Startup investments

A monthly investment of just US$150 to US$300 for 2 years. Many invest in stock/mutual fund/insurance..
Why not invest in startup? Life would get only better cofounding a company.

Melissa ‘this will not work?’

PS ‘it should.. as anyways no one is creating jobs and many are being laid out.. if this much also someone who earns even US$15000/- per annum do it, there is some serious issue.. it means finance management is a bit tipsy turvy an no alternate business planning in sight.. jobs will continue to get reduced over period of time.. do become entrepreneur’

Melissa ‘are you sure?’

Love shrieks ‘why?’

Love shrieks why?
why it happens always
when never wanted always

Love shrieks why?
why I felt always
when I never wished always

Feelings can never be same
Emotions can never be same too
Love shrieks why?
why one wins and one looses
why heart cannot in unison
agree to all the wishes

Love shrieks why?
Why a partner seperates
when love needs the most
to be together

(Seperation is not a solution for an entrepreneur cofounder or partner or even in relation, more important to remain united and if at all break ups happen it is only because of deep hurt to heart, a betrayal of trust or nothing but some small ego, which makes individuals not communicate’


Mary ‘am going to give some important lessons to startups’

Rafiq ‘Mam.. we are got sick and tired of 16 weeks accelerator programs. It is like doing some crash diploma in management’

Mary so here you go..

1 Think of an idea

2) Check if idea is already converted to product or service’.. google

3) If yes.. good there is proven revenue model.. if no.. then check if it really solves pain point of someone. if it solves.. .go ahead..

Soumya ‘wait. pause.. all this we already know’


4) Now begin identifying all your cofounders.. You are now going to marry 3- 5 folks simultaneously… a marketing person, a technical person, an accounts person, an advisor ..

Neo ‘hey who is the 5th person?’

5) You are the founder…

6) Dilute your shares.. as much as possible give less of yourself and extract more’

Jones ‘this is not fair’

7) Decide your share holding pattern and then name the idea, book a domain, make website and ensure all of you keep smiling on the photo’s.’

Tresa ‘but is it this not already known’

8) Getting together is most important.. so here all of you stay in 1 big property together for 40 days’

Somya ‘a twist in story’

9) 5 folks.. imagine you are in big boss episode.. and every day you are seeing each other, solving problems.. no one teaching you anything’

Neo ‘but we do not have money for doing so?’

Mary ‘paid holiday US$50 per day per person x 5 x 40 workdays = US$10000’

Jones ‘oh this much of money we get’

Mary ‘dear No..

10) You need to pay US$2500 only for same.. just a 500$ contribution from 5

11) your domain, website, digital marketing.. everything sorted.. some small development too and you now begin surveying identifying customers’

Mary ‘how much the property owner contributed?’

Somya ‘US$10000’

Mary ‘is it not fair for that person to get an equity of 15%’

All agree

12) Dilute your shares to the property owner..’

Joes then

13) Go and identify a nearest match customer with loads of similar business folks know to the customer’

Lovely ‘then?’

14)Now all of you offer that customer a solution at his chosen price’

Somya ‘what if the customer wants it free?’

15) Check pricing through survey and accept whatsoever price offered’

16) Now with 1 client, update that client name in website

17) Hold a joint even with customer included and celebrate project success once delivered’

18)Offer a 10% referral to the customer for recommending business to other folks for at least 50 clients’

Somya ‘will they agree’

19) ‘Dear only Business to Consumer startups scale up.. I cannot think of business to business as cycle time to convert a lead is too big’

20) Celebrate 50 customers.. all in span of 40 days

Lovely ‘so easy?’

21 ‘getting together all of you in a house, you will understand all your shortcomings and then god knows who will be remaining with whom and then on;ly form a real legal valid company.. Many names will get wiped out from website, new will come in.. that is life.. resolve all conflicts before creating a legal company’

Mary ‘hey hope you enjoyed my 1 minute approach’

Somya ‘weird.. but liked it’

Packs of Card

Nancy ‘am a joker in pack of cards.. can fit anywhere’

Rose ‘This is an incident which I am reminded of’

Nancy ‘what is it?’

Rose ‘my hubby Bob as an employee would be ready to do any type of job, right from data entry, cold calling, sales, programming, analysis, design, management etc and then I day’

Nancy ‘what happened?’

