Disruptive Fashion

Roy the VC investment firm published a report

‘there is huge demand for lifestyle business startups

and the supply is also in abundance.. but no disruptive solution so far’

Manuel an entrepreneur reads the news item carefully.. and wonders what is it in fashion industry which no one has yet offered

Manuel ‘i plan to introduce a luxurious service apartment with branded fashion attire of choice to couples in strategic cities. the attire can be purchased by the couple or will be available for them for those many days at a fee’

Sam ‘what happens to those attire afterwards’

Manuel ‘give it to studios on rent’

Manuel drops an email to Roy

“Can you lend your best suit not worn for many days on rent? Assure you of 20$ payment each usage?”

Roy is zapped.. he calls Manuel

Manuel ‘the model is simple.. are you game for it? ┬ámany couples want space and isolation., they prefer exotic destination to spend time.. why not blend fashion with it?’

Roy ‘Investment?’

Manuel ‘Around 0.5M$ to begin with.. will share projections’



Hot Summers

Hot Summers is name of a start up which specializes in providing tailor made tour trips for honey moon couples.


1) Tanning Freaks

2) Loving Waterfalls

3) Plateau Romance

4) Adventures with Monkeys

5) Rustic Love

6) Wonders of World Pleasure

7) Hill Stroke Excitements

and each couple is offered a home network business too to sell pleasure trips..

A couple comes and meets Mink the CEO of Hot Summers and asks a question

‘You charge with no commissions.. So why you do so?’

Mink ‘Each couple who take a trip using Hot Summer support are my network links. Today I have over 5000 links and 2500 Home Network Operators.. ‘

Couple Philip and Angeline smile and say ‘Do you feel couples love going to honeymoon more then once?’

Mink ‘I believe each couple should take 1 week off every year and spend time with each other. It helps them to strengthen and rekindle their relationship more’