Love shrieks ‘why?’

Love shrieks why?
why it happens always
when never wanted always

Love shrieks why?
why I felt always
when I never wished always

Feelings can never be same
Emotions can never be same too
Love shrieks why?
why one wins and one looses
why heart cannot in unison
agree to all the wishes

Love shrieks why?
Why a partner seperates
when love needs the most
to be together

(Seperation is not a solution for an entrepreneur cofounder or partner or even in relation, more important to remain united and if at all break ups happen it is only because of deep hurt to heart, a betrayal of trust or nothing but some small ego, which makes individuals not communicate’

Winning Edge

Maria ‘I am just fedup of this whole rigomore of politics. Just want to exit party as I feel am not capable of handling it more.. The recent defeat’

Nancy.. an ace political advisor ‘dear.. the opposition focused on nationalism and won’

Maria ‘is caste, color, creed, religion still playing role for votes’

Nancy ‘unfortunately it does.. and then the employment of our own citizens’

Bob the opposition party lead calls up Maria

Bob ‘Maria.. agreed we both have different political view.. but please come for celebrating my victory’

Maria puts the phone down.. as she remembers her past

Maria was a good writer, a blogger, a journalist deeply in love with Bob till one day Bob decides to be spokesman of an upcoming political party. Maria feels this is not right for him.. Both have difference of opinion and she seperates from him only to find herself getting an offer from a major party to be their PR. Soon because of her strong writing, content.. she becomes party leader and though Bob keeps loving her till date, still because of ideology difference..

Maria wipes her tears and attends Bob’s winning party

Bob ‘Maria.. how much I knew you would come’

Maria ‘have put up my papers’

Bob ‘what.. just a mere defeat and you moved away’

Maria ‘I am still trying to figure out.. what I wish to do in life. ‘

Bob ‘why don’t we unite’

Maria ‘our ideologies differ’

Bob ‘winning edge dear.. may be internally we both may be having same views’

Maria ‘seriously.. why all this’

Bob ‘look at the perks available to be a politician… never we can get as common citizen’

Maria ‘Bob… is it the only reason you have become a Minister’

Bob ‘Maria… am always there for you… enjoy the party’

3 months later

Bob ‘Maria.. you never told me .. you made an app to resolve issues of people’

Maria ‘it is funded venture..’

Bob ‘I can easily acquire your venture’

Maria ‘not possible.. it is funded by the major party

Bob ‘common.. 1 million downloads and 50000 problems solved..’

Maria ‘you too solve problems’

Bob ‘you know it is so busy.. have to keep traveling overseas’

Maria ‘political intention towards people most import.. good bye’

Love and happiness

Love is mistaken for happiness by a diehard lover
Happiness is mistaken for love by a diehard lover
some think of sex as love, some think of friendship as love
some think of intimacy as love, some think of being together as love
love is 4 letter word and there are alternative slangs too which are 4 letter word
what is important is if you get a smile on your face,
you feel a gush of feelings to be together for few more moments,
you feel you can just be emotionally naked in front of your beloved expressing all your woes and again bringing a confident feeling of being loved.
if yes that that is happiness.
many find a way to make money out of love, to make love out of money
but the soul doesn’t get satisfied and clamors for soul being loved, the search for true soulmate continuous and then again when you return back home, you see parents, brothers, sisters, beloved, wife, 2nd wife, 2nd lover.. nth lover and their photo frames or whatsapp images of whatsoever and you feel happy that you are indeed a die hard romantic, who knows how to love, how to save self from breaking up and you again feel happy even if you are all alone.

Spelling Mistakes

Mary ‘As I get older.. I am forgetting words.. a few years back an investor and today am just about nothing.. No excitement left..  beyond a point.. adding more 0s to bank balances really do not make difference’

Rob ‘Am making a software to correct spelling mistakes’

Mary ‘common.. so many have done it all’

Rob ‘Just a typo mistake ‘It’s all over to  Love you forever’ and creates so many misunderstandings and even breaks not smooth’

Mary ‘oh.. contextual spelling mistakes?’

Rob ‘forget it.. do not wish to bore you with all this..  tell me what you wish from me?’

Mary ‘Can you codify all words with just icons like how emoicons emerged’

Rob ‘sure.. why not.. and we initiate an emoicon school?’

Mary ‘time to move away from alphabets and numbers unless needed really’

Rob ‘why so?’

Mary ‘primary education more then enough.. rest all iconic’

Rob ‘why this story named Spelling Mistakes?’

Mary ‘hey is it a story penned around it? ridiculous?’

Rob ‘we human make notes of all alphabets, words, character’s and icons too but fail to understand human emotions in real form. So cool to put a I love you icon without even meaning it.. so cool to mention ‘ilu or fu or whatsoever.. we distort words as per our convenience and then.. ‘

Mary ‘and then it is better to forget words for ever’



Dear All,

This is to inform that soon bloggers will be replaced with automotive bots.. the bots just need  your theme genre, characters, the theme highlight, the location, the sponsor products and that is it…  a blog gets created automatically.

At at event Joy is bashed for this and all mention ‘creativity cannot be replaced with automation’

Joy ‘i agree.. hence this product is creatively designed to replace individuals and that way you will get interesting stories from the blogging product’

Maria ”is it not trying to push automation into heart of people’

Joy ”do you know we dont need clerks..  we need nothing.. just program an annual expense projection and map all your credit card to that product.. at each swipe, intelligently it will go to various budget category.. and no need to worry on tax returns.. it will do it for you’

Maria ‘so in nutshell creating more jobless folks’

Joy ‘common.. mechanism of planning life too exists.. automation can make your heart think and fall in love to only ones whose chemistry matches.. IoT interventions you know.. so…

Rose ”Joy.. wish you had done this before.. at least we both could have saved ourselves from not being with each other for even 1 day”

All burst laughing

Joy ”automation.. will do everything.. ”

Maria ”are we wishing to have robots coming as babies from womb?”

Joy ‘not really but there is a mythology belief that Abhimanyu was taught how to get into war when he was in womb.. the Indian mythology so”

Harish ‘he got caught and died too”

Joy ”innovation begins when a research fails…  just imagine your kid programmed by you”

Sofia ”Joy.. the conference ended way back.. all left.. why you so obsessed with automation”

Sofia suddenly sees a softened Joy..

Joy ”see the whole industry wants automation.. so am going by the trend.. however I feel the beauty of simplicity is being lost.. the hardwork becomes meaningless.. all want 24/7 zombies..”

Sofia kisses Joy in his lips..

Joy ‘not sure.. if this too will get automated one day”

Both burst laughing


hey whatsup

hey… whatsup… life can be a bed of roses if we choose to ignore the thorns and life can be a bed of thorns if we choose to ignore the roses.. what is most important is to preserve positive moments of life and ignore the bad ones… a smile of yours can make your day better.. a smile of yours can make you feel better.. so keep smiling…

Waterless Emotions

Still as she stands

Lifeless as she feels

Just the otherday

Everything around her blossomed

Just moments ago.. everything crashed..

Why no tears if it had to?

Why no feelings if it had to?

All good things come to an end..

All bad things too come to an end..

So why to cry over something bad

She remains lifeless just for a moment

A next bright morning

She again smiles

Greeting life with open arm