Dr Joe is a skin specialist who believes that he can make even a crow look fair.

One day a startup founder Jim goes to his clinic…

Joe ‘hey your face is fully tanned.. I will recommend pills for you’

At evening Jim is surprised to read the tablet side effects ”potential skin cancer”

Jim begins reading all the medicine components and finds that sun protection creams too have this element if excessively used”

Jim rushes to Dr Joe..

Jim ”common.. you cannot experiment with human”

Dr Joe smiles..

Dr Joe ”dear face sells.. many want to look beautiful. It is like cigerate smoking is dangerous to health, same way excessive cosmetics is dangerous too”

Jim ”I guess.. you may need to just use orange peel, curd, honey and mix it or a combination of milk to remove tan”

Dr Joe ”Genius.. all through google right”

Jim ”yes”

Dr Joe ”Tanning is a process to protect your skin from UVR…  Ultra Violet Rays..  the only issue is when your skin keeps darkening further.. over pigmentation or you have sun burns”

Jim ”I do not want to eat those tablets at all”

Dr Joe ”Ok… Just apply fuller clay (multani mitti) flour for 10 minutes every night and get going”

After 5 months..

Jim comes up with a product ”TAN CLEAR” and meets Dr Joe

Dr Joe ”oh.. so now you have become medical representative”

Jim ”no.. I actually researched further and came up with my own product.. herbal one”

Dr Joe ”common.. not again.. network marketing?”

Jim ”No.. but it would be great if you recommend my product to patients”

Dr Joe ”smart boy… what commission?”

Jim ”50%”

Dr Joe ”cool… done”


I told you so

Mary ‘I told you so.. don’t join that company’

Sarah ‘they were paying me well.. attractive incentive.. never knew they would just shut down their operations’

Mary ‘many a time an entrepreneur makes projections assuming the investor funds would suffice.. but with no traction.. no revenues..  investors begin pressurizing for either exit or CEO change.. so’

Sarah ‘am now stranded.. EMI and so on’

Mary  ‘never take loans in your 1st two years of career.. as you are yet to settle’

Sarah ‘how I recover?’

Mary ‘in case you have too many liabilities, then better you seek another employment’

3 months later

Sarah ‘I left the MNC.. too much work pressure.. could not cope with it’

Mary smiles

Mary ‘you do not wish to be subordinated’

Sarah ‘possible..’

Mary ‘think of small business.. I will sponsor you upto US$10000’

Sarah ‘thinking to start an ethnic fashion online website’

Mary ‘great.. move ahead’

Sarah ‘sometimes we just loose focus and never realize what we actually wish to do.. ‘

Mary ‘hence you need coach, mentors else one wrong decision and career gets hampered’

Sarah ‘provided the mentor is confident of self and has experiences to guide others’

Mary smiles.. and gives Sarah a cup of coffee in a mug neatly written ‘I told you so’

Sarah ‘why you have this written in your mug’

Mary ‘it reminds me and cautions me on each decision of mine.. ‘




Disruptive Fashion

Roy the VC investment firm published a report

‘there is huge demand for lifestyle business startups

and the supply is also in abundance.. but no disruptive solution so far’

Manuel an entrepreneur reads the news item carefully.. and wonders what is it in fashion industry which no one has yet offered

Manuel ‘i plan to introduce a luxurious service apartment with branded fashion attire of choice to couples in strategic cities. the attire can be purchased by the couple or will be available for them for those many days at a fee’

Sam ‘what happens to those attire afterwards’

Manuel ‘give it to studios on rent’

Manuel drops an email to Roy

“Can you lend your best suit not worn for many days on rent? Assure you of 20$ payment each usage?”

Roy is zapped.. he calls Manuel

Manuel ‘the model is simple.. are you game for it?  many couples want space and isolation., they prefer exotic destination to spend time.. why not blend fashion with it?’

Roy ‘Investment?’

