Stories which never end..

Mother-in-law  daughter-in-law


Employer – Employee

Boss – Subordinate

Lover – Lost Lover

Teacher – Student

Startup – Investor

Doctor – Health

Health – Insurance

Bank – Income

Excercise – Health

Anger – Hatred

and finally………..

guess what????


Love –  Peace

So if we wish to be peaceful, always be loving…



if I was not a baby in womb of my mother, I would feel a child just comes instantaneously and can begin walking and talking immediately.

I see a 6 week cohort and a 12 week one and a 24 week one and how can the baby really walk and talk immediately?

I wished to see a strong and healthy baby and refused to give boosters to my baby and let it grow naturally.

soon the baby began walking after 9 months and talking after 18 months. the ones who had boosters, were jumping all over, confident, smart and my baby walking gracefully and still struggling to talk

in 3rd year of life, my baby had strong arms, legs and was giggling with laughter as I found half of the one’s who had boosters were falling sick quite too often.

I asked the doctor.. why he accelerated the growth of babies when he knew they would fall sick soon.

the doctor said, I had to abide by the hospital..

I reached to dean of the hospital and found he too is helpless as there is money which drives the economics of hospital..

I paused a while and realized if economics really works and even if 3 out of 10 babies survive and grow.. still those 3 will do better then my single baby..

I had no option left but to groom more babies zealously and so what if it is accelerating the baby to talk and walk faster.. few may grow.. few may sink.. few may just hang along.. but in my moral consciousness. I decided to give each baby a strong foundation for long term success.

foundation of education.. foundation of experience and foundation of ethics.

as each baby needed to be brand ambassador for me..

Me- am voice of an accelerator.. a student of entrepreneurship eco system.. willing to learn as always..





Skeleton Rumbles

Dr Rich is working on a way to re use skeleton parts for making human robotics. He is convinced that skeleton parts should be re-usable too.

His girl friend Freida is unhappy with his research… She feels we should let the body rest in peace..

Rich ‘Freida.. ‘ Many Humans do not contribute to society even in their life time. Why not they contribute after they have gone.. Their soul is anyway left to some unknown destination’

Freida ‘It is weird.  What you plan to do?’

Rich ‘Many doctors have to go through hazards and need to provide vaccination, disease prevention injections to patients having contagious diseases’

Freida ‘Agreed’

Rich ‘Am making a device which also needs flexibility, so use of fingers to prick injection and doses coming automatically from an automated machine’

Freida ‘Great idea.. but why you don’t wish to experiment with metals, plastics ‘

Rich ‘Dear Freida, hence it is a research.. Research on Skeleton Reusability’

Freida ‘This is scary as well as interesting’

Rich ‘Life of a researcher begins with a problem statement and ends with negating the assumption (hypothesis)

Just then lights go off and a body part begins moving towards Freida..

She shrieks and before she realizes, she is unconscious..

Next day when she wakes up she observes Rich’s dead body surrounded by his near and dear ones..

Freida ‘What happened to him?’

A griever ‘He got a cardiac arrest.. Not sure what happened’

Freida ‘Skeleton Rumbles.. Science, Technology and War with Unknown.. It continuous. Sometimes we fight to get the unknown, sometimes we fight for unknown, sometimes we become fundamentalists to believe in unknown and sometimes we never believe and only believe in our power to make the change. The change could be better or it could be disaster as we can see Rich my Mentor. He tried to experiment and failed’

She looks above and see’s a skeleton face smiling at her and a whisper in her ear ‘I will return back to again do future research on the same subject’

Apple wallops

My Little Story begins with a cute little peck in my cheeks when my mother caressed me silly and whispered in my ear ‘If you wish to eat any fruit, first ensure other taste it and then only consume’

I was walking on the road with Apple orchards all around and there was this delicious apple looking all red. I ate the apple..

only to find a strong desire to eat one more came in…

At the end of day with 5-6 apples all eaten well.. I felt a bit full and wanted to relax.. self when i found a gentle man informing the orchard owner ‘the pesticides are too much and one who eats apple will suffer huge stomach pains after a few hours.. please ensure you don’t put too much pesticides and fertilizers to accelerate apple growth’

I was shivering and felt some pain in my stomach.. why did i eat those.. my mom had warned me…

As a child of 12 i knew a bit of chemistry but not much..

Soon I was wailing and crying as i assumed am gone..

till my mom asked ‘what happened?’

I said ‘I ate the apple’

She smiled and asked ‘so?’

I said ‘Am finished.. the owner is mixing some chemicals and accelerating apple growth’

She said ‘relax.. nothing will happen’

After a day, i felt better

and as me Mr. Jose looks behind and wonders what is missing in my research I realize

‘which solution in earth can identify adulterated composition.. A unique solution??’

Miss Louisa who is my research associate whispers in my ear

‘There is no solution for adulteration. Some will say 100% pure but no 100% purity these days… All 99.99% pure..

I ask ‘so has idealism vanished?’

