Indo American Combo

Jayanti ”the day I got married to him.. I knew I had to cook Indo-American combo”

George ‘what is that?”


”1 IDLI, 1 small plate of Italian PASTA, 1 small PIZZA, a few fried potatoe chips and 1 large glass of Orange Juice”

George ”your hubby Rob.. won’t he find it boring eating the same dish again and again?”


”I replace that Idli with Dhokla, Dosa, Uttappa and so on”

“Pasta replaced with Noodles, Sausage, Choco chips and so on”

George ”cool.. ”

Jayanti ”I charge him 5$ for this breakfast”

George ”common.. he is your hubby?”

Jayanti ”No free lunch or dinners in America…”

George ”somewhere this misconception came across world.. that we are penny counting”

Jayanti ”see had he hired a cook, he would anyways have to pay.. so this one way of my savings (I make around US$1000 out of this and save it for my startup bootstrapping.. these days Investors do not believe entrepreneurs.. worst time”

George ”what??????”

Jayanti ”you know Rob.. he likes to invest in cool ideas.. but doesnt understand that an entrepreneur is sitting right in his house”

Till then Rob comes

Rob ”dear..  why do you feel, I am giving you 1000 every month? It is to check your sincerity in your goals..  make a franchise.. and get going”

Jayanti ”what brand?”


Jayanti and George burst laughing…



Sam ”why do we work?”

Mom ”for living.. food, clothing, shelter all come because of money earned”

Sam ”is there any thing in this earth, where we need not work at all”

Mom ”own a property and put it on rent and earn money from that”

Sam ”but I will have to work hard to own one”

Mom ”what you know?”

Sam ”i know a bit of android taught in school”

Mom ”make an app LAZYBUM to register all lazy people”

2 days latter

Mom ”i did it.. someone told me to put in playstore.. 10000 downloads”

Mom ”cool…do you know reason”

Mom ”I declared myself LAZY and soon had so many downloads.. I also asked ”if you too are LAZY.. join me”

Mom ”now onwards you need not work.. hence making a product so important.. a good product will sell for itself”

Sam ”Mom.. how will I earn?”

Mom ”advertisements, all lazy bums will get some entertainment to watch etc”

Sam ”cool.. but am surprised so many like me”

Mom ”laziness is in mind first, then heart.. and then entire body.. stop eating so much pizza’s.. ”

Sam ‘no Mom.. do not ask me… everyday that Domino guy looks at me with expectations.. he will loose his US$3 every day”


ego for omelette

Farida ”Rashid.. why do you crib for an omalate every day… am fed up of it’

Rashid ”hey common..  ensure you make an omlate every day.. 3 times ok”

Farida ”why.. .can you tell me why..”

Rashid ”ok.. will tell you a story”

Rashid ”My father.. your father-in-law was in Army.. brutally beaten.. for a suspected information to other country.. he was labeled a traitor..  and punishment given was to make omlates every day for the army officials”

Farida ”so..”

Rashid ”he ensured.. his wife. my mom.. also begin making omlates… ”

Farida ”so.. you asking me to make it”

Rashid ”yes”

Farida ”do you know.. an egg is a lesson to all..   it is like ego.. a very tough exterior.. unless we do not break it.. the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, protein.. will not be available..  it means you need to break an egg to get an omlate.. ”

Farida ”and Rashid.. your father was given a job to make omlates to all the army officials.. and alas the army officials never realized that they had given him a job to break ego’s of each officer every day”

Rashid ”so that way he was right”

Farida ”no..  he became obsessed with the punishment and began punishing his own family folks.. again an ego creeped in him.. as husband i want you to be the inner yoke.. the actual human.. a soul.. which needs to feel the moist warmth of love, care of me always… do not imitate wrong people.. or wrong philosophy..  always be on right path.. lord takes care of us always.. lord see’s us always.. an unknown force watching us always and it is in our heart”

Rashid ”common.. till someone didnt break an egg.. how will we know what is inside it”

Farida ”god made eggs as a lesson to human to make them understand that all good things are stored absolutely internal.. it is not the physical layer which is important but the internal layer beneath which plays an important role.. ”

Rashid hugs Farida

Farida ”I will make for you omalate always..  and spelling correction ok.. it is omelette or omelet”

Rashid ”had I learnt like you.. I would have known English too”

Farida ”important.. all need to know English too apart from their own vernacular language as have found many struggling to get jobs eventually.. and sooner or later need to speak English”

Rashid ”yes.. and all should know their national language”

Farida begins laughing

Rashid ”why?”

