Love quest

Love can conquer a heart if anyone thinks like a warrior
Love can build self esteem if anyone thinks like a true friend.

Shabana was too involved in her day to day work. Her husband Rafi is sad.. with couple of kids, father in law, mother in law, he feels he is instrumental in not providing the right environment to her for growth. A mechanic by profession, he struggles and gets around Rs1000/- US$15 per day approx. Managing home loan, vehicle loan, kids, parents.. he hardly has time for Shabana

Shabana ‘hey.. what you are thinking so much?’

Rafi ‘not sure.. are you happy with me?’

Shabana ‘why you feel so?’

Rafi ‘my self esteem getting dipped. I feel guilty.. You were a graduate and I could not do anything for you’

Shabana hugs Rafi ‘I love you very much Rafi.. do not worry so much’

Rafi ‘no.. I want you to do something of own’

Shabana ‘max I get 2 hours in day.. I sleep then’

Rafi ‘can you start a portal for mechanics.. I believe we need so many mechanics.. we can present their skills and then anyone can avail them.. we take a commission’

Rafi ‘will enrol you for web development class. spoke to a tutor’

Few days later

Rafi ‘Shabana.. your portal is so good.. I want you to now learn Digital marketing’

Few days later

Rafi ‘Shabana.. we are getting leads… now you initiate your own company’

Few months later

Rafi ‘Shabana.. you do not have time for me… I hope you take time for at least me’

Shabana ‘Rafi.. you have been a true good friend too’
Rafi ‘How much place I have in your heart?’
Shabana ‘All yours’

Continual Learning

Continual Learning – philosophical way
Each object in this universe teaches us something. How we understand it depends on our perception, willingness to learn or the mentor who pushes you to listen the knowledge truth.

Continual Learning – the entertainment way
John ‘I really do not understand what you say’
Mary ‘It is because your mind refuses to learn’
John ‘What should I do to bring in interest in learning?’
Mary ‘Just read the topics which interest you..’
John ‘I love reading about galaxy’
Mary ‘Just learn the history of galaxy, pen a story on galaxy, identify the most critical pain point which galaxy has? Is it we trying to reach space too soon?  and just see how exciting it would be exploring knowledge of object (galaxy) you love.
John ‘Cool’

Continual Learning – Quality Way
Plan you day to read some pages of what you wish to read, Check if you have understood what you read and just take a break, enjoy self. Do not overwhelm self with too much reading.
PDCA – Plan-Do-Check-Act on your continual learning project

Education Economics

An average student from poor to lower middle class family would spend minimum US$10000 to US$30000 in span of decade for basic schooling and subsequent to that a real struggle begins to have a good decent graduation..

Now comes the upper middle class segment who may spend minimum US$30000 to US$60000 towards basic schooling and then even have to invest from US$60000 to US$200000 for higher education of their kids…

The miracle is to get a job sooner and the miracle is to get a break even too sooner..

so let us take example of a middle class fresher who has spent US$90000 on education in span of 20 years.. equivalent to Rs 60 lacs,   so assume this is as most optimistic expenses, we just divide that figure by 2, equivalent to US$45000 normal expenses and pessimistic, upto minimum US$20000 in span of 20 years..

Now to get a break even, in USA it should be quite easy but in India, it means a minimum 3 to 5 years needed to arrive at break even..

So here the real challenges begin… how should education costs be kept as low as possible, how we can really give a good return on investments to students and ensure the parents actually save 50% of the present education costs, and create an unemployment fund to safeguard their kids from getting into depressions and let them pursue education / hobbies of their choices at later stage.

It is all about optimizing costs and improving quality of life.. I find the high tech education costs are too expensive,  and the whole effort of mine is towards making high tech education costs lower.



People’s Combinator

Am pleased to announce a mission driven approach to improve resource skills for IT industry initially and subsequently will be applicable for other industries.

Free training in quality and advanced skillsets Data Science..

Includes Six Sigma, Machine Learning,  Project Management Principles, Security, Requirement Gathering…

It is an experiment to promote negligle or low cost education and unlike other free training platforms, here it will be personally driven by me and over period of time will include multiple mentors who wish to be part of this FREE EDUCATION MOVEMENT.

Am also in process of providing Digital and Finance Literacy program to an entire village with support of a college and village (county) head…

So wish more and more individuals begin getting connected with me for a global cause of education desimination.

Please note, there is an excellent work done by multiple universities and colleges, but unfortunately have never seen this content awareness being spread in rural /small town students.. So here onwards the mission begins to educate people, for people, by people, to people.

Please note an app has been built, and will encourage resources to download the same and be connected with me on various projects where the resources can contribute their skills.

For advanced trainings, we will be recommeding candidates to right training institutes..



edu startup

founder A ”my business model is to focus on AI and earn loads of money by charging candidates minimum US$500 per participant”

founder B ”10000 candidates avail us.. all 1st to 10th standard.. competitive exams and so on…”

founder C ”just wait.. am coming to create competition”

founder A and B ”how?”

Founder C ”educationless educaton system”

Founder A ”how?”

