Grave consequence

Nandu is standing in queue waiting for his turn in ATM.  His mom rushes to him

Mom ‘Nandu.. your father is expired… just rush in’

Nandu ‘Mom… agreed.. but if I will not get cash, how will we complete last rites’

Mom has tears.. she rushes back home

Nandu is sympathized by people around him…

Whispers around ‘black money will perish.. some folks have to give sacrifice’

Nandu is silent.. shocked but awaiting his turn

As he reaches.. the ATM has exhausted cash…

Nandu calls upon the priests..

Priest ‘we will not accept 500 and 1000 denominator.. I hope you have the new currency’

Nandu ‘have a bit of gold.. please take that but we need to complete his last rites’

Priest ‘arrange for the sticks etc at grave yard’

Nandu and his friends now reach the funeral ground..

Nandu’s father is put on pyre…

Priest ‘any thing you wish to offer’

Nandu puts the last 500 bucks he has with him

Priest ‘do not get so emotional.. that money is important for you’

Nandu ‘you can take it if you wish to’

Priest takes that note

As he lights the pyre.. Nandu remembers his father bringing in 500 rupee note every week and handing over to his mom as his remuneration out in village.. and his mom used to save a few notes… and then reached the city… reasons Nandu felt there is no scope in village.. and he had taken a rickshaw to drive vehicles’

As his father moves towards Ashes… Nandu feels why could the government not implement IT infrastructure even in remotest of village in India..

Next day again he is in ATM line.. with smile on his face

He finds few folks again there..

The bank official is putting some color in his hand…

Official ‘you did come yesterday.. how come you still have more notes’

Nandu ‘my mom forgot one of her piggy bank which carried 3-4 notes more.. and I need it for the 10days rituals’

Official ‘ok last time.. next time’

Official is harassed and murmurs ‘really do not know when all this will end’

Another intellectual standing in queue murmurs ‘all  only remembered marriage but death too is an event in this country’


(It is fiction but just addressing a present pain point)

Mid Life Crisis – tackle nation problem

Santa ‘I feel am going to go to Himalaya and retire’

Mint ‘Don’t.. it is shaking there.. Earthquakes’

Santa ‘I have just got a pink slip and my wife has already declared she wants to go on a holiday trip with her friends’

Mint ‘How?’

Santa ‘With my saved money dear.. She just doesn’t know to manage finance and above all possessive’

Mint ‘why don’t you start a disaster recovery startup’

Santa ‘means?’

Mint ‘Go to Nepal and begin helping the victims and their family’

Santa ‘Is it possible? Let me attempt’

Mint ‘My prayers are with them.. You are fighting mid life crisis and over there entire nation is fighting all type of crisis..

Santa ‘What can be done to help them out?’

Mint ‘I feel all countries should create job opportunities for them.. India can do, US, Europe, Russia, China, Middle East’

Santa ‘Above 10000 victims, may be around 3000-4000 job employments?’

Mint ‘Absolutely’

Santa ‘and these candidates donate 15% of their earnings to Nation Welfare?’

Mint ‘Obviously’

Santa ‘On average US$500 average salary per month per resource =  US$75 x 4000 = US$300000 per month

Mint ‘yes’

Santa ‘but that nation needs minimum US$50M to get going,  here i generage max US$3.5M’

Mint ‘Let social entrepreneurship fund houses invest minimum US$10M for creating entrepreneurs out there’

Santa ‘so?’

Mint ‘i will prepare list of all mid life crisis professionals in NGO sector with good network and we build around 50 social entrepreneurs out there’

Santa ‘this is ridiculous.. who will risk this?’

Mint ‘Call those 50 Nepal entrepreneurs to Hong Kong and we target aggressive promotion ‘

Santa ‘for?’

Santa ‘Do you feel this is possible?’

Mint ‘even if 5 projects click in 9 months time and each get around 1M$ fund, it means 50 entrepreneurship projects in Nepal leading to around min 150-200 employment opportunities plus these guys will be trained for service logistic sector ‘

Santa ‘excellent idea..’

Mint ‘where there is way there is success’

Santa ‘Is this a dream?’

Mint ‘not so.. we are awake’

Santa ‘My wife’s call..’

Mint ‘what she says?’

Santa ‘She wants to visit Himalaya with her friends’

Mint ‘Make her an entrepreneur too..  she is good in geology.. let her study the fractures and lineaments and do some predictive models’

Santa ‘wow sounds exciting’

Mint ‘Mid life crisis can be solved only if individuals take challenges and exciting roles to solve a real problem and not cosy airconditioned office problems’

Santa begins laughing..

Santa ‘I agree’

Nothing Left (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Nothing Left to Tell

Tales became Stale

Hate became Love

Love became Hate

Life is not digital

Life is Analog

Analog to Digital

Humans love?

Rock bottom for huge span of life?