Rose ‘his boss chucked him out’

Nancy ‘what??’

Rose ‘He started a venture ‘PACK OF CARDS’

Nancy ‘what is it all about?’

Rose ‘we identify 4 teams.. 12 each’ and 4 jokers

Nancy ‘and ?’

Rose ‘these teams are exactly mapped according to card numbers.. with King, Queen and Jack too and they work on assignments taken by Bob’

Nancy ‘and what about Joker?’

Rose ‘guess what?’

Nancy ‘not sure’

Till then Bob comes in

Bob ‘Jokers are the entrepreneurs’

Nancy ‘what?’

Bob ‘My accelerator program.. this was an idea provided by PASSION FRAMEWORK and am doing well’

Nancy ‘who guided you there’

Bob ‘my boss. he felt I was capable of doing much more.. so sacked me, invested on me and here I am’

Nancy ‘so?’

Rose ‘get ready to become an entrepreneur, if you can fit anywhere’


Admist all the noise of crackers and loud DJ being played… Morris loving looks at Ramya… and whispers in ear ‘lets disappear’

Ramya is daughter of drummer Bhola…

A few hours later

Ramya finds herself in a trail… she finds besides her a group of ladies..

Ramya ‘where am I?’

A lady Shano bursts into laughing..

Shano ‘Morris handed over you to us.. 100000 bucks’

Ramya is shocked… and he tries to run away.. only to find group of henchmen all at train gates.. and she has no option but to settle..

At Mumbai…
She is taken to a dingy flat…where there are more like her housed…

Ramya has full tears.. when she hears Morris’s voice…

Morris ‘we have got them with great difficulty.. let us pack them to Malaysia

Ramya is totally scared and shrieks..

Morris ‘she is like her father a drummer and noise making’

Shano pushes Ramya at corner..

Morris stares at the moon and murmers ‘good over evil.. is it possible?’ and bursts laughing..

2 days later
Jai a happy go lucky tourism operator meets Morris.

Jai hands over around 20 tickets.. and suddenly his eyes fall on Ramya

Jai ‘oh so sweet she looks’

Morris ‘dare you… ‘

Jai returns back…

Morris ‘Shona.. am tired.. this is cost of just taking a foreign external investor money. They looked so good. As entrepreneurs we are reduced to pimping’

Shona ‘I also feel we are going wrong’

Morris ‘what next? I failed in US accelerator program, went to Dublin there too and now this mess because of unsecured loan’

Shona ‘let us confront Razbi and inform him this is not possible’

A few minutes latter on phone
Morris ‘Razbi.. not possible.. we cannot do this… am releasing all the girls’

Razbi ‘how come.. you would have jut got rid of all debts’

Morris ‘I met Shona here in India, got married to her and please.. pardon us.. will do whatsoever it takes to repay your debt’

Razbi ‘we will not leave you’

Morris shuts the phone..

Morris ‘Shona.. release all of them’

Shona ‘unsecured loan from unknown people.. never do that.. ‘

Morris ‘I realized it….’

As Shona release all of 20 girls. one of the Girl Mink comes closer to Morris and slaps him.

Mink ‘what the hell your problem was.. you cheated and emotionally duped all of us’

Shona ‘we are sorry… a big mess we are in 2M US$ we owe him’

As the girl’s hear the story.. Ramya loudly informs ‘Lord Durga killed Mahisasur and that is how it is victory of good over evil.. so why not share this with Razbi’s wife’

Morris ‘met her only once’

Mink surfs net and find’s Razbi’s wife Alifa’s number

Mink ‘Madam.. your husband seems to be too found of girl’s. All of us were supposed to be trafficked’

Alifa is shocked

Alifa confronts Razbi

Alifa ‘Do you really recover money this way when even interest earning is serious crime’

Razbi ‘Alifa… please do not leave me.. am sorry’

Alifa ‘let go them’

Razbi ‘Done.. even I am a screwed up entrepreneur.. got this funding from Moroco investor’

Alifa ‘common.. you mean to say?

Razbi ‘i too had taken unsecured loan’

Alifa ‘common.. are you kidding’

Razbi ‘what to do?’

Alifa ‘how much?’

