April Tweets

Anne ‘Why Tweets now all of a sudden’

Prakash ‘nothing much.. I put in each and every visible white space to all, to stop having fear and focus on work’

Anne ‘why?’

Prakash ‘if you are rich, have sources of money, then sitting at home. too cool else it is just drain of money supporting shelterless, homeless all because of one fear ‘corona’

Anne ‘but it is fatal’

Prakash ‘nothing is more fatal then no food, no shelter or no clothes. please wake up dear all and revive self to identify small opportunities.. digital marketing, content writing, technical documentation.. whatsoever and create small job opportunities’





6 years completed penning blog. I got an extensive support from all of you who have been reading my blogs, encouraging me to pen more. The first two years were just sort of 4-5 blogs per day too.
For me each blog is a story or a poem, with a few article/thoughts here and there..

The subsequent 4 years, I got focused on further fine tuning the PASSION FRAMEWORK. Largely to bring in INDUSTRY-Academic-NGO-Startup interfaces.

Today we have couple of USA /Canada startups availing our services.
Couple of Accelerator/Incubators availing our services
Many Local Startups seeking our guidance for marketing/digital marketing services/Project Management Services.

We have been rated on par with top most global accelerator programs with reference to competency development and at least score 5-6 / 10 metrics above global average.

Have evolved a model in which a startup can get initiated in just US$1000 and in US$4000, the startup literally gets interns/incubation service/management service/a product prototype MVP/ Experts.

500+ Mentors
2200+ potential entrepreneurs connected to us..

We are encouraging many to voluntarily become brand ambassadors for our initiative all over the world.
Not sure how many out here would really wish to join me in my mission, nevertheless heartfelt thanks.
Converting research topics into story formats itself has been challenging and depicting true life insights of fictious characters, sans any biographical motivations becomes another task.
Finally Engaging audience of diversified countries, the most important factor.

Money Runs

Money runs

The run for valuation,

The run for profit

Engaging customers

All those pitches

Investors galore

Show me the money

Show me the painpoint

Is this a solution?

B2C or B2B

No B2G or C2G or G2C

Show me the money

Losses mount

Fund it further

Improve your value

Celebrate a success

Show me as Unicorn

Talk the hype

Hype the story

More the comments

More the likes

Show me the money

Pressures around

Penalties around

Oppositions galore

More the trouble

Show me your patience

(Startup and Entrepreneurs need to have the patience and courage to fight all types of struggles. The ambition was yours, the passion too, success too so why not accept failures and still live a longer and again revive as after all dark tunnel, light will come and even if light will not come, you can again move back from the darkness in same path till you again come back to some light, back to square one and again start afresh. Happy friendship day..

Indo American Combo

Jayanti ”the day I got married to him.. I knew I had to cook Indo-American combo”

George ‘what is that?”


”1 IDLI, 1 small plate of Italian PASTA, 1 small PIZZA, a few fried potatoe chips and 1 large glass of Orange Juice”

George ”your hubby Rob.. won’t he find it boring eating the same dish again and again?”


”I replace that Idli with Dhokla, Dosa, Uttappa and so on”

“Pasta replaced with Noodles, Sausage, Choco chips and so on”

George ”cool.. ”

Jayanti ”I charge him 5$ for this breakfast”

George ”common.. he is your hubby?”

Jayanti ”No free lunch or dinners in America…”

George ”somewhere this misconception came across world.. that we are penny counting”

Jayanti ”see had he hired a cook, he would anyways have to pay.. so this one way of my savings (I make around US$1000 out of this and save it for my startup bootstrapping.. these days Investors do not believe entrepreneurs.. worst time”

George ”what??????”

Jayanti ”you know Rob.. he likes to invest in cool ideas.. but doesnt understand that an entrepreneur is sitting right in his house”

Till then Rob comes

Rob ”dear..  why do you feel, I am giving you 1000 every month? It is to check your sincerity in your goals..  make a franchise.. and get going”

Jayanti ”what brand?”


Jayanti and George burst laughing…


Soul Binding

the greatest binding in life is nothing but our soul’s binding to our heart and mind. If the soul is loosely binded to mind, we become mindless and if it is loosely binded to heart, we become heartless.

