Love notes

Love is all about Lots of Voice Echoing in your heart
Why does it beat when I wish to control?
Why does it think when I wish to be out of control?
If Love is so simple, why it becomes complex after a while
Why Love is a mathematical problem of probabilities
when all it needs is 2 sets of eyes gazing at each other
wishing to be for life together..

If PASSION is all about pain and endurance for a cause
Love is all about experience and feelings for a cause

Love and PASSION go hand in hand together on a mission
If you love something, do not stop loving that something
because something happened by mistake or un-knowingly
forgiveness and compassion is best form of returns which you can give to even your enemy for building love foundations all over again.

Strange Feelings

“Hey at times I wonder we were just sworn enemies the other day and now we are friends. How do you feel interacting with me?” Jose questions Jack..

Jack ‘Absolutely fine.. Just identified all pain points in our relationship and realized you didn’t love me to dominate over you emotionally and you didn’t like me giving advices to your competitor Andrew”

Jose “Hey so you compromised on your own relationship with Andrew”

Jack “No I explained Andrew that we can work on any other non compete venture so left at that. Do you know when my wife left me all of sudden one day. I was clueless where I went wrong”

Jose “What happened?”

Jose ‘After analyzing I found, she is more happier with her friend circles, wants independence and wants to start something on own. I felt let me give her freedom. I was sad, depressed, angry but gave away her to her independence. She is happy. She appreciated me the other day as being a nice human. It is a strange feeling, appreciation from someone who forgot you, disliked you and now remembers that you were not that bad’

Jack ‘Yes in this business, no one is enemy and same way in relationships no one is bad or good, it is just our perception and our own nurturing which can make the relationship strong. Own the relationship and you will remember that all strange feelings will turn out to be pleasant experiences”

Posssessive Self Destruction

A sudden email “You b….. why you help my dear to get a job”

Ronny never knew what hit him. He was having a reputed recruitment company and he found that some unknown job prospects husband didn’t wish her to get a job.

Possessiveness at times can damage the inner self of an individual who is frustrated when his wife was in good job, happily taking care of her family and here Monty was all drunk, struggling with glass at night and wishing his wife to be next to him and tolerate his irresponsibility towards family.

“Many a time an individual looses a family because of false pride, false illusions about self and the vices. Sometimes a Male Ego can get badly hurt by a woman’s interaction, refusal, resistance and avoidance.. Vice versa even a woman’s ego can get hurt..

The unknown force gave a few demons within us to ensure there Is a path of destruction eventually as what rises should fall.

So we have ego, possessiveness, malice, greed, hatred, lust and emotions to accompany us within us for life. Need to accept them wholeheartedly.

What we can moderate is keep the demons subdued through happiness, tolerance, compassion, humanity, ethics and moral.”

Ronny wakes up from sleep.. He hopes Monty and many like Monty begin understanding their family expectations from them and get focused as eventually Monty is also a good soul but has got focused and directive towards an individual which is his own and in that has lost his own career, own life and is on path of self destruction. One fine day Monty may be in some hospital or collapsed road side and no one would wish to touch his body for putting in grave yard too as his ego made him loose all his family and friends, his possessiveness made him loose his beloved, his malice made him generate enemies for self, his greed stopped him from getting more work, his lust made him loose his character and his emotions landed him to mental and physical sickness.

Control of Life is in our hand and we need to use that effectively.