Survive the first 5 years and be a life long entrepreneur

As a child, we always depend on our parents. A new born baby and the 9 month pain and pleasure which the mother experiences is what an incubator should ideally be doing. Any acceleration could lead to a pre mature baby. So what happens after 9 month? Can the baby walk? No it may begin crawling and if it crawls, it still needs mother’s help. Can a mother sell off its baby? No it will need to groom it further. But then soon she finds that she cannot support her baby, so she calls for more angels and they together groom it. Now the baby can walk and talk too. But will it be able to do a marathon run? No. So here we may wish the baby to have run a marathon and win too. Is it really possible? Is Entrepreneurship a hype or reality or truth. Did we ever brutally realize that as a management subject it can be taught and taught only through experiences and stories. Many win the marathon too and make great bucks. Life is game of chances. What is successful entrepreneurship is all about being transparent to our weaknesses and strengths and begin game planning for a long term growth not only in terms of money but knowledge and career road map. Finally if we need to exit too, we need to exit with a contribution to society.
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