Fouder C ‘learn in 1 hour concept… ”

founder A and B ”we have already implemented it”

Founder C ”learn in 1 hour how things are freely available ”



Master ”student.. what you learnt from school”

Student  Manuel ”we learnt to read, write, play games and also enjoy the school moments”

Master ”cool… this is what I expected as answer in  this day when all of you will move out of school for next future roadmap”

Student Julie ‘are you sad?”

Master ”am happy for you… and yes sad too as will not be able to see your faces after exams”

Student Arnold ”Sir..  we also learnt what needs to be done when we flunk in exams”

Master smiles…

Student Ravi ”we need to just again attend the test”

Master ”success.. failures… all are taught in our education system. If we flunk, re-test, if we again flunk… re-test… if we again flunk…. just change the course… it is not meant for you or keep trying till you pass”

Student ”till which attempt we need to keep trying?”

Master ”your will power…  it could be as much as allowed by university or school norms”

Student Samuel ”what did you learn Master from all of us?”

Master ”small lies really do not harm much, if it doesnt hurt anyone”

Student Julie ”yeh.. we bunked a few classes and watched movies.. sorry”

Master ”yes.. and I too realized that.. and would be in that theater in evening to watch the same movie…   ”

All student echo ”we love you master”

Master ”thanks.. dear all for tolerating me, understanding me, being with me for so many years and just a simple message ..  just don’t stop learning..  knowledge alone can give you success”



Am I an Investor?

(This piece of writing is absolute fiction, philosophical.. to explain Dimensions of PASSION and carefully tries to analyze the deep learning uncovered research yet to understand the difference between good or bad.. )

I keep wondering Mr Light.. on what is Investor all about?

Investment in startup for small equity.. hoping it will scale up..

Investment in stocks.. hoping it will give more returns..

Investment in education.. hoping it will give more returns if applied well..

Investment in charity hoping all good deeds done will vanish away the small sins we made..

The mindset of human is such that we were programmed to be an investee and then investor always…

God made Adam and Eve with a forbidden apple and experimented what happens next..

Soon Adam and Eve invest their time in love and eat the forbidden apple and an investee comes in..   and then more and more and more…

Why the apple was forbidden?

It is not apple dear.. any fruit from tree of knowledge.. the knowledge of good and bad..

Why did they then eat it in first place?  It is destiny..

The awareness of good or bad itself was forbidden however once the knowledge comes in, forgiveness also existed in certain stories and punishments too visible in certain stories..

So as Investor, somewhere maybe God attempted to make an entrepreneur (adventurer) and then also gave that entrepreneur (a cofounder) but wanted them to abide by rules.. and just enjoy the work..  However there are even oppositions to investors where someone could challenge the investment decisions itself or even challenge the entrepeneurs to do what so ever they feel is right. the judgement of good or bad has to come from human only..  Clueless without a rule / regulation, mistakes begin to occur and each mistake results in only pain.

Why as an Investor (God) , an investor doesnt wish entrepreneur to avoid biased knowledge (knowledge from mentors, advisors, consultants whatsoever)?

This is because once you begin getting knowledge.. you become aware of causes.. the effects and may even stop being the original self.. you will even feel embarassed?

What happens next?

Just more and more exploration.. more and more returns in form of pains and pleasure.. till one day the dust remains the only reality.. to a human. and  what happens to the assets built by the entrepreneur… they too can get to dust.. unless human doesnt decide to help another human to manage that asset well..

God technically wanted human to only enjoy each other’s companion without that understanding of good or bad.. but the knowledge and repository along with awareness creates human move in good path or bad path.. the decision is left to only us..

So as Investor.. God only questions ”Am I the investor?”  The answer is ”yes” but God just wanted human to take care and nurture the nature without any expectations.. but within a certain rule..

What happened subsequently..

The entrepreneur explored.. probed.. innovated and kept innovating and eating the forbidden fruits from tree of knowledge to get lost in the world of nature and be further distant from God..(The original investor)..    There were some who also innovated, earned money, distributed it further.. but with expectations because of awareness of good and evil..

Moral of story..   the tree had both good and bad knowledge.. how to seggregate it was never taught to the man and so what happens next..

Enters  Mr. Light..

Mr Light addressing a bunch of multiple coutry dignitaries on ”FORBIDDEN FRUITS” smiles and says

”An open challenge to all the AI professionals..  Can you seggregate the good and bad content from google search?”

All burst out laughing…

Mr. Light  ”the mess we are in.. with bombardment of knowledge…  god only knows how the real good and real bad be decided.. to each his or her own”

All burst out again laughing..

Mr Light ”Owning and Nurturing.. the dimensions of PASSION.. always remember that.. each person can own and nurture the good knowledge or bad knowledge..  as PASSION doesn’t know to seggregate it too…  what PASSION can do is to probe self, innovate self, act self, scope self, set self and own self to nurture the dream which you wish to fullfill to make some useful product or service model contributing to human painpoints”

Mr. Light ”lets break for a cup of coffee.. too heavy complex theory explained.. “