Some love fooling

Jam ‘I am going to get you at any cost… you are mine’

Sherry ‘hey you are 10 years younger to me.. do not think this way’

Jam hugs Sherry

Sherry is happy internally.. She just had a break from a bad relation few years back and is longing for a friend’

2 months later

Jam ‘it is all finished’

Sherry ‘what? I helped you in your business,I got into an emotional entanglement with you and assumed you would be the one for life with me’

Jam ‘didn’t you see my track record of 7-8 bad relation earlier’

Sherry is silent

Jam ‘the problem with girl’s are that they look for beautiful hunks like me who are all grey then straight hearted clean individuals and vice versa at times handsome guy’s like me assume and know when to exit of relation’

Before Sherry can react.. Jam has posted in facebook ‘All over with Sherry. Open to Mingle all over again’


Stop gap arragement

Fred ‘this is just a stop gap arrangement. I will ensure you stay with me in my own home’

Louisa ‘am hearing this for last 5 years. 11 months renewal.. every year.. rental houses.. am fedup’

Fred ‘ well know I cannot.. I have my wife who is cofounder ..and also an investor’

Louisa ‘this whole business of money.. and where is genuine emotion for anyone’

Fred ‘Louisa.. my wife wants to exit from this venture and also me.. she too has a stop gap arrangement… she is already hooked to a big time investor’

Louisa begins laughing..  ‘strange couple.. nothing seems right. everything for you both is stop gap arrangement’



did java

did .net

did php

did everything

same old syntax

old wine in new bottle

shake me up… someone

skake me to do something

which I love

sipping cup of tea

programmer life

all in loop

all in if condition

exit and exceptions

all part and parcel of

programmer life

bugs and issues

all inbuilt in programmer”s mind and heart..







James fails miserably in the Pitch session. Bad Product, Bad Presentation and Bad Projection.

The Angel Investors look at Ron the Accelerator Head with Disbelief

Ron ‘Sir.. do you know why i got him for presentation?’

VC John ‘Why?’

Ron ‘He is willing to exit his product at 10000US$ even now’

VC ‘What?’

Ron holds the mike and announces James’ project

Soon there is an investor who agrees to take over Jame’s entire project in 10000

Ron smiles and looks at VC John

John asks the investor ‘Sam why he has taken over the project…

Sam ‘why not an exit before a pitch itself?’

Needy Greedy

God has a problem

All come to pray to god

‘I want food’

“i want water’

“I want shelter’

“I want to pass in exam’

God decides to send an Angel

Angel ‘the only one’s who want genuinely and desperately will get’

After few days the Needy ones still look helpless.

Greedy one have got the boons fulfilled

A need soul looks at god and asks ‘Why not me?’

A light emerges from no where and whispers

“A sane person doesn’t ask for benefits but creates benefits for others. You and others will soon get rewarded for your good deeds”

After few days a person comes across this needy person

Person “I want peace.. not sure where I get from ”

Needy Person “I need money.. where can i get it from”

the person who wishes money gives all wealth to needy person and whispers

“Money creates greed and greed creates trouble.. I wanted to be out of trouble. i realized it.. I gave you all money but with condition that you take all my problems along with you”

The Needy person says “yes”

After few days the Needy person again gets a light talking

Light “The greedy person owes me huge debt… so when you plan to give me?”

The needy person looks surprised..

Light “The person who gave away all your wealth is with me now.. He expired that now i will need that back from you”

The Needy person realizes the folly “Am sorry.. I never realized this mistake of taking away money without understanding consequences. I took it because of need and now have to face liabilities.. tell me how to exit”

The light whispers “Exit from your mess at right time like the greedy one did”

Entrepreneur Puzzles

I did free bee but failed.. Why so?

I gave huge salaries to my founders and technical team.. but product never did well. Why so?

I spent huge amount of advertisement, after initial buzz.. it faded.. Why so?

My partner and i fell in love and married and after that world changed.. We plan to sell off the company and divide it.. We are just not compatible… Why so?

My team members exit quite often.. Why so?

Just not getting Series A.. Am stuck.. Can i do part time job too.  Why so?

Why and Why.. Why entrepreneurship journey is so puzzling

Memory Razer

Samuel ‘I want to forget my past’

Nancy ‘Sleep calmly and think of what makes you so unhappy’

Samuel “I have committed a big crime”

Nancy “What was it?”

Samuel “I invested on a web cam morphing business just for heck of it”

Nancy “So..”

Samuel “Never realized the founders would get into porno business”

Nancy “Oh I see”

Samuel ‘The founder offered to pay back 5 times what i returned.. I said.. I don’t wish to be part of venture but because am a big name.. they keep pleading me to be with them”

Nancy “Just walk of with an exit”

Samuel ‘I just wish to erase this bad experience.. what should I do?”

Nancy “Never knew or can challenge on what is ethical or non ethical business.. but only way you can salvage is by doing due diligence on potential entrepreneurs

Samuel “Will Almighty forgive me?”

Nancy “Your intentions were good; but some times unknowingly we get into problems.. Memory razer’s are needed to wipe out old memories.. but that is not possible in human only because Almighty has decided a TRUTH