Sign of old age

A white streak of hair (Side locks) and white streak of hair above..

white haired guys.. all ok with us..

sign of old age is where we either think of gracing and embracing old age gracefully

or just forget about those hair streaks and just go ahead and color your hair

and hit the gym and keep feeling youthful always..

startup DEMO precisely focuses on OLD AGE woes and has over 100 aunties and uncle uniting and identfying opportunities to defeat old age ..(No sex, No romantic endeavors.. it is all about clean companionship in group celebrating happiness together..

DEMO has got funded recently and needless to say the founder LISA is also greying but has defeated it through oodles of fish curries, crabs and it seems eating sea food can defy ageing.. she looks so beautiful even though she is 40.


Stars of the day

Huma ‘today is our demo day and am very nervous.. a bunch of investos are going to evaluate us”

Sofia ”it is standard 11 slide deck, however we have an excellent product demo”

Ramesh ‘They have announced all of us to be on stage.. let’s get going”

As they walk on stage..  Sofia collapses

Huma, Ramesh, the Incubation Coordinator Dash all rush to her…

She is unconscious…

Dash ”call ambulence.. we need to rush her…”

Jerry her other cofounder mentions ”ambulence should reach out in 2 min”

Geff the investor ”how …. who informed them.”

Jerry ”Sir,  as she was falling with a jolt, her IoT enabled mobile did the trick”

Geff ‘strange…”

The ambulence comes in and rushes Sofia..

exactly 1 minute later, the incubation lead/Geff get a message ”she is fine, down time 5 minutes, on way to hospital.. check her location… how was the demo?”

Geff is shocked… and smiles…

Incubation lead ”hey lets get to the other pitch.. shocking. .even I was not aware of this demo”


Leave takings

Rob is an ace project manager but is saddled with an issue of continuous infrequent leave taking by his resources..

He visits a project management conference and wants to understand by eminent speaker Joy about his view..

Joy ‘do they listen to you?’

Rob ‘No.. and they threaten an exit if I ask them to not take leaves’

Joy ‘please bring sense of belonging in your team.. let them own the project as their baby and declare incentives right upfront and show them a road map.. career roadmap is important for seniors and juniors too’

Rob is silent… as the conference proceedings continue

Rob realizes that he has been giving unnecessary pressure to his staff’

Next day

Rob ‘dear all.. all leave approved.. no force.. no compulsion.. just try to complete project before end of month’

10 days later he is finding team working late hours

Rob wonders how this miracle happened

3 days before the month ends.. Manager Sana walks in

Sana ‘Sir.. project is ready.. the lead has taken leave today.. but we can have demo’

Rob ‘I trust you.. you please show demo to client’

Sana ‘thanks Sir.. am on leave tomorrow but don’t worry.. demo will be good. I assure you’

Rob smiles

At evening

Rob is sipping his wine

Rob ‘is this the reason my wife too left me.. did I try to pressure her too much ?’


Venture Drama

Eagle ‘What makes venture dramas a success’

Manuel ‘it is a concept where an entire venture is penned as a story and narrated as a presentation.. ‘

Eagle ‘what it means?’

Manuel ‘life as a venture begins alone and parents are our mentors and advisers. We are hand held for 9-12 months and then… the walk, talk and then running, jumping.. and then… more mentors, more advisers in form of teachers, uncles, aunts, paternal and maternal relatives and friends or even boss”

Eagle ‘what is the drama there?’

Manuel ‘adjustments and non adjustments.. both lead to dramas

Eagle ‘where is the drama?’

Manuel ‘we exhibit various emotions and unfortunately these emotions come out as drama’s so one thing is certain venture without drama will never get results and hence we have demo, pitch, twitter, facebook posts.. everything is publicized with power of internet’

Eagle ‘so?’

Manuel ‘venture drama is all about live debates on lessons learnt where founders and teams are honest enough to own mistakes over failures and discuss it out.. openly.. (voice of truth)

Loving Loveable Lora

Lora is a sweet girl who is caring, affectionate but crippled by polio. Her motto in life is to ensure all new born kids don’t become a polio victim..

One day as she is browsing through a social site, she begins a casual interaction with Ronrow from Russia

Ronrow ‘What is your age?’

Lora ’20’

Ronrow ‘You look very beautiful’

Lora ‘Thanks.. Wish someone loved me’

Ronrow looks surprised

Lora ‘What is your age?’

Ronrow ’34.. Am married..’

