Sunday Lunch

Lobo never fails to give a sumptuous lunch to all his family and friends on Sunday. His wife Jennifer always wonders ‘why is to?’ and one Saturday evening…

Jennifer ‘for 10 years have observed this tradition.. why is it to. You spend US$500 per Sunday and though am aware that you have a good salary, but why is it so?’

Lobo ‘do you know why this Mother’s day, Father’s day and so on emerged?’

Jennifer ‘Valentine day am aware’

Lobo ‘I is to celebrate an occasion’

Jennifer ‘so?’

Lobo ‘rather then a face book or twitter, if we can have a family unite for one day and remove all grudges, grievances then why not’

Lobo ‘and do you know a secret’

Jennifer ‘what?’

Lobo ‘I save tax too..  show it is a guest entertainment expense’

Jennifer ‘I never knew this bit’

Lobo ‘life is not about being focused on self but also being focused on self to serve others. Sunday Lunch gives an opportunity for family outings and when my niece Nancy will meet Tom, my friend’s son.. wow.. what a romantic mood it will set. She looking at him coyly and he looking at her confidently’

Jennifer ‘strange ways.. am there to support you but you have a very ideal style of relationship building’

Lobo ‘In our fore father generations, we had family get together and today we have friends get together or we have special theme so my family needs to set examples to other.. In modern day living with huge costs, why not unite and optimize on costs.. little bit adjustments here and there..  but can anyone afford to be rigid these days.. ‘

Jennifer ‘what you plan to do?’

Lobo ‘In our bungalow, we can accommodate 5 families.. Let us unitedly agree and then our family can each save around 500$ per month.. Imagine in a year we have 24000$ savings and let us invest in our young blood and make them entrepreneur.. family equity.. ‘

Jennifer ‘you are too ideal in your thinking.. but i don’t like our 2 relatives.. so answer is ‘No’

Lobo ‘hence we have these big companies bang on us so many items.. see the wastage.. but don’t ever stop me from Sunday Lunch’

Jennifer ‘dear Lobo.. yes.. i will not stop you from doing so, but we can call our friend ‘Samuel and his family to stay with us and experiment this’

Lobo ‘As you wish.. and let me go and get fresh fishes for tomorrow’

Wholesome Meal

Robert visits a good restaurant on Sunday noon and orders 5 dishes

The waiter looks surprised…

Waiter ‘Sir.. it will be too heavy for you’

Robert ‘Get the food.. i will parcel the food when not eaten’

5 dishes reach the table..

Waiter keeps looking at Robert..

Robert is eating peacefully…

Waiter reaches near Robert curious to know what he is talking

Robert on phone ‘Am bankrupt today. my venture failed.. so eating to hearts content.. God only knows if i will ever be able to come to this restaurant again. i love the garlic fish too much’

Waiter has shock on his face

Robert turns to Waiter and asks ‘Everyone needs to value food as we never know when we get wholesome meal again”

Robert ‘Eating food also reduces stress :)’

Conserving Love

Love is a flow

Flow is momentum

To hold those flows

in heart and mind

the feelings need

to be like walls of

dams, strongly grounded

deep foundation.

More the flow

It will need to released

Those expressions are

in form of kisses, hugs

caresses and intimacy.

So does it mean without

those extra flows, love doesn’t exist?

All will agree love exists if the

feeling dams are strongly built

with care and affection which

can cement a relation

and sustain love even if

intimacy doesn’t exist.

The soul can feel the love

as the soul is like a fish

swimming in the flow of love

Soul doesn’t need intimacy,

Body does so ones who

feel they are not getting love

can retrospect and enjoy

conserving love for long term




South Pacific Blues

The South Pacific Ocean has many islands and many of the islands are hardly having people.  Soloman was a rich Europe origin business man settled in New Zealand. He got a brainwave to involve people from these islands to make aquariums.

Solomon ‘Freida, post an advertisement in all leading channels of Fiji, PNG, New Zealand, Australia invited fisher men bodies to come for a training program’

Lisa  ‘Do you feel it will work?’

Solomon ‘Cent percent’

Lisa ‘Why you so sure?’

Solomon ‘Do you know the US economy impacted by US$1Billion through zoos and aquariums. Why not provide training programs to the local resources and above all we can conserve the coral reefs’

Night time, Lisa sees the fishes in her home aquarium and wonders at the life of fish

‘Life is restless in land and comfortable in sea and ocean where a fish explores the deeper nature of sea, intermingling with many fishes, endangered by sharks and whales but silently swimming and then a day comes when a fisher man catches them.. and either it is moved to fish market for consumption or.. if it is a fanciful fish, captured in aquarium’

Do human being like being caged?  Aren’t we the South Pacific community too constrained by nature.. Vey less industrialization, heavy imports and…..  then I lost my boy friend to a Dubai based girl’

Next day

Lisa ‘Solomon, I really wonder is capturing something and selling it is human?’

Solomon ‘Nature built this eco system.. We are just in that eco system where someone else will do the business if we wont’

Solomon ‘Check on the employment opportunities it will create’

A few days latter

Solomon ‘Welcome to the largest cooperative internationalization attempt to exports aquariums using community based programs. We plan to launch an aquarium training center and as cost is being worked out, we invite all to demonstrate their catch’

Soon the entire conference room is flooded with various type of unique fishes all neatly put in small aquariums’

Solomon is happy.. He announces a fund of 1M$ for entrepreneurship around fishing industry..

All are elated..

At night Lisa pens a thought

‘Love is also similar to a Fish.. A fish in our heart traveling across till someone snatches the heart and we begin feeling we are in love, if the sea in heart of the next person matches the taste, the fish survives else the fish is lost in that sea of heart.. Similar to South Pacific Blues’