Social Media marketing

If wishes were horses, every word has a potential to get VIRAL..

STARTUP MANTRA for day is ”just keep pushing.. you will find your own space”

Twitter Guru Joy put this and had 100000 likes

Raj Mark put it and he has 100 likes

Rahim put and had 0 likes

What makes the difference

Guru has many connects, trusted followers and fans.. and yes at times uses paid service too ­čÖé

RajMark has multiple family friends so gets an assured 100 likes

Rahim is a new entrant, not knowing what is best for him, so he just decides to ask Guru to push his page.. he tags along Guru… soon his one liners too get noticed

Rahim ‘Guru.. you can create news out of nothing”

Guru ”yes.. I just made a news item AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY return back again and it has got over 200000 likes

An Employee turned Entrepreneur

Kid ‘Papa says never to stand behind a donkey and never to stand in front of boss’

Mom ‘why?’

Kid ‘Donkey kicks from back and Boss kicks from front’ and shows his thumbs down

Kid ‘Papa says hence be an entrepreneur’ and shows his thumbs up.

Mom ‘My son.. and who will fend for all bills, your fees till then?’

Kid ‘Papa says Mom makes the difference. Give her love and more love and she will shower you and papa with love, happiness and will support family expenses too till Papa becomes a successful entrepreneur’

Mom ‘where is Papa?’

Kid ‘why?’

Mom ‘I want to….’

Kid ‘Papa says if mummy hits too it is because of love, she will still support you and papa in whatsoever we do’

Mom ‘I will ..’

Kid ‘Papa says if she stops at I will.. it means you and Pappa are going to get kisses and love during the day and night on that day… you should thank stars for giving such loving mom’

mom looks baffled up

Kid ‘papa says.. if she looks up.. it means she is thanking god to give a son like you and dad like me’



I sell everything from dream to pins

she sells everything from idea to thorns

She and me feel Sales More Important then Marketing

Whatsoever stupid it would be, i need to sell

if it is a blog i will say oh la la la

if it is a product i will say oh my god.. cool stuff

if it is a service she will say.. excellent team

if it is a maintenance she will say… hassle free..

wow thy me a seller.. a seller who first sells

marketing is a pull and not a push

so thy me first sell then pull then sell

then pull, then sell and strategy begins

following when i begin selling

I is small, does it make a difference

I also sell small I

Seller can sell anything and everything..

(A true spirited seller will never worry about being jobless)