PASSION is all about binding soul to the purpose of life..  why does an entrepreneur continue pursuing their goals zealously? it is because of their belief that some outcome will surely come..

Money making insights typically distances the soul from the heart and maybe even mind at times.. and then may be success stories may get flashed all over, but where is that PASSION to disrupt and make a world class innovation?  Have never observed any investors really bothered about disruption.. they are purely seeking return on investment.. For them the Stock exchange is better place..  We do not need investors who just wish to invest as angels to get their returns through subsequent funding.. we do need entrepreneurs who wish to be like employees in garb of founders and loose zeal when all is lost..

binding soul to heart and mind will make a person focused on a purpose of life.

Little Joy kept wondering why her father was so passionate about PASSION till one day she found that her love for kinderjoy was to delight her taste buds and joy of her father was to delight the heartbuds and mindbuds.




Sleepy Investor

Wake up dear

Lots of losses already

Still you wish to invest?

Valuation and more Valuation

If lucky, a clean exit

If not, then a cool loss

Why don’t you teach entrepreneurs

to make profit out of their business

rather then profit of their share valuation.

Just 2 big ducks.. the whole breed is left in lurch

just 2 big wins.. the whole breed is pushed to high valuation…

where do we wish the economy to go.. all depends on us dear..


Santa Claus

I kept moving back and forth wondering how PASSION got initiated exactly on Christmas day… 18 years back…  a strong desire to achieve an object and seek security from that object..

Whether it is a mother or father or even a kid or may be a young jobless youth.. all are in quest to acquire something…

Passion play is a dramatic presentation depicting the Passion of Lord Christ. It has been in existence for many centuries.

There needs to be sense of forgiveness and acceptance to whatsoever happens..

Santa Claus here is an Angel Investor who decides to give small surprise gifts to entrepreneurs on Christmas eve…

Santa ‘not sure who gave me this name.. but then being generous is what Angels are supposed to be’

Group of Investors look at Santa with surprise

Investor Tom ‘Santa.. paying 10000US$ to around 100 entrepreneurs.. all in span of 1 night

Santa ‘so what.. may be morning time 50% of it will be blown to dust’

Sandra ‘ridiculous.. Angels are meant to get ROI too’

Santa ‘we need to give away…

Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine, continue in them: for in doing this though shalt both save thyself and them that hear thee

Santa ‘be an example dear.. of a good soul who knows to practice entrepreneurship or being an investor.. a successful one too.. and once you practice.. you need to preach too.. you need to impart the lessons to the world… so SAY WHAT YOU DO.. DO WHAT YOU SAY..  a beautiful concept embraced by ISO standards too’

Santa ‘By doing so… you will enjoy and get awards at some point of time in your life  and hence you save yourself from doing anything wrong and by preaching so.. by guiding many.. you will ensure others get rewarded too’

Investor Harris is a bit taken aback by this…

Harris ‘common.. why are you trying to teach us again something which we understand is part of life’

Santa ‘nothing much.. just thought of gifting you those phrases again’

Next day.. the entrepreneurs rush to meet Santa

Entrepreneurs ‘Sir.. why is your term sheets not complicated?’

Santa ‘dear ones..  I slogged my life and had this big venture of mine.. and when profit began.. i decided to do charity… so being generous and gifting ones at random basis.. nothing much..’

Entrepreneurs ‘Sir.. how I wish we really understood the word Angel’

Back to present day

I have not made huge profits but I do believe in giving and sharing and this is where PASSION FRAMEWORK comes in.. so hope it keeps entertaining, educating and guiding as many folks as possible and PASSION actually came to me as flash of light 2 decades earlier and never realized it would evolve further as a framework then a blog which explains entrepreneurship using stories, poems and even experiments with science and theories of life.







Startups grow Startup

Startups who grow other startups are the modern day accelerators


  1. Real Estate Companies with idle space want to start an incubator/accelerator

It is appreciative and heart warming to find that however they need to rely on trust worthy incubation manager to do so..

Now what happens to the incubator if the incubation manager gets another real estate company support and who pays higher percentage of equity?

