Entrepreneur Delight

A successful good looking good hearted investor
A successful good looking good hearted partner
A successful good looking good hearted project team
A successful good looking good hearted client

Jim ‘Hello Sona.. are you day dreaming?’

Sona ‘yes… as from what I see, everyone seems good looking, good hearted’

Jim ‘The investor has stopped funding us’

Sona ‘is it so?’

Jim ‘Sona.. wake up.. only good looks and good heart not enough’

Sona ‘is it so?’

Jim ‘what is this is it so? business’

Sona ‘is our product not selling? I guess we have profitable business’

Jim ‘yes.. but they want to have monopoly control’

Sona bursts out laughing

Sona ‘ask the investor when they wish to exit.. Let us find some good like minded investors’

Jim ‘are you nuts… 10M$ payback?’

Sona ‘let us schedule the payment.. intent should be good’

Few days later

Investor Bob ‘so.. you want me to exit from you?’

Sona ‘yes Sir.. with wide eyes.. i admired you, respected you, thought you to be good looking, good hearted man.. and then I hear all this’

Bob ‘you never informed me’

Sona ‘common.. should we keep telling all good looking guys HANDSOME’

Bob bursts laughing

Bob ‘Sona.. will not exit from your venture.. tell me when to send the next investment funds’

Sona ‘today Sir.. trust needs to exist’

Next day

Jim ‘is he handsome?’

Sona ‘my eyes see’s him as handsome, so what if he is bald, teeth crooked, even has a bad odor.. but see his genorisity’

Jim ‘good looking, good hearted successful person’

Sona ‘yes.. all need to believe that they are good looking, good hearted, successful person’

Am I a screwed Mentor?

James ‘common.. not again any more… even she feels that I should not mention that I mentored her’

Sam ‘what?’

James ‘just few months back.. she wished to become an entrepreneur and I guided her all along.. only to find she started something else…’

Sam ‘So?’

James ‘she says it is all her effort’

Sam ‘OK.. so why you don’t take a fee for mentoring at outset’

James ‘I pray and wish her best of lucks and let her prosper all the more’

Sam ‘do you feel let down?’

James smiles

James ‘no… sometimes human being remember the next listening soul only if they land in problems or they feel low.. am that listening soul.. and listening souls should never get expressive or be vocal… ‘


Dancing with a not so control over feet
a bit of zig and then a zag
falling and tripping down…
rising up… and again holding a juice glass..
dancing…. twisting legs a bit here and there…
and then at times a pause..
again breaking into dance…

entrepreneurs dancing to tune of investors…
or investors dancing to tune of entrepreneurs…
merry making…
holding hands up and waving the year back..
so what if losses exist, so what if cribs exist
let us give another year and think afresh
to succeed again…

Julie ‘why this dance preach now’
James ‘dance startup… am thinking of initiating it’

Happy Newyear 2019

As seed ceased to be favorite and many moved to series of series for funding, the entrepreneurs and the spirit of entrepreneur wondered, is it so cool to chase investor or is it better to chase your own dream, The dream of realizing your dream can be converted to some meaningful service or product for many… An impact which can help many get livelihood or if nothing else, revive the lost spirit of entrepreneurship with us.

Half educated, many didn’t have options but to be business men or strive on self for their livelihood. Came the buzz of startup.. and a research for innovation ended up becoming a venture just to bet on.. and keep betting on it and improving its valuation.

Life as it moved, from the very school, where we study with hope to get jobs, we could see multiple spin offs in form of startups. Investors galore began investing and it became a boon for quite some time, only to be jolted with a fact that all bets may not turn out to be success stories.

The challenge has been to disrupt the way of thought process of investors, the corporate CEO’s to understand that entrepreneurs may have their own set of positives and negatives and more important would be to help them sell genuinely and create a profit and see how the turnaround time to acquire customers improve.

With key focuses on marketing and performance management, I wish all startups to succeed in these focuses to bring in happiness to all stakeholders. Folks like us would be consultants to few, would be written off by few, would be needed by few and we as mentors or coach or guide keep pushing the goal to disrupt education. So what if I attempted writing stories and poems on entrepreneurship and it got viewed by over 98 countries, the attempt has been to disrupt education as story telling effort and then the experiment to convert the entire entrepreneurship ecosystem as game.

The year 2018, disrupted in form of having over 10 colleges having a willingness to experiment with me to set up entrepreneur ecosystem, with over 50 more willing to join this bandwagon. Not to mention a few interest from entire universities. With over 2000+ freshers extending their arms to get into deep learning and experimenting with Artificial intelligence to analyze the entire startup ecosystem, ensured, the whole startup accelerator program get converted to series of experiments and formulate hypothesis around it.

Got an extremely thumping response from over 150+ very senior industry professionals at CXO, Vice President, Adviser designations just to cite example, all from reputed premier institutes willing to concur and work on my framework for entrepreneur success. This moves to next level of serious efforts to improve the research quality and bring in industry-academic-NGO interface striving to work and understand various formulae for entrepreneur success.

Got opportunity to work on applying machine learning principles to understand deeper issues of women through an analysis of gender violence data from 1993 till date. It came with a felt need that any country need to strive to move beyond ME-TOO movement and focus on solving the root causes of various problems faced by children and women in all walks of life.

There were experiments conducted to avoid individuals come of their laptops and mobile sets and make use of toys and games to improve their aptitude and numeric capabilities. The whole focus on use of toys and games to become aids to school teachers and bring in enthusiasm in kids, took small part of me to child hood days where sans devices, too life continued.

With serious probing and mining data, consolidating the same through an architect framework, the experiments to make simple micro service architect approach to capture data from diverse applications, realized Artificial Intelligence is not so easy when it comes to huge publishing data sets in standard format, and it needs more deeper coding principles to be adapted for graphic analysis and remains a work in progress of 2019

2019 goals to focus on free and low cost skilling continues and at same time the focus to bring in a true entrepreneur ecosystem culture within Indian Institutes remain the major goal, and at same time remain truly committed to goals of quality and help companies in their quality goals of ISO 9001, 27001, CMMi and multi other standards and take few private incubators (example automotive focused) to next level of growth remains in wish list.

Wishing all a very happy look forward, prosperous new year.

As someone said, each busy person does have time to manage all the goals, if desired.

Keep working hard towards your goals and all the best.

IQ vs EQ

Mind says ‘never fall in love at all’

Heart says ‘fall in love always’

Mind says ‘stay grounded’

Heart says ‘fly till sky reaches limit’

Mind says ‘money is so important to get everything’

Heart says ‘love can bring in money too’

Mind says ‘do not loose your peace for something you are not getting too soon’

Heart says ‘never loose your hope for something, you feel, you will get some day or other’

Julie says ‘dear all..   I am at lost.. should I love him or not?..  he has IQ and EQ both but never can understand when he uses what’

Nick ‘think he has EQ when you feel for his feelings and think of IQ when you feel, he is taking care of your family responsibilities too’