Why I fail always?

Jim ‘not sure.. my badluck.. again failed for 3rd time in competive exams’

Rock ‘all competive exams have a technique.. just learn that.. practice and all will be fine’

Jim ‘I really cannot study continuously.. only during exams’

Rock ‘do you know your problem?’

Jim ‘what?’

Rock ‘you are chasing a dream not meant for you.. Just chase the dream you wish.. work on those projects where your strength can be exploited.. and not just run behing things not meant for you’

Jim ‘are you sure.. Mom insisting to me for being in government jobs as they are secure’

Rock ‘you are secure only if you enjoy what you are doing.. else you can be a nervous wreck anywhere else’

Jim hugs Rock

Rock ‘why this hug?’

Jim ‘let your positive energies come to me and make me brave enough to face Mom’

Rock begins laughing.

Why we fail?

We fail not because we wish to fail, but rather because it has to happen…

Our mood, behavior everything is influenced by something unknown.. some call it is Moon’s mood swing.. some call it the devil inside us, not allowing us to think logically and some may feel, there is some evil magic done on us…

Romel ‘can you guarantee success?’

Joe ‘no.. I can guarantee failures’

Romel smiles

Joe ‘to break something is most easiest thing to do… but to unite that piece; it takes time’

Romel ‘so who can actually guarantee success?’

Joe ‘no one but your own self’

Romel ‘how’

Joe ‘I was in construction business… making buildings.. but lack of investments and debt made me realize  I could not deliver what I promised’

Romel ‘so?’

Joe ‘got into demolishing of illegal buildings.. and that gives me good money’

Romel begins laughing

Joe ‘sooner we realize we are masters in failure.. we need to check, what triggers our failures… and ensure we avoid all those checklist points when we take up next assignment’

Romel ‘like’

Joe ‘a school going kid may not like to go to school.. let that kid get into home schooling’

Romel ‘seriously not sure what you talk…’

Joe ‘we blame the moon, the space, the unknown for everything but ourselves, so let us all learn to understand our failure checkpoints… a new startup in making’

Romel ‘common.. this time i will not invest.. you bootstrap it’





She came on her own to express her problem

She expressed that it does not have solution..

He expressed that any problem can have a solution.

She responded ‘How?’

He asked her the problem statement

She responded ‘I cannot cope with failure’

He responded ‘failures are nothing but proofs that you actually attempted it.. ‘

She remained silent

He responded ‘just attempt and then keep attempting.. and stop worrying of counts.. enjoy the process of attempts’


Next term

Sam ‘am fed up of giving that paper.. failed 5th time.. is there a solution to get a degree’

Jignesh ‘:) 5th year.. going strong… no solution.. just doesn’t go inside my head’

Mani ‘this is going to not end.. am dropping out of college if I again flunk exam’

Nancy ‘you guys are lucky.. as your parents are there to support. for me in California, here in LA.. I will have no options but to commit suicide if I flunk.. my parents have taken huge loan’

Professor Gib is hearing these conversations sitting on other side of garden seat..

Gib goes near their sit..

Gib ‘Hello.. why do not you guys utilize time and start something of your own’

Nancy ‘we are failed entities.. almost gone’

Gib ‘you may have one common thread’

Nancy ‘friendship’

Gib ‘make a friendship barometer which will put various episodes of your life and how you folks were with each other in thick and thin and get going’

Jignesh ‘cool..  but who will do it.. None know coding.. we are extremely pathetic’

Gib ‘draw a story board.. what all the barometer needs and then get going’

All of them get in serious discussions and realize that emotion quotient is most important for being friends..

They rush to Gib and ask one question

‘Why do we fail Sir.. Always? we feel we will not be able to work on this project too’

Gib ‘do you know why you fail?’

All echo ‘Why?’

Gib ‘you do not like to attempt.. you feel lazy to think.. you do not like what you are doing and then… all will remain failed creatures’

Jignesh ‘Any solution?’

Gib ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK feels Dream alone can make a human begin probing and Reality of life will make a person innovating…  so begin probing self as to what you lack and innovate self…  Do not mug entire paper.. attempt to get only 50. Learn 5 chapters out of 10.. perfectly.. and think of getting 60 marks.. you are sure to get 45 at least’

All ponder

6 months latter

Nancy ‘where is Gib Sir.. Want to thank him.. this time I passed..’

All ‘yes we too… where is he.. he gave an important lesson of life..

aim for only what you can do.. if you really feel incapable and get going.. you will get a clear road ahead’



Dude.. please do not fail your self

Mission of a soul

Dude seeking Dude

Mission of a soul

stopping in between

giving up… hey

Dude…. do not fail self..

be your self..

bring in your unique quality

to unfold as a story

Dude.. please do not fail self…

if you struggle midway

assuming you are lost…

life is not so easy

but not so tough too

bring in simplicity

reduce complexity

Dude.. please do not fail self..

next time if you fail…

just tap in your back and say

Dude.. please do not fail self…

work on those weaknesses

else dude give up.. on that goal..

but if you are midway near your goal..

dude.. please do not fail self.


Startup Astrology

Startup Astrology.. does it hold same as to an entrepreneur’s horoscope or their founder’s horoscope..
Does it really hold relevance?
Who are the stars which influence a startup?

The 9 + 2 combination (A perfect team)
All can be diversified fields.. (Similar to planets)
Each of them can have their own armies (Similar to satellites)
Each of them can be governed by the numerous stars (Nakshatra).. the eco partners..
and all moving round the sun which invests its energy on you…
If we observe the entire universe is revolving round some purpose, some object, some entity..
sometimes we are where we are but the world is revolving round us.
So do we need to get affected by success or failure of darkness and light?
Absolutely no… as whenever there will be moments of darkness, there will be light too be seen soon..

Startups need to understand the influences of all actors in the startup eco system and acknowledge their presence for right balance of mind and success..
Being grounded is most important