Lora ‘:(‘

Ronrwo ‘Why you look sad’

Lora ‘Am crippled.. ‘

Ronrow ‘Oh I see.. how?’

Lora ‘Polio.. I wish to do something for this community and ensure kids are vaccinated in time

2 months latter

Ronrow ‘Want to show you an apps’

Lora ‘Which?’

Ronrow through Skype shows a demo of  an application which tracks birth of kid through linking hospitals and may be any one can register a new born.. and it shows baby care functions, vaccination schedule and it can send reminders to parent about due date.. and you can log baby health statistic and monitor it compared to WHO standards.

Lora is shocked and surprised..

Lora ‘What?’

Ronrow ‘Gift to Loving Loveable Lora..  you will be the founder of this company and I will support you’

Lora ‘Who are you?’

Ronrow ‘Am just a technology geek so thought of contributing to society.. You know am married so may be I can give you platonic love.. ‘

Lora ‘I understand.. Thanks for all the support’


Lily and Milan were in love since college days.. Both of them had conceived two different projects and wished to get it enrolled in an accelerator program. Lily believed in a project which would impact lives of people and Milan believed in a project which would attract a good traffic, a typical social website..

Lily ‘Human Life is important and changes can happen only if humans change themselves’

Milan ‘VCs are interested in returns and for me getting traffic is most important.. Don’t worry, I will fund your project’

Lily ‘There are takers for my type of project’

During the demo days, Lily and Milan realized that their ideologies differed..

Lily ‘Milan, do you feel money can buy anything?’

Milan ‘Unfortunately this is a reality these days… Common Lets have a cup of coffee’

Lily looks at Milan’s eyes

Milan ‘Lily I love you by my heart… Hope our relationship equations never change”

Lily hugs Milan

Comes the pitch day and both of them get enrolled in different accelerator programs as Lily’s project suits the social entrepreneurship domain…

Two years latter

Lily ‘Our VC is wishing us to be self sustainable, we need to look at money too’

Milan ‘I told you so much earlier.. For us it is more about scalability. I will need to travel to South East Asian Countries.. A few competitors there.. Have to study their model’

Lily ‘Hey we were just about to get married’

Milan hugs Lily

Milan ‘Dear Lily.. we will once the series A funds come through’

Lily ‘What should I say my parents… I am also pregnant’

Milan ‘Can you…’

Lily ‘What.. abort.. No.. that is not possible’

Milan ‘Ok let the kid come, I promise we will marry’

1 year latter

Lily ‘Milan, the baby girl is doing well. She is named Flora.. our flower’

Milan ‘Oh I love that name… but Lily, I was under pressure, my VC’s daughter Sandra she fell in love with me, so no option but to marry her for Series A funds’

Lily ‘So you ditched me finally and proved you don’t value human’

Milan ‘No Lily, understand our problems.. Both of us are caught in this web of VC world.. You too would be constrained’

Lily ‘I wont sell myself for that..’

Lily begins focusing on her causes and she soon begins getting huge responses from remote Africa, China, India, Japan and even Canada and Europe.. Her health project is impacting lives of kids.. She has also initiated dream education…  Her kid Flora is put to a hostel and is doing well

Milan is now a very successful entrepreneur and initiates his own VC firm ‘Milan Capital’

20 years latter….  Milan visits an accelerator program in university where Mary has developed a unique software which can give a human three directions to salvage their sins and even guides a human through the extent it can salvage the past deeds..

Milan is amazed…  It is a hot topic.. Each person wants to use that tool.. which through a thorough psycho analysis of question and answers, comes up with a SIN SCORE…

Milan ‘Mary. it is just amazing, I never knew a too like this can exist’

Mary ‘It was demonstrated to over 10 investment firms and all of them want to invest.. Am confused.. you are the last firm to check through. Many were zapped. But you need to evaluate the tool self’

Milan begins using the tool.. and soon finds his score emerging 100. He is annoyed, unhappy and goes back to other investors to check the score.. They begin mock laughing at Milan

Milan ‘This is not done.. What proof it has?’

Mary ‘Not sure.. your answers helped to arrive at the score’

Mary ‘Hey, why did you say ‘yes’ to questions like ‘Do you value money?’, ‘Will you prefer work over love?’ , ‘Will you leave your near and dear ones in case an important office work comes in?, ‘Did you forget your past love and moved on further?’. ‘Did you recommend abortion to anyone?’ and….

Milan ‘I meant all that yes and so…’

Mary ‘What salvation path it showed?’

