Mike is researching on startups and finds it amusing that so many folks are investing left right and center for ideas…
Mike who has also been an ace technology architect and was involved in product development never understood how Ideation itself can reap in so much benefit..

Mike is besides his wife Ruby who has 3 daughters from her first marriage and with Mike a boy and girl.. So it is a family of 6

Ruby ‘I will want at least one of my daughter to be entrepreneur’

Mike smiles..

Mike ‘may be they wish to be employee like you do’

Ruby ‘tell me.. why do I fear to not start on my own?’

Mike ‘risk averseness.’

Ruby ‘do you feel startups will succeed in long run?’

Mike ‘only 1%.. now what is the formulae to improve it to 5%’

Ruby ‘what?’

Mike ‘try to see all the kids do not fight among themselves and have appetite to listen, learn and implement the learning’

Ruby ‘Soham our son is too mischievous.. I doubt if he will ever listen to all’

Mike ‘engage him with things which he loves’

Ruby ‘he loves bicycles’

Míke ‘just ask him to assemble one.. write a story around it.. dream wish list’

Ruby ‘then..’

Mike ‘ask him to note the budgets’

Ruby ‘then..’

Mike ‘ask him to make a 3 minute pitch story and present to me’

Ruby ‘then?’

Mike ‘I will fund him for 1st two activities and let us see if he succeeds’

Ruby ‘what is this all about?’

Mike ‘am a 1% investor focused only on business MVP tests.. so am experimenting with my son and then all 4 daughters.. if they are able to do what they wrote.. I think all will become successful entrepreneurs one day’

Ruby ‘how this word startup came?’

Mike ‘Acting on an objective.. is what Startup is all about.. Acting dimension is the 3rd important dimensions in PASSION FRAMEWORK.. An action leads to motions and Startups is all about having right kind of motions, notions proved and tested for investors to invest further’

Ruby ‘thanks for adopting my kids too dear.. I remember you just accepted all without fuss’

Mike ‘Adopting someone else’s baby is what Startup Mentors need to realize and Adapting someone else’s acumen to grow business is what Startup Entrepreneurs should learn’

Ruby hugs Mike..

Ruby ‘hope you find me a learning student always’

Mike ‘you have not yet become entrepreneur so you will always remain student’

Vehicle vs Human

Robert a philosopher feels human can never be Machine

His doctor friend Rayon feels Man can become machine

Robert ‘common.. a human has emotions.. machine do not’

Rayon ‘do you know a human can be trained to mechanically work.. skillset development is all about tuning human to not get distracted. And now about emotions.. self control which all advocate is what? Is it not training a machine to control self?’

Robert ‘the whole globe began with forbidden apple.. god did design us and sometimes we kid that manufacturing defect exists hence so and so behaves in particular way… so I agree’

Rayon ‘humbleness, arrogance, greed, love, hate all these dimensions trigger human body to react… and same way machines need many parameters to trigger reaction.. but what I say is all abstract attributes hence human can never be machine as any perceptive attributes can never guarantee machine learning to succeed.. so hope all vehicle lovers and data analytic lovers understand machine learning or vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to infrastructure.. all these concepts will succeed only if human be trained to mechanically work’

Complimentary Startups Incubators and Accelerators

Complimentary Startup Incubator is a space where the Incubation Head believes in only using SIPOC as a criteria to incubate startups. It will house 2 companies in each of dimension

Supplier – Input – Process – Output – Customer and will also have an auditing team included as potential process startup company

How does this model work and will it really reap in benefit?

The model is similar to any accelerator initiative but is focused to a theme. An annual theme planned out..

Does it mean that the incubator can maximum take only 20 startups?

Quality of an incubator or accelerator suffers if we have too many startups being mentored and scaled up simultaneously. What is important is the incubator success. Successful exits.. Successful team building.. Successful traction.

Theme based incubation will succeed in long run if they strategize a SIPOC model and scale all the startups within the SIPOC model.

