Dark Stories

a boy and girl were happily in love till one day, the boy suspected girl for causing him trouble at work and left her. 2 years latter, he realized that it was the jealous friend of him, who caused this misunderstanding so as to get closer to girl but.. what happened next…  She had hung herself ..

a startup went bust and the CEO just ran off to UK.. However his family members back in India.. bore the brunt.. till one day.. he realized that his only daughter had now taken to drugs and his son was found guilty of cheating a company of Rs1 crore..  He could have chosen to return back.. but then he felt, there is something beyond his control.. He sent some sorry emails and letters to his family..

Life can take a U turn anytime..

Suspicion, running away from situation can anytime lead us to problems .. sooner or later.. Better to understand the issue and sort it out, rather then bottling emotions and leaving space for more dark stories.



Sarah loves talking.. she keeps jabbing away all the time with her friends..  At county level.. .. she is just happy spending time with her friends. Her father has a big farm house and mom a house wife..  marriage age..  and by chance happened to meet Paul in one of the marriage functions and since then ensures she calls him every day. For strange reasons best known to her.. she doesn’t wish to use whatsapp

Paul ‘Sarah.. don’t you feel you can use whatsapp and chat with me.. or even facebook messenger”

Sarah bursts out laughing

Sarah ”I guess we have stopped treasuring face-to-face conversation.. the intimate phone talks without seeing each other… yes video conferencing exists.. but still am slow in typing.. I cannot type fast.. but I can talk fast’

Paul begins laughing

Sarah ‘my mom made sweets and I remembered you and gave it the monkey who comes in our farm.. of course he didn’t see me…else would trouble’

Paul ‘so you remember a monkey in me?’

Sarah ”please tell me how can I start a TALK CLUB.. all keep jabbering away till their mouth aches and then.. they get good sleep”

Paul ”here we talk of no noise solutions and you are mentioning TALK CLUB’

Sarah ”In Asian countries they have this SHAYARI (Prose narration) clubs.. so why not in US”

Paul ”they are witty humor I  guess..”

Sarah ”Please.. I do not mind coming to NY for same.. let us start TALK CLUB”

Paul ”so again becoming bold… live in wow”

Sarah ”mad or what.. you are marrying me there and taking you of there’

Paul ”spring time ok”

1 year later

Sarah ”Invite Charles.. he is a witty prose narrator and put some music too.  our fee of just US$5 seems working…   we need to have more shows.. ”

Paul ”let us scale up this further.’

Sarah ”my mom is now feeding goats”

Paul ”what?”

Sarah ”I have tamed you so much.. domesticated.. so from monkey to being goat.. you have come a long waý”

Paul ”Sarah.. common.. now am a goat?”

Sarah ”yes.. a loveable goat”


Waterless Emotions

Still as she stands

Lifeless as she feels

Just the otherday

Everything around her blossomed

Just moments ago.. everything crashed..

Why no tears if it had to?

Why no feelings if it had to?

All good things come to an end..

All bad things too come to an end..

So why to cry over something bad

She remains lifeless just for a moment

A next bright morning

She again smiles

Greeting life with open arm


Love Mystery

Love is a penance if you decide to meditate and not speak to your beloved.

It is your choice,. you wish to express love or remain a silent lover..

The world doesn’t approve a silent lover’s feelings as they wonder in age of whatsapp and facebook, why this silence needed

Suddenly a letter moves over to beloved’s face

‘can you not see in my eyes’ my love for you. do you wish me to send a selfie with my eyes longing in love as a proof. Why has internet made us so inhuman that we wish everything to be told, narrated, penned, heard, shared…’

‘I am the old model of lover who believes in loving his beloved by heart and through eyes and for that you need to not look into internet tools but be with me and feel my love’

She is shocked..

Who is it? Why he penned this way

She looks at photo of 50 century pop lover boy Rocky and smiles..

Anne ‘Rocky.. don’t shake me up.. Is it you?’

Anne finds the facebook page closing self and wonders how it happened.

Layered Emotion

A kiss on the cheeks

Emotions emerge

A touch on heart

Feelings felt

A probe in mind

thoughts ring

Each layer of our body and soul has a sensory tool to capture the body state and transmit those motions to human and outcome is Emotions..

If you love someone, just understand the need of that entity and accordingly ignite those sensors.. Chemistry would be great, partnership would be great too.

You can decide on the boundaries. For business, understand soul of the business. For human, understand soul of human

Away from the Planet

Ninja is a space traveler and his wife has left him and his kid decides to stay back with Ninja. His eight year old kid Tom also loves space and hence he got stubborn and chose to live with his father..

Ninja ‘Tom again am traveling’

Tom ‘Wow… can i ask you a question?’

Ninja ‘yes?’

Tom ‘Do we have like us other entities there?’

Ninja ‘No’

Tom ‘why you travel?’

Ninja ‘Check on my immune system. It has gone bad.. radiations too impact.. please don’t get into this as your mom is also right in a way.. why spoil health’

Tom ‘Dad.. i want to be like you’

Ninja ‘Away from planet.. what i see is we all are weightless entity,.. we realize we are just nothing… anything can happen anytime.. we know this danger and hence staying grounded becomes all the more important… we are not walking there.. we are in air’

Tom ‘Dad… my planet was you and my mom and I was supposed to be the star of our family.. but without mom i feel lonely’

Ninja hugs Tom

Ninja ‘do you want your mom to come back?’

Tom ‘yes’

Ninja ‘ok.. let us approach your mom’

Tom and Ninja are sitting in a Chinese restaurant

His wife Jenny comes to meet them

Jenny ‘wonderful to see you again Tom’

Jenny looks at Ninja and see’s love in his face

Moments of her intense love making with her friend Henry flashes her mind

Ninja ‘where are you lost?’

Jenny ‘when we make love, we are away from the planet’

Ninja begins laughing

Ninja ‘what makes you feel so.. we are uniting today.. just for kid’

Jenny ‘you never realize what i want’

Ninja ‘i will. Am planning to just start a space school only.. Simulated feeling of space. It is big project.. The space authorities approved it.. So will also have assured salary’

Jenny ‘wow.. that is great news’

Ninja holds Jenny’s hand

Ninja ‘Jenny for Tom’s sake.. let us unite’

Jenny again goes back to her thought when Tom would love her..

Ninja ‘where you lost’

Jenny ‘Away from the Planet’ and smiles and hugs Tom

Butterfly in Stomach

Heart beats furiously

Just being near..

A pleasure, A silence

Butterfly in Stomach

A flush of makeup

A nice dress all over

Waiting restlessly

with flowers in hand..

Will she say Yes

Will she say No

Butterfly in Stomach

Holding ice cream

Melting over..

A drop on dress

Will she like it

Will she hate me

Searching Water

Cleaning dress

She smiles from behind

Baby.. why you so restless

Be your own self

Don’t do things to make me happy

I need to love you as you are

Remove your wig

Remove your tooth

and smile now…

as  I love you for your simplicity

s she hugs..

Butterfly jumps all over

John Baba seems to have a crush 🙂