Manuel ‘Around 0.5M$ to begin with.. will share projections’



Startup Love

Anne always has a soft corner for her father Jerry who left his wife when Anne was just 12

Anne was too found of Jerry and ensure her mom Susan gave Anne enough time to be with Jerry

Jerry ‘wish you a happy morning Anne.. my sweet daughter.. I it is 8 years since I left your mom and you are also on verge of completing your graduation.. so what next’

Anne hugs her father Jerry and whispers ‘Mom’s birthday today’

Jerry realizes that 15 year back.. Jerry and Susan had celebrated birthday on a cruise’

Jerry has drop of tears

Anne ‘she left you because you wished to start something of your own’

Jerry ‘Susan was right.. you were small.. and your education and all that.. I guess she panicked and felt I would not be providing cushy life’

Anne ‘Dad.. is this journey of startups really dicey’

Jerry ‘personal life gets impacted.. I guess I was more in love with my startup and believed in it..  but she should have waited’

Anne ‘yes.. she got married to Wilfred just 1 year after your separation and then.. I chose to be with you’

Anne ‘Dad.. I want to start something’

Jerry ‘common.. you too wish to ruin personal life?’

Anne ‘hey.. these days.. it is a fashion’

Jerry ‘Anne.. whatsoever you undertake.. do it with full love.. in family small strings of relation bind us.. I loved Susan truly.. and felt she would understand me.. I had no options but to leave her.. as she had informed me that finally startup business is like fresher taking up job.. same struggle.. and she didn’t wish to face that struggle’

Anne ‘am dad’s daughter.. so it is startup love for me’




Crawling over web site

Crawling over text data

Once a human

Now a reptile

Once a human

Now an animal

Moving into hive

Moving into clusters

Jumping over trees

connect the dots

linking all the animals

am the modern day

crawling all over

to not get sentiment

but do sentiment analysis

Fashionable as it sounds

being friendly to animals

is hot in the market

I know Python

I know Pig

I know Hive

I know Ant

I know all but

lost in touch with Human

and to be in touch

I crawl whatsup

I crawl Linked In

I crawl Face book

I crawl Twitter

Those were the days

when I used two hands

and two legs

Now a days each finger of mine

is hand in itself

one reaching to twiter

one reaching to whatsup

one reaching to google

one reaching to facebook

on reaching to hangeout

and should I stop it..

How do i achieve that

Touch one hands all fingers

simultaneously over your mobile

or tablet and check on miracle

Ergonomic miracle at no cost

Am a natural language processor

Am a natural creative geek

Accept me if you love me

Reject me if you hate me

My brand

Each individual has a unique style or mannerism which becomes a style brand at some point of time..

Jerry was a unique creature.. At college his neck would always move automatically when he found girls moving next to him or behind him… Many a time he got knocked down too by some vehicle on road..

Jerry ‘so what.. it is my style.. my brand of admiring girls’

Moses ‘what is it?’

Jerry ‘don’t you keep saying  ‘you idiot; always’

Moses ‘ok.. so it is my style of greeting people’

Ramu ‘In India I wear only Khadi’s.. It is my style as I come from political background’

Lisa ‘this is a group discussion on evolution of brand..  have evolved self as a girl who never wears the same slippers in a month. each day of month, a unique slipper’

Tom ‘My watches change every day..’

Rose ‘is brand so important.. why do people go in for branded items?’

Jerry ‘brand gets built if product or service delivered in consistent way,. quality driven ad proves reliable’

Nancy ‘hey i am a brand in self as a reliable quality driven employee’

Moses ‘and Tom has also built a repute of being issue maker’

Sweta rings the bell and the group discussions end

Sweta ‘All have performed ok.. not too great as per our college standards of group discussions’

All students echo ‘is it so?.. what are our standards? has it been written somewhere? some guidelines?’

Sweta ‘Visit m the college quality management system links for more details’

After Sweta leaves

Nancy ‘we keep looking for external environment inputs to build brand and what about internal customer satisfaction.  screwed up college.. talk big things in press, media and internally they don’t care for students’

Sweta overhears and comes closer to Nancy

Sweta ‘Do you know our college is one of the best and we have a particular style of teaching education’

Moses ‘what is that?’

Swera ‘we don’t prefer teaching anything.. books are there. facilities available.. go read it,. understand it and if you don’t understand then teachers are needed’

Sweta walks off keeping students wide mouthed

Nancy ‘Is it her brand of being outspoken.. She tells it with such great style… no wonder she is the one who is always in multiplex where we too go an watch movies on Saturday.. Education brand of figuring out ourselves.. that too is an innovation