Razbi ‘samw 2M$’

Alifa ‘Let us pay him whatsoever we have and start from scratch’

Razbi ‘Alifa.. thanks for understanding me’

Back in India

Morris ‘we have so many forms of Lord Durga.. now I understood the power of women and how they can save many from disaster in any form be it wife or girl friend or sister and above all a mother’


Sam ‘I am independent today.. after all the struggle of our ancestorial leader.. here am tryirng to justify my stance only to find a police case being filed on me’

6 decades earlier

Sam’s grandfather ‘this is the only way we can get freedom. If anyone snatches what is our right.. we will surely ensure we revolt’

Jose is Sam’s grandfather who is a freedom fighter.. A patriot.. Still alive

Jose’s son is Manuel a shrewd business man. He has taken this opportunity of Jose to get favor from government and is running a highly successful textile company..

Manuel’s son is Sam… who cares for expression of speech.. and Sam’s girl friend Mary is a political journalist


Sam ‘did I make a mistake?’

Mary ‘expressions on issues like genocide or oppressions or lynching.. obviously you can voice opinion’

Sam ‘my father Manuel has repriminded me.. he wants me to steer away from controversies and business affects’

Mary ‘the choice is yours.. be with your father and run the business or voice your opinion and be with the movement to fight out injustice’

Sam returns home..

Manuel ‘stay away from her.. she influences you’

Sam ‘Dad.. I know the fate of my mom’


Manuel ‘In business.. no one really cares of emotions.. ‘. He shoots his wife Jane point blank..


Sam ‘you got lost’

Manuel ‘business is most important’

Sam ‘do you know the millions in open arrest.. ‘

Manuel ‘I don’t care.. an incident shook me’

5 decades earlier

Manuel is fired by his father for taking advantage of him

Jose ‘Manuel.. how could you do this.. you have almost converted her to a religion you chose’

Manuel ‘it is voluntarily done’

Jose ‘so.. tomorrow what if your son is facing this situation’

Manuel ‘he will do what is right’

Jose ‘You named Jannat as Jane’

Manuel ‘only because of my love for her’


Manuel ‘only I know the love for her..’

Sam ‘then why you killed her’

Manuel ‘she got to know a very high profile terrorist attack strategy. A hardcore adventure journalist.. she put the whole notes in a secret coded bank locker’

Sam ‘and then?’

Manuel ‘you were kidnapped.. and I had a choice’

Sam ‘what.. either kill her or let them kill you’

Jose comes in..

Jose ‘Manuel.. some secrets need not be revealed’

Sam ‘what happened?’

Manuel ‘Dad.. let me explain to Jose’

Manuel ‘My father asked me to save you’

Sam has tears in eyes..

Sam ‘why all this. ?’

Jose ‘no one understands the pain Manuel went through because of me being freedom fighter.. either a force or compulsion.. Manuel had to get into business with all sort of folks to save me’

Sam ‘what?’

Manuel hugs Sam

Manuel ‘the world had so many independence struggle.. but eventually all learnt tolerance.. all forgave too.. but then politics is such, where only divide and rule functions.. so’

Manuel ‘Sam.. you have a choice.. go ahead with your struggle or just focus on business’

Sam ponders..

Next day

Sam ‘Mary.. I have decided to be part of the movement’

Mary ‘so another struggle for my kid like your father’

Mary hugs Sam

Sam ‘I love you too much Mary.. am there to support you’

Entrepreneur wisdom

Joy ‘I guess. all are bored of same network meet, same discussions and same issues that no investor will invest if paying client’s do not exist’

Maria ‘so?’

Joy ‘let me whisper a secret’

Maria ‘what is it?’

Joy whispers in Maria’s ear ‘can we go for a movie today? and then have a dinner’

Maria ‘so this is your secret’

Joy ‘are you coming’

Maria watches a movie with Joy..

Joy whispers in Maria’s ear ‘imagine an auction of actor and actress’s dresses in app form’ while watching movie.

Maria ‘what???’

Joy shows an app

Maria ‘Joy.. who teaches you all this’

Joy ‘PASSION.. it may have been low, a bit tied up.. but very active in innovations.. it seems they are on par with top 10% of international accelerator programs as far as competency development is concerned’

Maria ‘are you part of that?’

Joy ‘why mot.. they give you nuances which no one else can even dream of’

Maria ‘is it so?’

Joy ‘am also a fiction character… see now the dramatic change in me’

A minute later

Maria ‘so many Joy’s’

Joy ‘digital twin.. please keep guessing. what next’