Jenny brings a doll at home as she feels lucky charms would come to her and she decides to keep that for 1 month at her home. Reasons: She is informed by the magician that the doll needs to be immersed in water after 1 month.

She is 25 years, newly wed bride of Rob who is most of time drunk

Religiously she takes care of doll. All her family members get attached to it..

On 30th day.. she immerses the doll in water..

Jenny gets a call

Rob ‘good news for you.. you have got a new designation and around 10000$ increment’

Jenny jumps with joy..

Jenny ‘Sam.. i told you that doll will bring luck…’

Sam ‘it is good to see a belief becoming trust’

Jenny is now 40 and she has many ups and downs in between in her life

Jenny gets the doll again.. and she finds many in her vicinity have begun believing in doll and practicing it as ritual.

Looking at this practice, the country embassy decides to ban this tradition

Jenny ‘this is ridiculous as so many believe this’

Jenny calls her friend in India ‘Saurabh

Saurabh laughs and says ‘do you really feel the doll brings luck?’

Jenny ‘yes’

Saurabh ‘I too believe that our god brings intelligence, wealth and power to not only me but entire family and world..  we too have somewhat a similar tradition but do you know what.. we play loud music, have it more as festive season and then at end…’

Jenny ‘what’

Saurabh ‘i will share a picture’

Jenny is shocked

Saurabh ‘so many idols all thrown, broken.. very sad feeling you get.. We immerse something with a hope that something positive comes out of that…  we at times even don’t cross road if a cat crosses.. and then…’

Jenny ‘what?’

Saurabh ‘my pet cat was crossing the road.. a car moved back.. and ‘

Jenny ‘what?’

Saurabh ‘it hit me.. and I had a bad leg injury.. almost gone.. just recovered from hospital’

Jenny ‘who did that’

Saurabh ‘my own wife..’

Jenny ‘this is crazy’

Saurabh ‘we need to realize that all such rituals only indicate that we need to adjust with new events, new entities in our life and also love them and when they leave you.. realize life is definite, love is infinite so keep loving all around you including that cat whom you feel will harm you but in reality you end up harming self.. ‘

Jenny ‘what next?’

Saurabh ‘am making a website on SUPER BELIEFS where each person gets an opportunity to pen a story which makes any one believe that super natural does exist and there will be a forum discussing on scientific theories around that.. In case no one arrives at scientific theory.. it means there is some power above all of us which governs us for what we do.. In case some scientific theory arrives.. it improves our knowledge in science’

Jenny ‘wow.. great idea’

Saurabh ‘catch you later’.. he closes the skype and watches the red color all over the sand near the sea shore’

Known No and Unknown Yes

If ever life gives you a surprise, remember it ‘Unknown Yes’. It means destiny wants you to accept that ‘YES’

If ever life gives you a jerk, remember it is a ‘Known No’. Stay away from the environment, people and all entities who gave you that Jerk.

John Baba has strange sense of philosophy

He feels that Life is all about being through process of Known No and Unknown Yes.

Do you wish to exert self? You do because you do not agree to Known No and Unknown Yes..

All your forces are put towards trying prove the hypothesis false..

What is Hypothesis?

It is an Assumption.. In research jargon a hypothesis.

John assumes  Known No and Unknown Yes Impacts Life. This is known as Null Hypothesis

If you disagree and apart from you many disagree, it means the hypothesis is rejected..

If you wish to prove that statistically.. enjoy statistical tools. and more on that.. 🙂