Data Science – Are Enterprise ready to implement?

Artificial Intelligence is a super set of Machine Learning..

Machine Learning is a super set of Deep Learning

So what exactly is Deep Learning..

Imagine for a day, you are an IT Governance auditor, and you visit a company and find a group of managers explaining you all the processes being followed and so on.

A small glitch! One of the manager has spelled out that they had a system crash just few days back…

Common Sense intelligence is checking if the company has incident and problem management process in place

Artificial Intelligence is identifying intelligently if existing incident logs are analyzed and AI tool pin points the problem or root cause analysis of incident

Machine learning tools which have NLP capabilities (Natural language processing) are used to identify various data elements within the incident log. However for arriving at an appropriate cause, deeper analysis of data is needed. The taxonomy dictionary which needs to be built is most cumbersome. Have seen multiple companies struggle towards getting real value of inferences. Reasoṇs: The statisticians are experts in drawing inferences, however we need very strong management principles adapted to correlate those inferences with actual grasp and insight of company issues and arrive at identifying core problem from collection of incident records.

With nearly 2 decades or even more, studying government, NGO, rural, urban data and then those machine data (Engine/Automation plants and so on), I feel the data science buzz should really be understood by more and more CIOs /CXOs and even before venturing into data, it would make sense if the core process functions be strengthened. As without basic data capture in place, the real value of data science will not reach the senior management team of large organizations.

The present data science hype is more focused only on social media data and enterprise data analytic tools are available in plenty.. however they are way too costly.

If someone just gets a trend graph from a data set, or a cloud coming out of all set of words or terms and if we assume we know Data Science, there is something missing.

Science is all about understanding the theories well and Engineering is all about using appropriate methods and tools emerging out of various science disciple in practical industrial and social problems in form of building products.

Data Scientist Skills needs a combination of statistician, management, process and programming know how to build predictive models to benefit organization.

Are we geared up at enterprise level, to execute data science projects’

I help organizations in drawing data governance road map, identifying data security elements and subsequently also chalk out an Artificial Intelligence application on those data sets. Would wish to hear experiences from whole lot of CXO/CIOs/Data Scientists / Management consultants on their approach towards such implementations.

Micro startup

Jane is a lazy girl who prefers being more  on bed sleeping, playing games.. till 1 day..

Jane’s parent decide to put her in hostel..

At hostel, she has to handle everything on her own…

Jane ‘it is really crazy… everything we need to do’

Melissa ‘Jane.. I have a concept MICRO’

Jane ‘what is it all about?’


Jane ‘on what?’

Melissa ‘Boredom?’

Jane ‘common?’

Melissa ‘Health?’

Jane ‘tell me what it all about?’

Melissa ‘Games?’

Jane ‘not again’

Melissa ‘Sex?’

Jane ‘I will hit you.. what is it all about?’

Melissa ‘whoever will google and get useful information beyond paid ones… they will be rewarded US$100 per satisfactory innovation’

Jane ‘how is it possible.. why should we pay someone.. what is the overall gist.. am confused’

Melissa ‘begin searching by new techniques from today’

2 days later

Jane ‘I tried in so many ways to hover over LOVE and finally arrived at one conclusion’

Melissa ‘what?’

Jane ‘Love cannot be purchased on a cart…

Melissa ‘wow.. what a pain point’

Jane ‘so what next…’

Melissa ‘did your sleep / bed time reduce?’

Jane ‘I was so engrossed hovering.. so yes.. I guess I feel more energetic’


Souls of this earth

Souls of this earth
where are we
a life not at our disposal
the unknown was not enough
the powerful unknown
all known become a power
tracking, tracing all the way
probing all the way
life as a human got probed
life as an animal clue less
of their traceability
with so much links
and so much likes
all emoticons leaving us
speechless, typist to the fullest
typing all the way
speaking on our own
welcome to this circus
of technology innovations
where in human cease to exist
robots born in various shapes
souls of this earth
education and knowledge
its relevance to the purpose
gets extended and how
curb excess automation
to let human let its organs function
to let its heart remain still heartful
mind remain still mindful
so what if specs be replaced by contact lenses
so what if hearing be unheard
so what if care becomes just an icon
poets still remain poets
entertainers still remain entertainers
soul of this earth
wake up to look near about us
so much to solve
so much to work on
digitization as buzz
is for what we did always
thought leaders as buzz
is for what we thought always
a new jargon and old fade away
a shadow and no billing
all smiles fade away
come out of that prison of loop
of being billable or being available
life is also in the nearby garden
you forgot going
think of your passion
and think of doing something
so what if your bosses feel sad
they too did the same
when they decided to search
their soul in this earth

life can again come back

Sarah ‘am depressed with life.. it is all over’

James ‘nothing can be depressing, if we control of our mind’

Sarah ‘how?’

James ‘focus on your hobby, your work and stop thinking negative’

Sarah ‘a failed entrepreneur.. giving such advices?’

James ”there will be always ups and downs.. but if we only worry of downs.. then we will remain down.. so we need to always remember what comes down.. will come up again. life can come back again..


Am I at fault?

No jobs

No money for startups

Nothing at all…

Only stories and more stories

No water

No air

No space

Only stories and more stories

No happiness

No energy

No care

Only stories and more stories

I am an Entrepreneur

Is it my fault?

The oldies do not like some one being an entrepreneur

The middling folks like some one till they are invested

The youngsters crib assuming entrepreneurship is just another employment

Is it my fault?

If I got hooked on to it

With so many events

With so many hypes

With so many dreams

All talks by ones who are successful

Is Entrepreneurship similar to good old days where all wanted to be sportsmen and

families would repremind kids to not take up that.. same story around creative folks..

Is it my fault? if am creative to an extent where I keep writing stories to entertain folks… ?

Am just a pen in a writer’s hand,.. a ball smacked around by a polo stick


Politician turned Entrepreneur

John ”If someone can become politician after being successful business man, why I cannot?”

Maya “You are a humble, simple person and do find you assertive.. but why you wish to resign from parliament for that?”

John “Am seriously fedup of just badmouthing opposition for sake of it.. then those twitter, social media and so on… it is getting on my nerves… I want to create an intelligent bot which will close all session and display a comedy short film or comics or cartoon the moment a person is tweeting too much or ranting too much.. so imagine in parliament, if too much noise happening… a sudden donald duck or tom and jerry comic voice appearing in all mobiles”

Maya ”but they will keep mobiles off”

John ‘Make this press announcement and watch fun””

After a month

Maya ‘what happened next?”

John ”nothing much … all politicians decided to become investors in this venture.. around US$100M already collected”

Maya ”are you sure… you know what you are saying?”

John ”lol they are political careerist… you know what I am saying?  just ensure that we have second in line back up of these individuals..  am just balancing the team and wanting only those members in my team who are purely focused on welfare of people”