Stars of the Moment

Pitch day…

Joy, Ram, Sandra, Louisa, Michael, Ronny, Frank all are presenting their startups..

Joy ‘Aggregator business. 1000 trucks, US$100000 business’

Sandra  ‘Cab sharing… 10000 downloads.. ‘

Frank ‘Cool dating site.. 50000 users’

Ronny ‘NGO CSR providers’

Michael ‘sport goods ecommerce… celebrity invested in it.. has 100000 users’

Louisa ‘fashion product sales..  has 300 niche clients’

Finally Ram mentions ‘Am selling nothing.. aggregating nothing.. matching nothing…and sharing nothing’

All Investors echo simultaneously ‘why are you here?’

There is a giggle around… by other startups

Ram ‘I have been selected hence I came here’

An embarrassed coordinator James looks at his executive who curated the list

Susan ‘Sir.. my boy friend.. good for nothing.. thought he would get experience by interacting with seniors.. bright guy.. but just not sure what he wants’

James ‘let us discuss after this pitch session is over.. you embarrassed me’

Susan ‘Sorry Sir’

One Investor ‘what you wish to do in life?’

Ram ‘Nothing’

Second Investor  ‘why you keep repeating this word?’

Ram ‘NothingMuch is my website name.. for lazy folks who wish to spend time lazing around in various sweet spots..

in some public gardens, in some college locations.. in some zoo, in some restaurants.. and they can link themselves to other lazy people’

All investors burst laughing…

Investor  ‘why will folks come to your site’

Ram ‘all who do not wish to do anything in life will come to my site..’

Investor ‘just fail to understand this.. anyways we cannot invest on you’

Ram bursts laughing..

His girl friend Susan is sacked

Susan has tears in her eyes..

Ram shows the website which he is developing..

Ram ‘it tracks the lazy symptoms of an individual through a sensor….and identifies what objects can remove laziness. example a bored housewife is not doing anything but suddenly she finds a happy go lucky person on net and life changes..  it tracks everything like these behavior’

Susan ‘common do not kid me’

Ram ‘Stars of the Moment are ones who are extremely active for those moments only else they are lazy.. how to make a continuous moment of active alertness is where the software needs to train our mind to understand which all aspects makes our life more thrilling’

Susan ‘complex.. you are really good for nothing’

Ram ‘Susan.. I admit am lazy.. but who isn’t given an opportunity.. all would just like to sleep for more hours and keep lazing around’


USA vs Indian Startups

Think anything crazy and you are sure to get invested in US if you pitch well…

Think anything which already exists but not yet introduced in India, you are sure to get invested in India

As we crib of  lack of innovations in India, does it really matter and does it really have investors seeking to invest in millions?

When I researched and kept researching the art and science of entrepreneurship ecosystem in US, Europe, Africa, Australia, Middle East, Netherland, Russia, Mexico and many other countries realized that PROBING means different to different individuals who wish to be entrepreneurs

Few years back, the ones who initiated business in India copied a successful replicable not yet done model in India and Investors too didn’t mind investing in such ventures..

Same side, there were dozens of innovation holding dust in college libraries or in some houses but with no takers and most importantly because of design aesthetics no one wished to invest..

Many design schools too got opened, but creativity again needed PROBING.. international probing of what is needed to succeed so INNOVATION again needed PROBING..

Slowly and surely multiple incubators /accelerators mushroomed in India too but lack of mentors or even still the expectations of entrepreneurs shot up..

None wish to think below Rs20lacs or Rs30lacs and now there is a catch 2 situation.. Should these entrepreneurs be funded or kept informed to search jobs and learn more and then become entrepreneurs?

The number of Series A funds have dipped drastically.. So what happens to the 1000 or 10000 startups out to win the global market?

Does currency matter a lot? Absolute yes.. and conditioning mind from being service centric to product centric is more vital for developing (near developed) country like India.


Why do best of geeks perform from India perform well in US and get bogged by pressures during work in India?

It is because of consulting mindset, a thought to work on hourly basis.. and even if product investments happen, unless the best from best of institutes not as founder member, it is a risk..

As i experiment with individuals from all walks of society, the biggest challenge is motivating all to think / attempt to become entrepreneur and will they get investments? Not sure..  but what they may get is a market reach and traction to sustain themselves..

Finally what is so special about US startups?

Innovation.. and ability to identify right pain points.

Is there a clutter of no show investments in US too?

Obviously yes.. as to how many investors would wish to invest in already cluttered market and purely focus only on IT/ECOMMERCE based solutions..

There are surely many investors in India who also wish to invest in innovations in India but again a fear of non show in Series A may be detrimental for creativity, innovations in India.

My focus on accelerator program is guiding the individuals to make strong technical scalable product or service.

Manufacturing business

Altaf is a manufacturing magnate. Many a time folks wonder how he can succeed in making this magic happen..

