Stories which never end..

Mother-in-law  daughter-in-law


Employer – Employee

Boss – Subordinate

Lover – Lost Lover

Teacher – Student

Startup – Investor

Doctor – Health

Health – Insurance

Bank – Income

Excercise – Health

Anger – Hatred

and finally………..

guess what????


Love –  Peace

So if we wish to be peaceful, always be loving…


What makes an eyes wink?

Sam ‘Dirt’

Nancy ‘good joke’

Amy ‘handsome guy.. a bit of flirt’

Ram ‘if something is going wrong’

Farhan ‘if something goes right.. the way you wished’

Prikhod ‘to kid someone’

Paul ‘your body wishes to acknowledge something with one eye open only’

All look at Paul

All simultaneously ‘do not preach’ and wink at each other

Ram ‘winking is good for eyes.. a good eye exercise and at times used for ragging by any one.. even on messenger chat session’s


Exercise Insights to Every day Life

Doe to space constraints we jog only in one position or use tread mill. Continuously focused least you fall.

If you get to garden, we jog but an eye down too least we tumble upon a stone. It calls for coordination.

When we are performing deep breathing exercise, our mind is fully focused on the body and we are internally enjoying a music rhythm or even mumble prayers.

Now we begin stretching ourselves and perform all kind of stretching exercises. We need to get flexible..

And now we have begun lifting weights.. push ups , arms and shoulders getting used to weight… even neck.. the head is balancing all the weight..

and then again we decide to lay back straight and relax.. forgetting every thing…  and after those exercise time we get back to work..

————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Lessons to Learn

1) Be focused

2) Improve our coordination skills and be Alert

3) Enjoy what we are doing

4) Be Flexible

5) Learn the Balancing Act when shouldering Responsibilities

6) Forget everything and have peaceful sleep

All the 6 points we do for what? Some expectations. Exercise is for Improving our Health and Work / Job / Business is for improving our quality of life.

If we have weaknesses in any of the point we are bound to not have improved quality of life. It is then time to rethink if the job is right for you? the business right for you? even is blogging right for you?

All of us are in same boat.. We need to retrospect for at least 30 minutes once in a month.

Sing a Song of Six Packs

Sing a song of six packs
Body full of Abs.
Four and twenty muscles
Baked in a gym.

When the shirt was opened

The chicks began to sing
Wasn’t that a dainty dish
To set before the queen?

The queen was in the counting-house

Counting out her prospect grooms,
The king was in the war
Facing guns and bullets.

The maid was in the garden

Hanging out the clothes.
Along came a director
And snapped his photo
To hand over to Queen
“GYM PRODUCTS can sell only through song –  Bob the wrestler who initiated this gym is zapped at it his 18 year old handsome kid showing his abs and singing this song”
Bob mutters “Why was the queen counting prospective grooms? Wasn’t she waiting for her husband?”
Son “Because she knew it is worthless to be with a fighting husband”
Bob “Do you think your mom also thinks this way?”
Son “She feels you never win any wrestling competition so you are not a good fighter”
Bob “What you plan to do in future?”
Son “Modeling Dad – please give some bucks for my photo shoot”
Bob “Do you feel you can survive?”
Son “I have gone that extra mile to build my six packs and I also know dancing so can sustain “
Bob “God bless you son…  earlier we used to worry about our thigh muscles too but these days I find boys and girls happy with 6 pack itself. Do squats ok.. “
Son “Dad – am not born to be wrestler – I am super cool Model Abs Pack “
Bob “Who is it?”
Son “My new name  Abs Pack”
Bob “But I am Bob”
Son “Pack sounds better Dad.”
Bob “So you will change me too one day”
Son “Yes Dad, stop exercising too much, join Yoga and Meditate and win a silent battle”
Bob “Your mom will not like me if I fight the silent battle”
Mom comes in “Son – Your father looks so good sleeping silently. Let him be at peace”
Bob “Where are you going Nancy?”
Nancy “To Gym – My son wants me to look good”