someday somewhere

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

from nowhere

if today was a day of failure

tomorrow will be a day of success

sun shining all the way..

so what if there is no demo day

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

without a demo day

someday somewhere

you will stop chasing investors

and begin believing in self

to do it all on your own

and emerge successful

Stars of the Moment

Pitch day…

Joy, Ram, Sandra, Louisa, Michael, Ronny, Frank all are presenting their startups..

Joy ‘Aggregator business. 1000 trucks, US$100000 business’

Sandra  ‘Cab sharing… 10000 downloads.. ‘

Frank ‘Cool dating site.. 50000 users’

Ronny ‘NGO CSR providers’

Michael ‘sport goods ecommerce… celebrity invested in it.. has 100000 users’

Louisa ‘fashion product sales..  has 300 niche clients’

Finally Ram mentions ‘Am selling nothing.. aggregating nothing.. matching nothing…and sharing nothing’

All Investors echo simultaneously ‘why are you here?’

There is a giggle around… by other startups

Ram ‘I have been selected hence I came here’

An embarrassed coordinator James looks at his executive who curated the list

Susan ‘Sir.. my boy friend.. good for nothing.. thought he would get experience by interacting with seniors.. bright guy.. but just not sure what he wants’

James ‘let us discuss after this pitch session is over.. you embarrassed me’

Susan ‘Sorry Sir’

One Investor ‘what you wish to do in life?’

Ram ‘Nothing’

Second Investor  ‘why you keep repeating this word?’

Ram ‘NothingMuch is my website name.. for lazy folks who wish to spend time lazing around in various sweet spots..

in some public gardens, in some college locations.. in some zoo, in some restaurants.. and they can link themselves to other lazy people’

All investors burst laughing…

Investor  ‘why will folks come to your site’

Ram ‘all who do not wish to do anything in life will come to my site..’

Investor ‘just fail to understand this.. anyways we cannot invest on you’

Ram bursts laughing..

His girl friend Susan is sacked

Susan has tears in her eyes..

Ram shows the website which he is developing..

Ram ‘it tracks the lazy symptoms of an individual through a sensor….and identifies what objects can remove laziness. example a bored housewife is not doing anything but suddenly she finds a happy go lucky person on net and life changes..  it tracks everything like these behavior’

Susan ‘common do not kid me’

Ram ‘Stars of the Moment are ones who are extremely active for those moments only else they are lazy.. how to make a continuous moment of active alertness is where the software needs to train our mind to understand which all aspects makes our life more thrilling’

Susan ‘complex.. you are really good for nothing’

Ram ‘Susan.. I admit am lazy.. but who isn’t given an opportunity.. all would just like to sleep for more hours and keep lazing around’


I Love You

Shine ‘I LOVE YOU is the name of my firm which provides teenagers, married couple, singles, elders a way to express their feelings to their dear ones. Feeling troubled in love and wish to express your feelings.. No worries. I LOVE YOU will take care of same..  It will include your videos to express feelings, will have provisions for sending e-gifts, will have provisions for even giving a warm hug… We wont allow anything beyond we don’t wish to have web cam chats provided to individuals’

Ram the investor ‘Don’t you feel this all is possible in face book or twitter or any site’

Shine ‘The thrill to declare your love boldly to the world is amazing’

John the second investor ‘Any business revenue of this site?’

Shine ‘Sponsorship, Advertisements’

Ram ‘All this is already done.. what is scalable in this site’

Shine ‘Love barometer.. If someone  declares love to someone over 5000 times in a year, can give good gift.. surprise package.. this will have folks hooked on the site.. and we get revenue through google advertisements’

Ram ‘Let us think over it if we wish to invest in your love’

Shine ‘Thank you Sir..’

The pitch demo had Shine smiling and he told to his cofounder Nancy ‘My timing is bad.. Both the investors I believe don’t know how to love as both have broken marriage.. I got to know from the Incubation Manager latter’

Nancy ‘It is good news. Sooner or latter, you may find both of them in our site’

Both burst out laughing

Broken Heels.

Claudia ‘hey it is broken, what to do?’

Jim ‘why do you girls wear so big heels?’

Claudia ‘Common don’t taunt now.. tell me what to do?’

Jim ‘It is a big conference, so many guests, 5 star hotel.. Ok let us go to the corner’

Claudia slinks to the corner of the room..

Jim ‘Just wait.. I will check with the attendants if something can be done’

After 5 minutes,

Jim ‘Really sad and bad.. no alternative shoes available, there is no mall too near by’

Claudia ‘You know I have to give a presentation of my product to the attendees. The VC firm insists on such things and hence am here’

Jim ‘I know.. I love you.. Hence I never discourage you, but I used to wonder why you wear such big heels’

Claudia ‘Am 6 inches shorter to you hence’

Jim ‘Does height really matter, I can bend and kiss you too’

Claudia blushes

Jim ‘Love is beyond heels’

Claudia ‘There is a presentation.. Stop being romantic. I am sweating’

Jim ‘Wait.. I have asked my friend to get shoes for you.’

Claudia ‘Did you?’

Jim ‘Yes.. the moment I saw you in mess’

Claudia ‘I know Jim you are for me whenever I wish’

Jim ‘Some say giving footwear to a girl means the girl will be your spouse for sure’

Claudia blushes…

Claudia ‘Ok this Christmas eve we will unite’

Jim gets the shoes and hands over.. but with low heels

Claudia ‘oh. low heels’ her face falls.

Jim ‘Claudia.. please get used to it. No point in putting pain heal balm all over and sleeping. Am allergic to that smell’

Claudia gives her presentation.. People compliment her shoes too

Claudia ‘you saved my day.. thanks Jim’