Startup story

Comes an investor and shrieks ”I made so much investment, where is returns?’

Entrepreneur ”Even I don’t have the money.. we spent in staff and marketing”

Investor ”but what we gained of all this?”

Entrepreneur ”more investors began showing interest.. relax Sir, we will get subsequent round of funding?’

Investor ”I need a clear exit after 1 year”

Entrepreneur ”me too may exit.. let the investor only run the venture.. am fedup of working as employee in garb of showing myself as an entrepreneur.. finally am still in listening mode only.. no flexibility”



am transformer, who wishes to change all and change self too

to think positively and be on path of continuous learning..

48% of projects fail in the world.. largely because we are not getting right resources to take the jobs…

with limited skills… we all know the conclusions..

startups too are trying to disrupt but end up getting disrupted themselves… why because again wrong cofounders.. .wrong investors… and so on

so what the heck will I transform?


The journey of greedy love to selfless love needs a transformation

greedy – need a job desperately.. want to settle soon… want to marry soon… want to split soon and so on

selfless – hope he gets a job… hope she settles soon… hope they always remain united… hope they will survive all calamities…

selfless love need not be told.. it needs to be experienced by the other party

transformer will transform belief without even other beliefs realizing that the belief itself is being changed..



Sam ”why do we work?”

Mom ”for living.. food, clothing, shelter all come because of money earned”

Sam ”is there any thing in this earth, where we need not work at all”

Mom ”own a property and put it on rent and earn money from that”

Sam ”but I will have to work hard to own one”

Mom ”what you know?”

Sam ”i know a bit of android taught in school”

Mom ”make an app LAZYBUM to register all lazy people”

2 days latter

Mom ”i did it.. someone told me to put in playstore.. 10000 downloads”

Mom ”cool…do you know reason”

Mom ”I declared myself LAZY and soon had so many downloads.. I also asked ”if you too are LAZY.. join me”

Mom ”now onwards you need not work.. hence making a product so important.. a good product will sell for itself”

Sam ”Mom.. how will I earn?”

Mom ”advertisements, all lazy bums will get some entertainment to watch etc”

Sam ”cool.. but am surprised so many like me”

Mom ”laziness is in mind first, then heart.. and then entire body.. stop eating so much pizza’s.. ”

Sam ‘no Mom.. do not ask me… everyday that Domino guy looks at me with expectations.. he will loose his US$3 every day”


A big mission.. (Skill development)

Dear All,


I am now at the cross road where find multiple resources weak in various technologies.

Am grooming resources free in processes and technologies to ensure we get good quality IT resources. It is a social mission sans any political party nor groups nor corporate support.

Whomosever feels their family members are stuck in IT jobs, freshers not getting jobs after many days, resources frustrated within your group,

Look no further, am not making a great killer app trying to capture market with look and feel etc, rather am genuinely going to train resources on SCRUM, Project Management, Startup ecosystem, ISO, CMMi and eventually help them get some internship with startups.

Need all to be part of this mission.

PASSION is all about giving…  sometimes we may just be empty in pockets, but still if the goals are high, implementation approach is taken care of, money will follow sooner or later.

The present painpoint of industry is ”no skilled resources available”




Me too is a concept, where in we imitate an object / objective as it is a proven model. It gives us sense of pleasure, security and feeling of togetherness. What happens when a Me too individual begins bring in differentiators?

Soon the group feeling is gone, now there is a spirit of competition. Again the left group get into Me too mode and begin building the same features…

The same Me too goes for a toss if someone wishes to really do something unique which is not yet proven.. Here the Me too becomes You only.. and only you need to prove that your solution is unique.. It can be tiring, real hard to convince group of people that you are doing things right. It could be like breaking head against wall.

The moment the solution begins getting accepted, there will again be multiple Me Toos emerging saying ”we all along knew this would work.. we knew this would fail.. we always cautioned… we always cared and so on”

So it is our choice …. should we be ME TOO or should we be the first innovator of any crazy thought to convert that thought to a reality.’

Some suck blood, some taste blood

Sam ”It is a sucker’s world..  and …I will tell you this short story

The class students begin laughing..

Sam ”do you know.. many a time.. the employees abuse their managers, CEO and even Directors that they such blood”

All students nod yes..  most of them have worked in reputed companies and are here sent by company to hawn the skills..

Sam ”one day..  a 20 plus employee came with a strange proposition to identify suckers and tasters.  The employee felt the ones who tasted blood  would eventually end up sucking blood..   so it means.. once an employee proves its mettle.. the employee will soon be saddled with more work.. more responsibilities.. and the poor performer and that employee both may just have marginal difference in salaries”

Sam ”the 20 plus employee built one AI application to identify managers who are perfect suckers and soon realized these suckers were themselves sucked just a few years back”

Class student Rose ”Sir but what is the story in it?”

Sam smiles

Sam ‘story is that the 20 plus employee analyzed that top 10 CEOs of the world were having knack of good sucking skills”

Rose ”but what is the story?”

Sam ”Rose.. and the 20 plus employee because Sam…   Sucking Any Mortal”

Rose ”what.. Sir was it you.. show us the AI tool”

Sam ”for that all u need to do is just make a database of all potential suck threats.. means where a person will begin feeling exploited”

After 2 hours..

Rose ”Sir… 10000 plus vulnerable points of exploitation”

Sam ”which is the most vulnerable point where sucking is eminent”

Rose ”heart’.. all who work with heart tend to get sucked more… and all who work with mind tend to taste blood and then they loving sucking”

Sam ”precisely..  if your heart is strong.. you will get sucked less… always remember this”

Rose ”what if mind is weak?”

Sam ”sucking model finds heart and mind both are directly proportional.. weak heart.. weak mind.. strong heart.. strong mind”

All clap and students laud the psychology session taken by Sam