Mind confusion

Nancy ‘never ever think that I am gone’

Moses ‘but you are already dead’

Nancy ‘it is because you have buried me, you assume so..  my soul remains alive’

Moses ‘Nancy… liberate self…  You were suffering from acute depression because of business loss… you had failed and then you committed suicide’

Nancy ‘Moses..  you as my co founder will need to make my venture a success’

Moses ‘I will… but please liberate self from world’

Nancy disappears

Moses suddenly wakes up only to find Nancy his dear wife standing in front of him with a coffee glass

Moses ‘Nancy.. you still alive?’

Nancy ‘are you mad… you keep watching horror movies and then… ‘

Moses ‘how is your business doing… ‘

Nancy ‘as a husband… I never seen you ask this question ever…. it is great… now am going to office… cook food and keep for me.. will reach home late in evening’


Towards Goal

Manuel ‘am still trying to see when I can retire’

Jenny ‘so retirement is your goal’

Manuel ‘yes.. want to spend rest of my life without hard work’

Jenny ‘seriously how you can think of it..  there are 2 daughters yet to be married, 1 young son, aged mom who is mostly in hospital…   who will bear those expenses.. I too am not working’

Manuel ‘dear wife… hence it is a goal..  I can always dream right?’

Manuel hugs Jenny

Manuel ‘women really do not like men not working..’


Oh I see – you only liked me.. and didn’t love me?

Manuel ”it really surprises.. after all these years of friendship, when I declared, I loved you.. you say there is absolutely nothing.. you only liked me.. you never loved me… can you tell me.. difference between love and like”

Sarah ”love means a physical and mental attraction.. a need to be intimate’

Manuel ‘so.. without physical elements.. love is meaningless”

Sarah ‘pauses

Sarah ”no.. I mean to say.. love needs to be bind two individuals to one common goal.. purpose.. culminate in something special”

Manuel mock smiles..

Manuel  ‘what is like”

Sarah ‘we like someone.. but it is not necessarly love.. heart doesnt beat for that person”

Manuel ”is it not lust there..”

Sarah ‘love. is not lust”

Manuel ‘seriously Sarah.. never know.. but we human get away by declaring love, like or lust the way we wish too.. thoroughly confused.. someone besides you.. you only like.. someone so remote.. you love.. and someone in dream.. you lust… so where are you loyal to anyone.. isn’t loyalty too a factor?”

Sarah is silent..

Sarah ”am not in love with you.. am sorry”

3 months later

Sarah ”just came out of that episode.. he ditched me”

Manuel is silent

Manuel ”but you were in love with him”

Sarah ”not sure.. maybe it was just that he only liked me.. and didn’t love me”

Manuel plants a kiss on Sarah’s lip

Manuel ”Sarah.. everything is in mind.. the fact that two individuals like each other, means they love each other too.. but just a sense of non-commitment comes.. we wait for the best or feel someone best out there is more suited to us.. and then the love-like-lust drama…”

Sarah ”still not sure.. only you remained besides me always.. but I do not love you”

Manuel ”Sarah… am getting married next week. She is Farida.. I met her.. liked her.. and just proposed her.. she noded yes.. may be love will happen after marriage”

Sarah ”this is shocking.. you never informed me.. who will be with me in my lows then”

Manuel ”of course i will be there.. as you do like me right?”

Sarah is silent

Sarah ”how I wish this like / love new names come in.. some common name.. LOKE .. how is this name.. an amalgamation of like and love.. . I LOKE YOU’

Sarah ”hey.. yes now i got this meaning.. LOK.. Locking.. means if someone loves someone.. someone wishes to put a lock around and bind someone”

Manuel bursts laughing..

Sarah ”seriously.. was I in love with you earlier?”

Manuel ”you missed the boat.. it is only FARIDA for me now’.. I am LOKED. She is also an entrepreneur.. will be her partner.. so good opportunity for me to pursue my dream”


Entrepreneur – theory of dream

Once upon a time, there was an individual who dreamt to be big. See self in all posters of the country.  The easiest route was to become an actor. Chose to become one.

Soon endless camera captures, interviews.. the individual was a celebrity.

One day he meets Jackson the leading Entrepreneur Expert in one of the events.

Jackson ”cool James.. a celebrity indeed”

James ”I am an entrepreneur”

Jackson burst out laughing

Jackson ”Common James.. do not confuse your achievement to becoming an entrepreneur… how many of your movies did you experiment with? did it succeed?’

Jack ”no.. all failed”

Jackson ”experimentation focuses are startup culture. Till you evolve a business model.. so it is a myth when someone says he or she is entrepreneur after successfully running a business for ages.. they were an entrepreneur in initial stages.. so you are no longer an entrepreneur till you decide to do something new”

Jack ”my next dream is to act in a hindi movie”

Jackson ”great… pursue it like an entrepreneur”

Jack ”should all entrepreneurs think of becoming famous and successful or known as big business men”

Jackson ”absolutely all should think.. but focus on craft and art, do not focus on your exterior goals.. hawn the skills which will pay you better.. no point in you learning chemistry if you are not going to use it.. learn acting.. hope you are getting what I mean to say”

Jack hugs Jackson and whispers ”Dance like there is no tomorrow.. are you any relative of Michael Jackson”

Jackson ”common.. all mistake me.. see the brand he created.. However I cannot change my name.. so am lost in his identity.. but if you see my linkedin ID, I too have 2000 followers”

Jack ”what is dream theory?”