The first incubator may risk of shutting down..


2)  Anyone who has good experiences in industry can start an accelerator program with support of senior colleagues and industry blessing.. and sometimes get an early success of companies getting invested..

It is a good sign.. but what happens if an accelerator is found in almost all locations of the country. Is it training centers renamed as accelerator?

I would be helping individuals for over 2 decades now.. for their job goals, coaching them and found many individuals really do not ever wish to be entrepreneurs but if no other option exists, they do not mind attempting to run a company

The other individuals, I observed were ones who are at very senior positions and felt they can actually do it better then others.

As there is a shortage of real good mentors, hence opportunities exist but at same time a word of caution:  Investors are impressed only if the startup ensure product reaches market and has good traction so the key success to accelerator is to focus on market

3) Do Accelerators and Incubators really get benefited by the equity model?

They should .. if the startups can scale up well..

But as a mentor, I can safely say that the mindset of an entrepreneur is to save equity.. Most of entrepreneurs guided by that.. and with complex term sheets and vesting and n number of clauses, find entrepreneurs spending time with lawyers and advisors who ask them to exercise caution which is fine but how about an entrepreneur trying to spend more time with marketing folks and understanding how to have good pricing strategy, how to strategize, penetrate market well and also how to be liberal in giving commissions

So it is very important for Accelerator and Incubators to empanel good contributing mentors but they need to be rewarding them by way of compensation or equity and it should be clearly specified.

4) Does entrepreneur get benefited by Accelerator program?

Obvious yes.. as I find each startup has a long way to go..

I have for one.. guiding many incubators and these days also helping few bodies who wish to formulate policies etc around this eco system

However one thing which clearly emerges is that

Do not try to own everything self.. Learn to give away.. and more you give, more you succeed…

Do not try to focus too much on pitch, web site and what not.. . Learn to understand that each client knows that there are professionals who build website, pitch deck etc

so eventually client may appreciate your deck or website or criticize but remember the best of present day million/billion dollar company had sloppy websites too

So… the bottom line.. is focus on business model trials and arrive at good pricing strategies and with a clear assumption that focus only on minimum viable products or service model.


PASSION FRAMEWORK provides an insight to individuals from any walks of life (Investors, Incubators, Accelerators, Entrepreneurs, Academicians and Mentors

Do.. get going.. PROBING AND INNOVATING to re-invent self as STARTUPS to grow STARTUPS














Return from GraveYard

Rose ‘this is dead end.. I can see only grave from now on’

Tom ‘see an opportunity in grave too’

Rose ‘am finished.. the entire funds drained and nothing much to do or say.. All employee’s exited. Investors unhappy.. boy friend too.. and only you… my last friend having patience standing here in front of grave of my dear mentor Philips’

Tom ‘look at his smile.. when he was being buried.. wanting to inform that he mentored many.. scaled so many.. but none came.. only the failed startup entrepreneurs came to see him off.. Is it not bad’

Rose ‘are you kidding in front of a dead soul.., All are gone.. I feel like committing suicide’

Tom ‘why you didn’t…  you could have laid right next to him.. It would have been a news item’

Rose ‘common.. you kid.. let us go to a restaurant.. am feeling hungry’

As both much burger..

Tom ‘can you keep a tab on failed individuals and just motivate them?’

Rose ‘one failed resource motivating others. Impossible’

Tom ‘just talk of what needs to be avoided and what should be done to refresh mind.. I can also be part of this venture.. and you just give free equities to ones who invested in your screwed up venture’

Rose ‘brilliant idea..’

3 months later

Rose ‘it was tough convincing investors.. just we managed it.. and it was great.. our traction is good.’

Tom ‘now merge this unit with your failed screwed up and create a big hype’

4 months later

Rose and Tom near the mentor graveyard

Tom ‘did his soul enter your body?’

Tom’s expression changes and Rose is shocked

Rose ‘common.. you are kidding me.. just come back to original form Tom’

Tom returns back to normal form

Rose is shivering

Rose ‘let us return back’

Late night

Rose ‘is it possible, the mentor’s soul moved into Tom’s body..  who will believe this?’