Small matters

Lucky ‘why is it that you want me to remember you always?’

Alia ‘because God says if you remember God every day, God will try to remember you too every day’

Lucky ‘does it really matter?’

Alia ‘try this out.. in all ernest faith, remember someone.. surely one day that someone will come back to you’. It could be money, happiness, love, energy, studies… whatsoever small matters.

Lord and Me

Lord ‘why is it that you always remember me?’

Myself ‘because only you know the real me’

Lord ‘common.. your near and dear ones, everyone knows you so well’

Myself ‘Lord.. the one in me only knows the real me as eventually whatsoever I do, with whomsoever I prance and with whatsoever I manage, I believe you are there with me every moment.. so Lord in us can forgive us for our small little mistakes and still remain friends to us always’

Lord is amused and declares ‘sincerity and honesty.. both remain in you always’

Who is me? it is Me the self who always hopes secretly that some miracle will take care of us always..

Prime Lead Insights

Prime Lead Insight’s CEO Jack is always searching for news..

One day he finds a blue colored diamond shaped article on road. He finds it too beautiful.

Jack gets an idea…

At home

Jack ‘Julie.. found this lucky charm.. check its miracle soon’

Jack swipes US$1000 to his most trusted vendor Rob and asks him to give 1000$ free coupons to his own address

2 days latter

Julie ‘wow.. indeed it is so lucky.. we got 1000$ worth free coupon from the retail shop’

Jack ‘great.. they seem to be doing well. It means we should get more business’

Julie ‘i will begin praying to it every day for more lucks’

Seeing her do that, her friend Susan also beings praying.. and soon all begin searching for similar shaped item in stores / online and so on.

Jack puts a cover news ‘BLUE MIRACLE’

and people start putting all their testimonies and feedback in the site.

It is a big hit…

Jack smiles.. and pens a thought

‘We began believing it.. It happened so

We began disbelieving it.. it happened so..

between happening and non happening

what remains is our own insights

to convert even a stone to a utility

what is diamond or gold or

silver or anything.

we over valued it hence they are precious

we can value ourselves too accordingly

and make people believe us

on what we are doing…

so focus on our strengths first

weakness are nice to be overcome

but take support of specialists to overcome those

don’t try to be jack of all trade and master ¬†of none.

though we do need generalist individuals

but those need to have multi tasking capabilities

time management most crucial”

Jack has dozed of to sleep for a better tomorrow


Family Union

Joe returns to his family in Christmas only to find no one exists. He is an Army Man and his wife Jene is a bright young lady, full of enthusiasm, romantic and would love full interaction.. His 6 year old kid Bob is mischievous and loves to keep singing songs.
Joe is wonder struck. Where could they be.. No intimation..
He uses the spare key to enter the house..

Joe looks at the left over dishes and realizes the family just left..

Joe tries reaching Jene and finds the phone switched off. He reaches out to all his friends and still is clue less.
Joe is patiently waiting and decides to go to Church for the prayers.. There too he is not able to trace out his family…
Joe gets nervous. It is 2 am.. He gets fully worried…

Joe realizes that in all those 10 years, he hardly spent time with his wife. Army life leads to spending time in unknown terrain.. Full of threats.. He realizes that even to send an email, he had to go through various processes. He wonders how a wife can spend time without a man for so many days… Is she got a new boy friend? Is Bob left somewhere? All kind of negative thoughts keep ringing his mind..

It is 4 am.. He is now fully tensed.. and decides to call his relatives to check if Jene is available..
Again not available
What could she be doing with kid at such late hours..

He is annoyed, tensed, worried, angry with life..
He reads the verses ‘Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.’
He reads the verses ‘let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband’
Going crazy with all type of thoughts, he feels defeated in personal life..
It is 7 am… and he is almost lost.. He goes to Church again and looks upward..
‘Why you did this to me? Why.. As a true person, i always remained committed to her.. but..’

Till then from behind Jene reaches out to him..
Jene ‘Hey dear hubby.. why you look lost’
Joe turns around and finds Jene.. beautiful, happy and he looks at her with resent..
Joe ‘Where were you yesterday?’
Jene ‘Hey started a small venture of managing parties for households.. and it has grown.. Had to organize around 8 parties yesterday.. .I made around US$10000 yesterday’

Joe looks surprised..
Joe ‘Why didn’t you tell me.. Any reasons’

Jene ‘You would have doubted me if I ever informed you that i organize night parties.. and typically people mistake them to be different. I typically organized parties for celebrities and high net worth individuals. Most likely it will get funded too’

Joe ‘Where is Rob?’

Jene ‘Rob just woke up.. I gifted him loads of gift by having you as Santa… ‘

Joe ‘I want to meet Rob’

Jene takes him to a beautiful house where Rob is sleeping

Joe ‘Whose is this house?’

Jene ‘Dear Joe.. Ours.. Have taken this new house and hope you are happy’

Joe hugs Jane,,

Joe ‘So many negative thoughts flashed my mind.. I almost thought I had lost my family.. and then reached out to Church to confess that my profession made me neglect my wife but what could I do.. Defense is a profession where families remain always separated because of serving bigger cause.. National cause..
but just 1 day.. in 1 night.. God taught me Faith..
Faith is belief and if our belief is positive, things will get positive always and faith is what I remained faithful to. I looked upward and said ‘Jene is only mine.. No one can snatch her from me ever’

Jene kisses Joe and whispers ‘Let us do something for families of defense too’

Joe ‘What?’

Jene ‘Plan to raise funds and start a venture fund for army women to promote entrepreneurship’

Joe ‘Who is your mentor?’

Jene ‘Peter a 60 year old gentle man and his wife Louisa.. Both guide me ever since I set a party for them.. My first assignment’

Joe ‘I am surprised, happy, delighted, annoyed, crazy and still coping up with a night of loneliness and day of togetherness’