Altaf has his friends in China..  one of his closest friend Xero has a knack of identifying low cost manufacturers..

Altaf ‘Xero.. need to bring in un-manned vehicle at the earliest’

Xero ‘wow.. but still we have not got the blue print.. once available we can begin production’

Altaf ‘how I wish we all learn from you guys.. our market is screwed up’

Xero ‘one of the problem.. is low cost labor’

Altaf ‘name all type of taxes.. we have.. nothing left over’

Xero ‘Altaf why did you stop your manufacturing business out there’

Altaf ‘No charm left.. labor issue.. tax issues.. all issues and then can we really survive and compete with you.. Absolutely no’

Xero ‘we have different type of challenges and you have different.. I think we should have youngsters from age 16 be groomed and they may be may be low cost labor?’

Altaf ‘good point.. skill based training from 16.. cool idea’

Altaf ‘ok got to go.. will close my Skype session.. have to guide my other friend to also close his manufacturing business’

after session ends

Altaf ‘strange world we are in.. core engineering forgotten.. ecommerce.. commodity selling, fruits and vegetables, cab aggregation and what not.. for that an individual completes 21 years of education, competes and wins.. joins reputed colleges.. even blocks seats of genuine individuals wishing to be only in engineering discipline and then guess what…  even after they make huge money.. catch anyone investing in engineering manufacturing companies.. Anyways.. why to think too much..  am already on my way to get invested in a shoe portal venture.. An ace gold medal winner in University.. Polymer expert.. and now.. a shoe seller. I know many of traditional business men will be unhappy with all these revolutions.. but what to do.. am I left with any choices?’


Connected Love

Connected Love is all about being connected in heart and mind with no need of WI-FI, no need of blue tooth.. All you need is just a single protocol of understanding..

Spiritual love as it is called or platonic feeling as it is felt or passionate compassion as it is understood, Connected Love at times is a confused thought in our mind to think whether Í should say ” I love you” or should I say “I like you”?

The confusion remains and still the interactions continue… sometimes in Whatsapp..

sometimes in email, sometimes in facebook and lo and behold you find you are in love with so many individuals..  seen and unseen

Are they your fans.. or are you their fans?

or is it just been connected and be followed or to be followed?

The miracle of connections begin with a communication and once protocol established, there is wireless moment of thoughts which flash into your mind and heart to feel a feeling that love does not need closed intimacy alone but it needs enrichment of soul to understand the perception of lover’s love and align accordingly.

If a startup ‘LOVERS PARADISE’ thinks of only introducing a concept of spiritual love match making site..  why it cannot be successful?

Sans any face.. sans any message.. just 1 message allowed for connection and once connected…  expressions through symbols of various marketable products.. being sold as only image… wow.. if someone wishes to spiritually get married to someone on net.. a big list of grocery images being sent only with no other responses… and lo and behold.. if some one indeed purchases those image items from any popular stock ecommerce site, they get a 20% discount

So what if I teach you commerce in love.. is love not a give and take affair? and even if someone is only giving or someone is only taking.. still that equilibrium shift needs a balance somewhere?

So what if I teach economics in lay man words.. finally the demand of love is more then the supply.. and am only creating more suppliers here..



Worn Out Torn Out (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Uncle Sam is haggard with fully torn clothes sitting in front of a grave yard.. Flashes of previous years come to his mind..

He is one of the most reputed venture capitalist and never fails in any venture till one day…

Julie ‘Sam.. a very interesting proposal for you’

Sam ‘What is it?’

Julie ‘you will need to fund the largest incubation network who in turn will give you 10% equity’

Sam ‘Are you sure?’

Julie ‘trust me?’

Sam ‘Am blocking 100M$ fund for it’

Soon enough the incubation network begins identifying entrepreneurs and begins funding on all type of ecommerce ventures’

Sam ‘Julie this is not what i was looking at.. was more keen on Manufacturing projects’

Julie ‘relax.. things will improve’

After 5 years

Sam ‘None made money.. though valuation keeps increasing.. ‘

Julie is silent…

Sam ‘Am tired Julie.. check on my health.. I counted on you and felt we would make real good bucks.. but’

Julie ‘relax Sam. I know none of your ventures have exited yet’

Sam ‘The problem is I took some money on interest from others too for this corpus’

Sam is in grave yard.. watching the number of VC’s who have moved up ‘

Sam smiles upwards

Sam ‘It is part and parcel of life.. Many here.. have invested in stocks and then entrepreneurs and so on.. full risk takers.. but finally all in drain’

He gets a call..

Sam ‘Julie tell me’

Julie ‘congrats venture zombo exits with 10X.. you have got your first 20M back’

Sam is happy..

