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I have paused a bit, to think a bit, to see how am getting responses for my 50 words max thoughts in whatsapp,  I found that I slowly began getting 100 views almost every day..


what I write :


Innovation freedom is only possible in Entrepreneurship…

Relations cannot be defined by words, but the flow of communication between 2 Actors. Hence it is relative.

Time discipline reflects key to various aspects of personality..

I guess, I will again into story telling, which is where I fit in, a fiction writer, no connections with dead or alive, no biographies, but some aspects of life captured through writing



Sweets which never melt..

James ”Dear.. very surprising that you still remain cold.. even after being persistently following up with you”

Nancy ”I have informed you.. am not interested.. need time.. have exhausted all my money.. no bootstrap funds left.. so exploring what next to run the company”

James ”Hey.. I have US$10000, take it, be with me”

Nancy ”thanks.. but giving money and trying to seek my love.. not accepted”

James ”you are mistaken..”

Nancy remembers a new year incident few years back..

Nancy was dancing merrily with Rob, her boy friend.. when he decides to suddenly declare love for her..

Nancy surprised.. and soon they get into an intimate relation only to discover that he had just created a story around self to woe her..

James shakes her up..

James ”come out of past.. I am surely not that kind”

Nancy smiles..

Nancy ”heart gets colder.. with each bad relation.. so it will take time to melt”

James ‘I will be there.. in cold weather.. waiting for you with a sweater in hand, muffler on head and boots in legs.. as love always hopes that even snowy mountains can melt with ample sunshine’


Startup 24/7

Joy ‘we need to work 24/7 to be up and running’

Mona ”common… 3 shifts.. it is too tiring.. never seen this largely in developed countries’

James ”chill pill..  we too overlap your timings’

Mona ”in this skype.. not sure why are debating this.. but virtual project management is always a challenge’

Joy ”do you know.. the biggest challenge a startup faces is SERIES A fund.. subsequent fund is not coming in easily’

James ”we need to identify entrepreneur traits.. are they employee in garb of entrepreneurs or are they just into this ecosystem because they are not getting jobs”

Mona ‘cool.. should we initiate a startup to put such scores.. it is very simple.. if you like independence and also flexible to work as team,  love to take decisions, strategize.. then you need to experiment entrepreneurship..  in case you are scared, not confident to face audience, feel dejected, rejected, insecure and like to balance life then please do not experiment being entrepreneur..  it is not your cup of tea.. do not then crib by that X person grew so well or became a brand or whatsoever”

James ”yes.. I agree.. Startup 24/7 is a philosophy.. not a pressure or a mandate.. it is thinking about what you love.. and be passionate to pursue that love.. it could be research on any field..  if  this ecosystem is not right for you.. then get into MNCs”

Joy ”common.. they literally make you work 24/7 and boldly announce 24/7 work”

Mona ”all assume and want a cushy job.. but that is possible only in government / academics”

Robert pops in ”Hey.. hi.. suddenly you put academics.. was watching this skype fun”

Robert ”you are mistaken.. there it is syllabus preparation, these days mandatory research papers, getting students is biggest KRA.. so seriously I too am thinking to be part of startup”

Mona ”cool.. welcome to this 24/7 circus of passion.. you just cannot think of being relaxed if you wish to build a large foundation or company..  if you wish to relax.. please relax .. this is not your cup of tea”

Robert ”common dude.. I am voluntarily coming into this circus.. I am experimenting with a research on identifying individuals who just cannot take any pressure”

Mona ‘wow”

Robert ”it is a pattern analysis.. deep learning..  check on statistics of how much restless you become just by slightest pressure of work or family or kids or anything”

Mona ”then”

Robert ”if you run away and try to meditate always.. you will be found in religious places for ever.. but rather then running away.. we need to guide them to work confidently.”

Mona ”then.. how it is linked to entrepreneurship?”

Robert ”these folks should never get into leader role.. they are followers..  they should reconcile and not be overtly ambitious.. then it would lead to complex personality disorders later on”

Mona ”wow.. you need to prove this”

Robert ”ya….  it is a hypothesis.. “I am a prospective entrepreneur” itself is an hypothesis.

Mona ”anyways welcome to PASSION again”


Lord Ganesha – 2017

Lord Ganesha returns back to India and finds a huge change in way of thinking within span of 1 year..


Few years back, the construction in rural areas were happening in pockets, full swing but then with Aadhar and linking everything to Aadhar, the tile industry, cement.. every where a slump..

