heroine runs and hugs the hero…

After the movie ends..
Entrepreneur ‘so do you wish to be with me ..? yes or no?’

Investor ‘common.. this is not a movie’

Entrepreneur ‘yes or no?’

Investor ‘it is no dear… partnering should not be by force’

Wake up Entrepreneur

Wake up Dear

You are about to retire

Wake up Dear

You are still jobless

Wake up Dear

You need a break

Wake up Dear

Life is only once

Reap it as you are awake

Attempt Entrepreneurship at least once in life time

If you can spend on pizzas and theater’s a few dollars

save those to learn entrepreneurship and begin

experimenting right away.

Go For IT (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Go For IT dear if you are convinced about IT

Go for IT dear if you are emotional about IT

Go for IT dear if you are in love with IT

Go for IT.. Don’t think too much

You are in love with IT today

Go for IT”

Sarah ‘What to go for it?’

Mark ‘Movie watching, dating, fun, adventure sports, starting business, falling in love, separating from love’