Sam looks at grave yard ‘dear all.. i survived.. Let me move my corpus to social ventures. Will retain 5M for self, pay off 10M debt and 5M towards social ventures.. my contribution to society’

Julie ‘you are worn out torn out.. why still this risk?’

Sam ‘This time for society’


eCommerce all the way

Timeliness all the way

Always available

Innovative Logistics

Linking all the Dots

Impacting Business

Nurturing Entrepreneurs

Globally promoting all the way..

Enjoy the ETAILING platform as it is important for entrepreneurs to understand each other’s pain points in retailing / etailing and make best utilization of internet in era of mobiles and tablet.

Victory over Evil

Life is a full circle for Chris. He was an industrialist who decided to close his industry by selling of space to up coming shopping malls and decided to set his industry in a far off location. He had good commercial rates.. The only hitch were the workers who had to move away from that town..

Workers perceived Chris as Evil who was out to move them to a deserted location.

John the Union Leader ‘Chis Sir has played prank with us. We will finish him if he plays any more frank’

Chris is hearing this commotion from outside..

Chris ‘Let us get John’s confidence’

Chris assistant Mani calls up John to Chris’s cabin

Chris ‘John have set up a fund for worker welfare. All can become entrepreneurs too.. Why don’t they just train the new hires and then we can give them golden handshake’

John is annoyed..

Chris ‘Imagine a 10 year salary paid. It is a good deal..’

John ponders..

John returns back to the workers

John ‘Sir is willing to pay us US$100000 and chuck us of after 6 months.. In all 100 workers.. We are raising US$10M.. not a bad deal’

The workers look at John

Workers ‘What will do then? we are not also from reputed school. anyways the deal is good’

All sign an agreement with Chris but forget 1 clause..

The clause is ‘Non compete and Non disclosure and the workers cannot take up any job in Manufacturing Industry without Chris company approval and the pay out of US$10M will be conditional. Only when the new hires give a sign off’

3 months latter

John ‘We are stuck. Lost the job and no money in sight’

Maris ‘Yes we have been cheated’

John “I will wreck Chris’s happiness’

3 week latter

Chris ‘We have been charged with labor violation law.. It is tricky.. John and team filed it on us’

Mani ‘Sir, I suggest pay them off partially. All will go well’

Chris ‘Machine replaces Man, Why do we need them and make them God’

Mani ‘Sir, we will get caught badly and reputation too at stake’

Chris ‘I think we should finish John.. All will be fine.. He is the Evil for us’

Mani is shocked

Late night Mani knocks at John’s home

John opens it and Mani finds a 15 year disabled son who is being taken care of by John

John ‘I have adopted this kid.. Helpless, I want to make him self reliant.. Was hoping to make artificial limbs / hand factory with that fund.. but alas’

Mani is touched..

Mani ‘ I will inform Chris that we are getting a big project because of John’

John ‘How?’

Mani ‘I know German Armament Chief, am going to make a fake RFP which calls for Artificial body specialization and the order value US200M and knowing Chris Sir, he will call you up immediately and you agree to do this subject to you being paid up from 5M..

John ‘Smart move, but it is cheating Chris’

Mani ‘In our traditional book, they say the action is more important and if we perform right deeds benefiting society in large, everything else becomes secondary. We are not cheating Chris, we are giving an illusion’

3 months latter

Chris ‘We have paid 5M to John and team, still no project in site.. But I realized I was ruthless with John.. Am happy they have set up this Artificial Body unit’

Mani ‘Sir, a confession’

Chris ‘What?’

Mani ‘No Army deal.. I realized John doing good work.. so’

Chris is annoyed

Chris ‘Mani, you cheated my belief in you’

Till then Chris see’s a pop up message from German Army

Chris ‘Mani, un believable,, they have asked us to submit Expression of Interest’

Mani ‘John wants to meet you’

Chris ‘Sure, I want to apologize him’

John steps in

John ‘I had lots of hate for you to an extent where we tricked and even got 5M$ from you’

Chris ‘I also had hate for you and almost was going to finish you’

Chris ‘Mani got us together..  They have a huge learning tool which makes human realizes that killing people is not a solution, killing a bad system is a solution and in that war don’t be emotional towards anything, not also your dear ones as finally you are the master of your destiny and you came to earth for purpose, so fulfill that in right way.. Ends are More Important..

Means too, but always think of helping someone in lurch, God will take care of the rest’

John shakes his hand with Chris

John ‘Sir, we will join your factory at your new location too..’

Chris ‘Am very happy.. We arrived at a workable solution and your factory too is set’

John ‘Sir, unfortunate.. all funds raised and disbursed only for ecommerce / e-retail and what not.. when core manufacturing is vanishing from many countries.. ‘

Chris ‘Agreed’

John ‘Can we promote innovative engineering incubation’

Chris ‘Great Idea.. Only if you head it’