PASSION FRAMEWORK focuses on Probing-Innovating-Acting-Scoping-Setting-Owning and Nurturing Dimensions and the research is too deep as it also includes 28 dimensions needed for strengthening Incubator / Accelerator and Entrepreneur Eco System. Evolved by me.. it keeps getting better.. The blog has 98 country viewership which explains entrepreneurship using stories and poems as Entrepreneurship needs to connect to people.. their inner soul and to make a person realize what best suits him or her.

SIPOC fits into PASSION FRAMEWORK in each of its dimensions

Enjoy the age old SIPOC and ETVX (Entry Criteria – Task – Validation Criteria – Exit Criteria) as a evaluation tool to select entrepreneurs and plan their success validations and exits.

Complimentary Startup Incubators will grow over period of time as it will be a chaos to have similar startups being incubated / accelerated by incubation centers with a theory ‘let best one win?’ as Startup grooming is about scaling and building operations and let the similar startups be acquired, taken over or moved towards complimentary goals to ensure all startups succeed or at least taste success. Marketing such theme based incubator accelerator eco-system becomes easier.

Will be happy to interact with incubator, accelerators, mentors, advisor’s and investors to get more inputs and suggestions

Top Stories

Mr Manuel jumped from the skyscraper and remained unhurt. Reasons there were live saving brakes which if he pressed would slow down his speed when landing. Any takers for this product..  1M$ deal..

Joy got into a circus ring with Lion and the Lion decided to eat him up, but as the Lion reached Joy, he found a mirror which showed another lion. It paused.. and Joy guided the lion through the mirror images and tamed it.. 2M$ any taker.. A mirror solution to tame animals.

Linda and Margret were walking on road and they found a big advertisement ‘we sell gardens not roses or lilies, all for only US$10000 per annum.  they rushed to that location and found a huge queue. Designer gardens for sale… Any takers. 3M$ investment

Soumya and Rafi were about to get married when there were huge conflict type situations and lo and behold a modern day robin hood came and said ‘he can support run away marriages and has huge team.  Risks are many but if couples really want to get married, an investment of US$1 only before marriage and US$200 annual fee after marriage. The money will help kids who starve on road

Roy is planning to how a planet auditorium where an individual can escape into the world of Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury.. a 100M$ proposition.. Any taker

Who said dreams cannot be thought of, big visions cannot be conceived.

Who said innovations never happen in developing countries and we need to rely on other countries ?

Innovations happen every moment in your mind, my mind, everyone’s mind. Be bold enough to jot down, spread the message and may be some day some national leader will acknowledge you for your crazy idea

and where does Innovation come from?

Probing.. please keep probing your mind, heart, soul, body and prick it, torture it and you will get your pain points.


ACTING, SCOPING, SETTING comes latter on

and once someone invests in your ideas.. you OWN AND NURTURE it.


Charles Loves Transparency

Charles is an up coming entrepreneur who loves to be transparent to his employees as well as Investors.

One day Investor Joe calls Charles for a discussion..

Joe ‘Charles.. can you inflate your sales.. It helps gets more round of funds’

Charles ‘what?..

Joe ‘Charles.. it is business.. your e mart business has huge traffic but doesn’t generate into figures’

Charles ‘I know that’

Joe ‘Just get some more customers for name sake and show partnership’

Charles ‘this is undone.. I love transparency’

Joe ‘Jump of cliff and never come up. Don’t you understand we love our entrepreneurs to be transparent to us but finally each business has dictum.. Nothing is lies till it is proved. Nothing is bad till it keeps succeeding. We are not cheating consumers. We are building hype, media hype’

Charles ‘Am shocked’

Joe ‘As entrepreneur realize too many stakes attached, Do you know each movie released creates a huge hype, so much of advertisements for a product, so much brand building around you guys, for what? Return on Investments.. brutal truth’

Charles has sullen face

Joe ‘In life we are not also transparent to God.. we lead so many lives assuming no one see’s us so why so much fuss about nothing’

Charles ‘What needs to be done?’

Joe ‘Have planned an entire market hype and we will have huge traffic this June. ‘

Charles ‘what more?’