Jackson “believe you will do it.. but do not go overboard assuming you will just get there.. you have to work hard or easier way, spend money to get there soon.. but purpose should exist, or just 1 minute fame and you loose million bucks.. do not overspend on promoting self if you really didn”t have a good product or service quality in you or your brand”

Next term

Sam ‘am fed up of giving that paper.. failed 5th time.. is there a solution to get a degree’

Jignesh ‘:) 5th year.. going strong… no solution.. just doesn’t go inside my head’

Mani ‘this is going to not end.. am dropping out of college if I again flunk exam’

Nancy ‘you guys are lucky.. as your parents are there to support. for me in California, here in LA.. I will have no options but to commit suicide if I flunk.. my parents have taken huge loan’

Professor Gib is hearing these conversations sitting on other side of garden seat..

Gib goes near their sit..

Gib ‘Hello.. why do not you guys utilize time and start something of your own’

Nancy ‘we are failed entities.. almost gone’

Gib ‘you may have one common thread’

Nancy ‘friendship’

Gib ‘make a friendship barometer which will put various episodes of your life and how you folks were with each other in thick and thin and get going’

Jignesh ‘cool..  but who will do it.. None know coding.. we are extremely pathetic’

Gib ‘draw a story board.. what all the barometer needs and then get going’

All of them get in serious discussions and realize that emotion quotient is most important for being friends..

They rush to Gib and ask one question

‘Why do we fail Sir.. Always? we feel we will not be able to work on this project too’

Gib ‘do you know why you fail?’

All echo ‘Why?’

Gib ‘you do not like to attempt.. you feel lazy to think.. you do not like what you are doing and then… all will remain failed creatures’

Jignesh ‘Any solution?’

Gib ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK feels Dream alone can make a human begin probing and Reality of life will make a person innovating…  so begin probing self as to what you lack and innovate self…  Do not mug entire paper.. attempt to get only 50. Learn 5 chapters out of 10.. perfectly.. and think of getting 60 marks.. you are sure to get 45 at least’

All ponder

6 months latter

Nancy ‘where is Gib Sir.. Want to thank him.. this time I passed..’

All ‘yes we too… where is he.. he gave an important lesson of life..

aim for only what you can do.. if you really feel incapable and get going.. you will get a clear road ahead’



tell me the truth

Investor ‘I have loads of money’

Entrepreneur ‘are you sure’

Investor ‘yes’

Entrepreneur ‘why then you do not invest in our initiative’

Investor ‘let the dream come true’

Éntrepreneur ‘which one?’

Investor ‘I have loads of money in my dream’

Entrepreneur looks zapped

Investor ‘see we VC rely on investors and only if they give money.. we can disburse… subject to their interest on projects… have patience’


Startup Nation

A nation vibrating with enthusiastic investors, enthusiastic startups and over enthusiastic government policy decision makers with an equally vibrant set of advisors and mentors willing to push themselves to the nation..

Comes a question from an entrepreneur

‘will I get debt or equity?’

Pat comes an answer ‘low interest rate debt…’

Entrepreneur ‘Am only seeking equity partnering’

Pat comes a question ‘How much?’

Entrepreneur ‘can dilute 10 to 20% for 1M$ funding’

Pat comes a question ‘how have your done this valuation of your company which is just 9 months old’

Entrepreneur ‘check on my traction.. won best innovation award.. got recommend by best of companies.. also the traffic to our site.. and many things’

Pat comes a question ‘where is the revenue?’

Entrepreneur ‘it will… we are getting multiple offers from investors.. please confirm if you are interested else let us not waste each other’s time’

Pat comes an answer ‘we are not looking for innovation, disruptive ventures.. we are looking for some proven business model.. like say ‘

Entrepreneur ‘this is the problem of this nation.. only imitations.. folks love.. anything innovative lies in some research lab waiting for market..’

Pat comes an answer ‘ROI most important’

Entrepreneur ‘and do you know bankers.. they never take risk at all.. hence government too needs to give guarantee to them for such investments to startups’

Pat comes an answer ‘passion needed by entrepreneur’

Entrepreneur ‘passion.. it is a big joke.. passion without fund sounds good in blog only.. passion with funds sounds good for creating startup eco system’

Pat comes an answer ‘passion without funds.. there is a proof.. 25 years of genuine focus on passion.. started as a story when passion word was correlated to some dating sites and then passion became a concept to groom freshers, then entrepreneurs.. rejected by World Bank to be an unrealistic proposition to aggregate incubators, accelerators, startups, entrepreneurs and developers and then it got into stagnation..

Ahead of times.. MADE in INDIA.. till 2006 happened.. suddenly Incubation Concept and Accelerator eco system mushroomed over a period of time.. As usual Nation imitated developed Nations till even the Nation Leader woke up to build Startup Nation Policy..

PASSION as brand, PASSION as news letter..  Did all till it became a PhD framework.. PASSION FRAMEWORK and now a blog… and much earlier a brand also put in a vehicle..

PASSION is not about just being involved in a venture.. it is about the pain and learnings which comes out of the experience similar to PASSION of Jesus Christ.. and interestingly when PASSION got probed.. it was found that is a fable a popular one way back multiple centuries ago.

So dear viewers PASSION has a history.. a strong history of entrepreneurship experience and I chose to focus on writing blogs in story and poem or entertaining format.. only to facilitate and cover all dimensions of entrepreneurship life cycle.

Of Late, the blogs are of a bit serious nature.. but then behind every happiness, there is a story and behind every mission, there is a purpose and behind every vision, there is a dream and such dreams never come regularly.. just once in a while’

So all investors in Startup Nation need to realize that disruptive innovation is not necessarily technology driven, it can be management driven too.. but where are the takers for investing or believing in such initiatives?

This is also a real story.. not a fiction..