Irony of life is we wish to go digital

but only a straight line…

Oscilloscope shows straight line

Nothing left..

A human realizes that

life is analog

death is digital

and all of us need to

be flexible to keep oscillating

between highs and low

and not get into perpetual highs

and perpetual lows

and if you are on high for long time

just sit on ground for while

and meditate to be grounded

as nothing is left when we are on absolute high or absolute low.. We move away from everything and think from only our perspective without looking inwards and realizing that nothing is left but your deeds which can make your actions leave a global impact to the world and if not world, then your country and if nothing else but at least your square, your locality and if nothing else at least your family members

Happy Heart (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Happy Heart is one which keeps everyone happy.

A bit of smile, A bit of laughter, A bit of love, A bit of feelings

A clean heart always remains clean from evil thoughts

Happy heart doesn’t cry on break ups

Doesn’t cry of death news

Happy heart doesn’t cry on pink slips

Doesn’t cry on EMI defaults..

Happy Heart all is well as long as we have Happy Heart..

Banks chasing all over..

Happy Heart smiles and closes the Mobile for ever….

A pigeon comes and says ‘Don’t do that.. pay bills on time’

Happy heart listens to it and manages finance and family well

Happy heart is now free from finance worries

Free from family worries

Relaxing in a beach

Watching the good looking beauties all along

Thinking why they do look sad a bit..

Happy Heart rushes to them and says

Next time Smile and Come out of Water

You will look all the more beautiful

The  beauties vanish will a giggle

Happy heart smiles at self

and whispers ‘moderate your needs and all will go well’

Golden Era (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Historian Ramsey remembers the days in United Kingdom where the king and queen would rule the world and didn’t mind giving huge acres of land as gifts for discovery..

Ramsey is over 95 years.. hardly can see nor can write but has a good control over his voice.. His grand daughter Susan is over 40 and great grand son Tom around 15 and together they are a family.

Susan has no parents and Tom has no father again..  ..and Tom doesn’t know any thing about past..

One day Tom asks a question. to Ramsey and he always address Ramsey as GRANDDAD

Tom ‘GrandDad – why you keep remembering the era which you claim it was golden?’

Ramsey smiles and says ‘Tom those days we used to ignorant.. we would sit and chat for hours in evening.. our wants limited’

Tom ‘What happens when need increases?’

Ramsey ‘it creates a competition and then like my son and his wife moved over to US to catch on industrialization, you too would get into some developing country to begin some new project’

Tom ‘what happened to them.. My mom never told me anything about them’

Ramsey ‘Your grandpa and grandmom decided to start an Auto Unit in US with help of Japanese team’

Tom ‘and?’

Ramsey ‘One day my son decided to stop payments to the team as he felt the knowledge transfer was enough’

Tom ‘and?’

Ramsey ‘There were faults in the cars manufactured which led to multiple road accidents and both of them charged for not paying head to quality’

Tom ‘so…?’

Ramsey ‘From Golden Era.. I could see the Iron Era engulfing my kids to imprisonment and then they were hanged to death as it was over 500 deaths because of their manufacturing defects’

Susan comes in…

Susan ‘What stories are you telling my child?’

Ramsey ‘Susan – Tom has to know the various era’s of life’

Susan ‘What is my era?’

Ramsey ‘It is where electronics came in.. the digital era and here I lost my other kid..’

Tom ‘who?’

Ramsey ‘Susan’s husband.. ‘

Tom ‘What happened to him?’

Ramsey ‘He tried to create a GIS application to monitor parliament houses of various countries and never took the wire less permissions’

Tom ‘So?

Ramsey ‘He again got greedy and felt he will bring in golden era in our family by amassing huge wealth by his electronic tool’

Tom ‘and?’

Ramsey ‘Got kidnapped and till date not known if he is alive or dead’

Susan has drop of tear..

Ramsey ‘An advice to you my child.. you are now in Wireless Era .. your father was penalized for some high tech innovation and today people want disruptive ideas..’

Susan ‘Stop it Dad’

Ramsey ‘Make a tool which would calculate greed, compassion, passion, envy, love and hatred of a person by having probes sense the key vital points of body..Accupressure points can be used’

Tom ‘and?’

Ramsey ‘you will be surprised that in our days too all these qualities existed in abundance but we had a certain fear.. fear of the unknown.. today we call it love for the unknown but it is unknown whether genuine sincerity exists in anything which we do..’

Tom ‘am sleeping GRANDDAD’

Ramsey ‘sleep now.. sun will rise again tomorrow’

Next day Tom wakes up to find.. Ramsey is still. fully cold..

Susan ‘Son.. He passed away.. His era is gone.. only one lesson to you.. don’t ever be greedy and think to grow fast.. use your mind intelligently like GRANDDAD’

Susan hugs his son as she watches GRANDDAD peacefully dead..