Louisa ‘long way back.. these days the reality is be natural.. eat less.. eat healthy and life will be fine’

Just then Sandra gets a basket of Apples..

I smile at them and ask Sandra ‘did you check if it natural or not?’

Sandra eats the apples and says ‘Am not worrying.. as my doctor says ‘Any apple a day keeps doctor away and an adulterated apple a day keeps doctor closer to me.. I absolutely adore him’

I smile at Louisa

Louisa ‘no one minds a bit of imperfection these days. sometimes it suits us too’

Washed out (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Melissa is a scientist who is researching on a unique topic of how to erase bitter memories in human mind..

Her logic is if we have an option of DELETE to delete files in hard disk or memory, we can implement the same logic even in human..

Melissa understands that long term memory can be destroyed through destruction of neurons which act as a transmitter of electrical and chemical signals..

Her colleague Jose feels that to suppress those neurons which transmit bad memories back to human mind, we need to understand which neurons impact such memories..

Melissa ‘Am working on mapping neuron reactions to each of our day-to-day activity and then will understand which group of neurons respond most to bitter memories’ if those neurons respond to some good happy happenings too it means those neurons need to be subjected to the other activities which can suppress those neurons from transmitting bad memories back to human mind’

Jose ‘Complex…’

Melissa ‘You loved your dog and when it expired, it came haunting to you.. as no one knows that you killed the dog in fit of anger when it bit your dearest beloved Melissa’

Jose’s face turns pale

Melissa ‘I mapped your thought process and found you are comfortable with pet dogs and your spikes of outburst come when something disrupts your thought towards the object you love most’

Jose ‘So?’

Melissa ‘So.. I plan to have a dog again play with me…’

Jose ‘If it hurts you.. i will kill that dog too’

Melissa ‘This feeling is what i wish to suppress. I will check your neuron behaviors’

Jose’s pet dog Tom arrives and Melissa begins playing..

Jose’s reactions are being mapped… and just when Melissa kisses Tom on his back.. the spikes turn high..

Melissa smiles back at Jose.. and spikes get to normal…

After those 15 minutes mapping..

Melissa ‘Do you know possessiveness engulfs you and you cannot bear even a dog touching me’

Jose ‘so how you can wash out this possessiveness?’

Melissa ‘A surprise for you’

Jose ‘Anne.. how come she is.. one of the most beautiful girl and I used to love her for her wits.. what a surprise’

Melissa ‘Mapping begins again now’

Melissa hugs the dog.. and maps Jose’s reactions..

Melissa moves her dainty fingers in Dogs’s mouth..

Jose’s spikes move a bit but not too much..

After the mapping completes..

Jose ‘So?’

Melissa “It means.. if you find a previous object which you liked most, you may tend to forget the bitter memories with present object’

Jose ‘So any WASHED OUT OBJECT can happen only if we bring out any other OBJECT which we like to interact more with us”

Melissa ‘Yes”

Jose ‘Anne.. can you come for a dinner today’

Anne smiles and looks at Melissa

Melissa ‘Have a great evening.. I have to catch up with my research’



Blood Pressure

Cold and Cough


Doctor Jury ‘I know that ABCD is root cause for many diseases’

Doctor Padma ‘What about Eczema , Fever and so on’

Jury ‘Padma do you have any of ABCD?’

Padma ‘BP’

Jury ‘I have Asthma’

Padma ‘Why you opened this topic in this forum today’

Jury ‘Am narrating a story of a man who fought all diseases only to realize he had missed out taking care of his skin and he became old soon’

Padma ‘Whose?’

Jury “Me.. Am 40 and look like 60′

Padma ‘Oh I thought you were like my father’s age’

Jury ‘Precisely.. hence am advising you.. apart from ABCD.. take care of your skin too.. This is turmeric powder.. Apply in your body and bathe.. and also drink turmeric water’

Padma begins laughing

Jury ‘Seriously saying.. Turmeric water curbs many diseases’


A good suite and smart shirt and trousers and boots with a dash of perfume.. and neatly placed hair..

Joy is attending an interview for a CEO’s position in a MNC

Next to him is Robert.. a bit unclean, cramped clothes, wavy hair…

Both get into a conversation..

Robert ‘For which position have you applied?’

Joy ‘CEO’

Joy ‘you?’

Robert ‘CEO’

Both begin laughing..

Robert ‘I feel this company will hire you.. Where were you working’

Joy ‘Am working at Startups focused on health data.. look after marketing’

Robert ‘Am the data analytic specialist. you would have read my book? ‘

Joy ‘No’

Joy is called for the interview… After 1 hour, he comes out happy..

Robert ‘Do I really have to go in?’

Joy ‘Not sure.. hope to see you again’

Robert enters the interview room and after 2 hours , he too comes out happy.

1 month later

Andrew ‘guys have to make a great announcement.. We have identified a CMO and CTO for our startup.. Joy and Robert.. welcome to board’

Andrew ‘I will continue to be CEO till we identify one’

Andrew ‘Packaging is all about having right team mix to make venture successful’