Joe ‘Just declare in media with a smiling face, will follow automatically’

3 months latter

Charles ‘when can we have similar campaign again.. Huge business we did in June’

Joe ‘Smart boy.. Too much ethics not good for business. ‘

Charles ‘Never knew entrepreneurship has such dimensions too’

Joe ‘Teaching entrepreneurship is explaining all types of events in that journey. Nothing is good or bad.. It is like an Indian Philosopher who said ‘To beat evil, you need to create illusion, an illusion of power, be focused, choose what you wish to as goal and stick to it.. your job is to win and not loose. You have not cheated anyone on your product or service.. but marketing calls for tricky situations.. so get going’

Spectators cannot be Achievers?

Sometimes we perceive a cost and don’t even attempt trying.
We begin attempting and realize someone else is already doing it.
We try to do it.. and realize we have to now compete
A few months latter, a year latter or even decade latter we see a splash in news paper of an achiever who has gained millions of $ on a concept which even you thought of but never tried.. and … so here it goes.. do read (the blog which attracts over 80 country viewership and explains entrepreneurship and its dimensions using story format, poems.. penned by me..  Enjoy……. and hope to see some survey form completed.. At least attempt.. That doesn’t cost money.

Fill the survey form if you wish to research on some particular subject or wish to start something of own

Sculpted Beauty

Alfresco was a sculpture domain expert.. He worked with a team of engineers to come up with contours through a normal photo.

These contour maps would be put on GIS tool and a 3 Dimensional photo would emerge..

One day his friend Linda see’s him profiling a celebrity photograph…She had just met him the other day in an exhibition

Linda ‘Why does she wish to see her 3 Dimensional photo?’

Alfresco ‘She is ageing and wants to see the scars, cracks developed on her face and send those samples to a cosmetic manufacturing company for R & D’

Linda ‘But your tool can show wrong results too’

Alfresco ‘We actually have the 3 Dimension photo tested with the actual person and make small alterations again, so may be it may be 80% accurate’

Linda ‘Why do individuals love to see their sculpted form?’

Alfresco “It looks beautiful.’

Linda comes closer to Alfresco

Linda ‘Can you sculpt only my eyes’

Alfresco begins taking the dimensions and also takes her photo’

Alfresco ‘Hey your eyes are in love’

Linda ‘Yes.. for you’

Alfresco ‘But I have uncertain business, hence no one marries me’

Linda hugs him..

Linda ‘My life itself is uncertain. I had left my home back in Vietnam and decided to settle here in Spain, Uncertain life, no shelter, I would keep moving to various events in search of a groom or a partner.. Would do some small errands and survive’

Alfresco ‘Am quite elder to you’

Linda ‘Age and Love has no correlation’

Alfresco just then receives a letter

He is overjoyed as he has been chosen to be core architect for objects to be put in sculpture museum

He looks at Linda and happily says ‘you proved lucky for me’

Both Linda and Alfresco are married and have 2 kids.  His business is doing well..

Sometimes individuals of different age groups can fall in love, it sustains well too as finally beauty is in eyes of beholder.

Survive the first 5 years and be a life long entrepreneur

As a child, we always depend on our parents. A new born baby and the 9 month pain and pleasure which the mother experiences is what an incubator should ideally be doing. Any acceleration could lead to a pre mature baby. So what happens after 9 month? Can the baby walk? No it may begin crawling and if it crawls, it still needs mother’s help. Can a mother sell off its baby? No it will need to groom it further. But then soon she finds that she cannot support her baby, so she calls for more angels and they together groom it. Now the baby can walk and talk too. But will it be able to do a marathon run? No. So here we may wish the baby to have run a marathon and win too. Is it really possible? Is Entrepreneurship a hype or reality or truth. Did we ever brutally realize that as a management subject it can be taught and taught only through experiences and stories. Many win the marathon too and make great bucks. Life is game of chances. What is successful entrepreneurship is all about being transparent to our weaknesses and strengths and begin game planning for a long term growth not only in terms of money but knowledge and career road map. Finally if we need to exit too, we need to exit with a contribution to society.
Join the true entrepreneur group where a holistic view of all dimensions of entrepreneurship reviewed, understood, experienced and then fully understanding pros and cons, begin this game of entrepreneurship.