The CAs are working hard to file returns per month and at grass root levels, it is taxation hitting all round..

The positive strengths of demonetization and GST is that discipline process has just begun..

But the Lord is also sad that a big disparity between HAVES and HAVE NOTS have come in..    A message loud and clear that offshoring will face challenge not because of US focuses on their own unemployment issues but because of skill development..

Lord is surprised that education has become unaffordable for many and though government keeps having multiple skill development initiatives, where is the zeal to teach?

Multiple entrepreneurship initiatives have been undertaken, but the struggle to get investors continue.

All hope miraculously that Lord will solve the problem one day..

Lord Ganesha is happy that the same zeal, enthusiasm continues and the respect too exists for him as always, and as always hopes that education system may get more innovative and reach out at all villages of country and hopes individuals begin improving self further through self-discipline, modest consumption pattern and think of more savings for better future of their kids and next generation.

Lord Ganesha is the same.. Loving, Giving, Forgiving and Kind and wants similar compassion built in all.


Startup questions

Will I get invested soon?


Can you connect us to few investors?


Will the investors look at our traction and get impressed?


Should I approach investors then or wait?


But I dont have funds to bootstrap?

Pause and work part time too

Can the investor manage to give me at least money for me to do basic startup pre-requisites?

Common if you want to be an employee, then do that.. why you want to be an entrepreneur.

In nutshell individuals should not confuse entrepreneurship as another form of employment given by investors


Evidence based Entrepreneurship

If wishes were horses, all the assumptions we take during journey of entrepreneurship, would need to come out true.

Assumption is nothing but hypothesis. So evidence based entrepreneurship is all about providing results about the assumptions set.

Now a fiction

A sweet little boy believed in love. He undertook entrepreneurship quest to make love an essence in every one”s life

assumption : if a human has heart, the heart has to fall in love.

he took a sample of 1000 local individuals and found 20 not fallen in love yet but all others had experienced love at least once.

the assumption was working right..

now to prove next..

assumption: all lovers will gift at least once to their beloved

alas here he found 600 were one sided lover.. from 380 left outs, only 40 gave roses to their girl friend, 100 best wishes, 240 just took their lover for granted..

now the boy got a bit curious..

so out of 40 who actually gave rose,

he felt from 1000, only 40 was monetizable entity

means only 4%

but there his girl friend lara rushed and gave an insight.. from 600 one sided lover.. all purchased rose at least once to give to their girl friend or at least sigh and shred the petals in dispair..

wow now 640 samples seemed positive..

so next the guy decided to own huge lands and planted flowers left right and center.. and began exporting.. and now an ace exporter.. also angel.. the guy teaching evidence based entrepreneurship..

absolute fiction.. passion framework just tries to explain entrepreneurship theories in entertaining way.


Not Out

Not out in the game.  a pitch which is formed by you partially and formed by others more. We choose to be in the game non voluntary and in pressure loose the game. We choose to be in the game voluntarily and even at attempt can help us at least win the game and even if not won, the joy of being just there in the pitch gives us tremendous confidence to be in the same pitch all over again.

Jose a cricketer feels one should know the art of being in pitch as per need of the game. Sometimes the pitch is rough, sometines turning.. but most of times, the game teaches that a coordinated team effort is needed to win the game.

Ram the ace bowler feels strategies come by way batsmen play.. they are like the sales people of MNCs selling left and center, products of repute with good brand.. but then you need to catch a weak spot… something unique.. so Ram has become an expert coach to guide entrepreneurs how to catch weak points in sales. Few years back his mom never wanted Ram to be a cricketer.. so Ram was pushed to do MBA too and now though he is in cricket, his mom wants him to remain professionally active too in business.. No one knows when he will be out of form.. insecurity in sports is tremendous.. being not out most important.

Rahim the batsman specializes in identifying opportunities round the stadium for a sixer.. it is his continuous quest to dodge bowlers. and there he has pushed another six.. His girl friend Lousia always wonders how he does it.. His message to her

“Gaps will be there always.. identify that.. and get going.. that is where the opportunity is”

Billiard the umpire has invited his entire team for his retirement party.. and there he gives a new dimensional speach

“Dear all.. I kept making people cry, be happy.. all in game.. and the most important aspect of decision making is that one will loose and other will win but spirit of sports is such that the looser too needs a coach.. winner too… so do not ignore the coach and coaching provided… as game is all about being in game for longer duration”