Farida ”human are always fault finding.. appreciation comes in small doses.. and when it comes.. it comes as thunderous applauses.. so important to break the egg and bring in real change in people”


Teaching confusions

Many a time we tend to complicate things when it is not required

Sarah is one such lady who is a perfectionist to core. and one day she is trying to explain to her friends how cooking is similar to programming

Sarah ”we collect dough to make bread right..”

All nod yes

Sarah ”it is collection class”

All nod yes

Sarah ”we all eat right”

All nod yes

Sarah ”it is consumption .a collector”

All start leaving the house under pretext

Sarah ”seriously all want direct teaching.. no one wants practical knowledge”



Saraswati toils her day making Idli’s and selling it in various locations of Chennai.. at 10cents  for 2 Idli’s.   One day..

Rick ”isn’t it weird.. everywhere I see these white puffed food and people eating it.. Let’s have one’

He stops at a stall ‘give me IDALY’

Rick’s friend Ramu begins laughing.. Not IDALY.. It is IDLI

Rick gobbles two. for Rs6 and finds it amazing..

Rick ‘who is the owner of this’

The stall person informs ”Saraswati”

Rick ‘wow.. I will want to have this in US”

Saraswati informs in Tamil ”it will not sell there.. who will make the dough.. who will make the puffed rice.. cookers are not in vogue in US”

Ramu translates to Rick

Rick ”no worries.. we will make Idli packs and send it as breakfast.. but I want you there”

Saraswati ”how is it possible.. visa etc”

Ramu ”do not worry Sir, many South Indians  out there in US. we will start one”

3 months latter

Rick ”what a business. it is selling hot in Jersey City, NY and never knew i would make a business out of IDLI”

Ramu on skype ‘Saraswati wants to open more franchise.. will you invest?”

Rick ”of course.. Idli is one of my favourite dish now on.. pack up time for fat PIZZA’s’


Baby born again

Troy ‘it is so funny.. when he woke up.. he was crying like a baby..’

Sam ‘He is near 90.. maybe he is feeling low’

Troy ‘His grandchildren all have assembled.. all are wondering if his life will end soon any time’

Sam’s wife Alia ‘did you have him sign all the property papers?’

Sam ‘common .. it has been done way back.. but for one diamond box which for same strange reason.. he wishes to have it buried with him when he goes up’

Troy ‘He has been my beloved elder paternal uncle.. I think we should surely open that box’

Sam ‘no.. he alone knows how to open it.. if anyone touches it.. shock waves generated’

Till then Geff rushes..

Geff ‘Uncle… grandpa is not opening his eyes’

Sam ‘I said so.. ‘

All rush to grandpa

Grandpa is fully silent.. and calm..

Manuel ‘father seems dead… may his soul rest in peace’

Sam ‘that diamond box.. that alone is not going to be shared with anyone’

Manuel ‘common how is it possible… let us break that box’

Crown disables the alarm.. and breaks the box open..

Sam ‘hey there is something written in the letter’

Troy ‘read it aloud’

Sam ‘dear family members, thanks for tolerating me and my whims for so many decades.. I need to take this box with me and I understand it is 10m$ worth only for 1 reason..

if it is kept in home… my soul will not be in peace.. and i will again come back to trouble all of you and if it is buried and someone else will take that box from the grave.. same problem for that person.. so decide what best suits you’

Crown ‘all crap.. there is no such thing like re-birth.. devil etc’

Sam ‘not sure.. let us hand it over to museum’

Gina the granddaughter  ‘let us not get emotional.. we will sell it’

The box is sold to a diamond merchant for 8M$

2 days later

a small kid is born…to Gina

Gina ‘baby boy… grand pa returned’

Sam ‘am worried… hope he doesn’t trouble us’

Gina ‘I do not believe in it’

as clock moves ahead.. after 30 years

Gina ‘this boy.. Henry.. he has taken away all the property papers from me… and has asked me to stay in old age shelter’

Sam who is now grown much older..

Sam ‘Gina.. it is KARMIC I guess.. sometimes we need to accept things as they are.. and are our whole quest should be reduce the KARMIC debt… so this time.. just accept Henry.. and be in old age asylum.. what else’

Gina ‘I have decided to cook food for all the inmates every day… realized only good work can redeem my small sins’