Milan ‘It says If you dupe or neglect someone and realize you are guilty, just say Sorry and Forgive Me’

Milan “It says if money flows begin, check who all helped in that flow and acknowledge each of them’

Milan ‘It says you can just give a surprise to your near and dear one by visiting them at least once in life again, if you forgot them now’

Mary ‘Not sure.. what it is’

Milan ‘Want to check what is your sin’

Mary’s score comes 40

Milan ‘Wow… It indicates you lie and salvation is ‘Tell the truth’

Milan ‘What you lied?’

Mary giggles ‘My name is Flora and not Mary’

Milan ‘What did you say? Flora??? sounds familiar’

Milan ‘Hey 1 minute, 20 years back I heard this name Flora from my friend Lily’

Mary ‘She is my mom’

Milan is about to hug Mary..

Mary ‘I left her as I got unnecessary attention from all as I was born of an unwed mother.. so may be my score rose to 40’

Milan ‘It says the same.. visit your lost near and dear one at least once’

Mary ‘hey yes our sins match’

Milan ‘Can we… salvage that?’

Mary ‘How?’

Milan ‘You visit your mom and I will visit my lost friend in US’

Mary ‘My mom too in US.. though now am in Europe’

20days latter

Mary ‘Milan Sir, this is my mom Lily’

Lily looks at Milan..

Milan ‘Am extremely sorry.. forgive me’

Lily ‘Mary, meet your dad Milan.. Materialism made him loose his own love and daughter’

Milan ‘Mary, forgive me.. I loved your tool which helped us unite, I will fund it.. let it be used freely by all in the world’

Mary ‘Mom, can we forgive dad’

Lily ‘He is married already’

Mary ‘Let him marry you too’

Lily ‘Mary, you value humans.. I don’t think I wish to marry him any longer.. but let us all be friends’

Milan ‘Lily, never knew life can restore the past memory through an artificial intelligence and help us salvage our sins before we leave this earth’

All of them watch the sun set.. and the moon light glimmering on them in the top most floor of a skyscraper..

Milan ‘The world looks so small below’

Mary ‘Never look down at folks, I look up to you as you are my father and it is important for you to know that your near and dear ones are besides you’

Milan ‘I swear, this quest of entrepreneurship almost has made me in human, I look at each aspect too objectively, with no emotions’

Lily ‘You were in that mess since your youth.. Learn to value humans at least now’

Milan ‘Will surely do from now on’

Welcome to Circus – The Demo day

Excitedly awaiting results, a group awaits their turn for presenting self on demo day.

Questions asked “Traction???”, “Team????”.”Target???”,”Turnover???”,”Transaction??”

Pat comes a reply “KOTLER said 4 Ps”, “What is this 5 Ts??”

Loud Laughter among Investors they echo “It is TODDLER requirement”

The group puzzled says “TODDLER?”

One of the investor “Kids between age 1 to 3”

The group look at each other and say “So we are toddlers” and burst into laughter and say “Hence our product is only for kids”

The investors look at the presentation and see a diaper and again confirm “Are you confident of the diaper business?”

Pat comes the reply “We collected US$1 as donation and in turn gave 3 diapers each to kids who didn’t have diapers”

The investors look at each other and say “Social Entrepreneurship”. “Wow.. All the best for your endeavors”

The group moved to other investor “Jose”

This time the group become smarter

Jose asks “Since when you are in diapers?”

The team look at each other and say “Ages”

Jose isn’t amused and says “We don’t fund teams which work on product for ages”

The team is now in front of last investor Miss ‘Rosy”

They are nervous to the hell

Rose looks at the presentation and begins smiling and says “Why you think of seeking donation?”

The team says “What else we can do?”

Rose mentions “Tie self with a retail web site and instead of them putting investments on advertisements the retail manufacturers can make diapers with advertisements pasted on it”

Team looks perplexed and say “Yes Yes we do agree”

Rose then takes out ROSE PERFUME and sprays on the team and says “Do you like the fragrance?”

Team full of shyness echo “Yes”

Rose says “It is my company’s best perfume. Will invest in your venture and let us discuss with the manufacturers to put ROSE logo in all diapers”.

Team wonder and look zapped

Rose orders ROSE MILK for all of them and says ‘So will all of you give me ROSE on the valentine day?”

Team say “Surely MAM we will give rose flower to you”

Rose says “I was talking of first lot of ROSE Diapers to be distributed to poor kids”

Together they shake hand.